Monday, February 27, 2012

The Days of Gymboree

 Good ol' Gymboree....

No not the store Gymboree...I am talking about "Play & Music" Gymboree
You may be wondering what the heck is Gymboree? Well, lets just say Gymboree has been around forever. I am actually a Gymboree graduate along with my other 3 siblings. Gymboree is an activity center for infants & kids. Level 1 is from (0-6 months old) Josselyn started at this level but this week she is moving up to Level 2 (I have mixed emotions abut that). Level 2 is (6-10 months) and basically it goes up to age 5. I started Gymboree at 3 months old and I graduated at 5 years old! Josselyn is following in her mothers foot steps, and boy has she been enjoying Gymboree for the past month.

Let me tell you a little bit about what a Gymboree class consists of. Baby along with any adult (mommy, daddy, grandma, or the whole family) come to the 45 minute class. It starts with singing the famous song "Who Came to Gymboree" and then we use mirrors, toys, etc to help work on the babies tracking, sensory stimulation, etc. At first I felt a little odd singing songs to Josselyn like "Gymbo the Clown Goes Up & Down", "The Itsy Bitsy Spider", "Head & Shoulders, Knees & Toes" but very quickly my pride was broken down & now I love singing the songs (off key) & smiling and playing with my little princess! I promise if you have any pride it will quickly be stripped away especially at the end of the class when everyone dances with their babies around the room to the "Butterfly" song by the Parachute Band lol. It is especially heart warming to watch the daddies dance around (off beat) with their babies while singing "butterfly butterfly oh my butterfly, honey bee honey bee, oh my honey bee" ;) Don't tell John I told you this, but I think his very favorite part of the class is dancing to the "Butterfly" song at the end of class (He even downloaded the song to play it at home for Josse). Now, Josselyn's favorite part of the class is definitely parachute time & bubble time. I love watching my daughters big eyes & huge smile as the parachute circles above her head and then goes up & down while we sing to them. Josselyn had never seen bubbles before we started going to Gymboree! She loved the bubbles soooo much that Yaya bought her some for at home :)

Josselyn has also introduced many of her friends to Gymboree! What better way to go to Gymboree than with mommy, daddy & a few of your BFF's. It is so fun to watch how each baby takes in the singing, music, dancing & playing all so differently. Precious Eliana was all smiles when she came to Gymboree. Little Ashdon loved every minute of it, and would periodically squeal at the top of his lungs! Sweet Gio was amazed the entire class; I had never seen such wide eyed baby before. Even if you don't take your little one to Gymboree I do recommend singing to them, reciting little poems, playing peek a boo, introducing them to bubbles & shower them with hugs & kisses. Life can get so busy and I think it is important to just pause your day for 45 minutes & give your baby your full devotion.

All in all Gymboree is just one great way to bond with your little one. One of the highlights of my week is taking Josse to Gymboree on Tuesday afternoons and Daddy loves coming along for her Saturday class. I'll admit the classes did start off quite awkward & embarrassing but the moment your little one gazes at you with wide eyes or gives you a sweet toothless grin you just dive right in singing, dancing & acting a fool! My goodness, the things we do for our little ones...

So cheers to many more fun afternoons at Gymboree!!!!