Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bye Bye small car....Hello mommy car :)

Well It is time to say goodbye to BB (Black Beauty)....

Black Beauty "BB"

"BB" is my adorable 3 series BMW that I have driven around for the past 4 years. There are some very special things about BB. First of all, she was my picture perfect dream car when John and I first got married :) She was also the car we brought Josselyn home from the hospital in. Plus, she was the first car I owned that I did not crash or get rear ended in! (That is a big deal)

Bringing Josselyn home from the hospital in BB

If you knew me back when I was in high school then you had the pleasure of meeting "Princess". Princess was the very first car I was received on my birthday when I turned 16. She was the most awesome silver convertible Mustang. I decked her out with a sequin silver steering wheel cover, sequin silver dice hanging from the mirror and whole bunch of other sequin girly stuff. Unfortunately in the 2 years I drove Princess she was never out of the body-shop for more than 3 months (I am not exaggerating). We took out curbs, mailboxes, even small trees. We unfortunately hit a few cars making illegal left turns from the middle lane (you should blame the state of California for giving me my drivers license). We even rear ended a few cars & with the way I slammed on my brakes we were rear ended multiple times! Princess & I even drove down one way streets on more than one occasion (once again, don't ask me how I got my drivers license?!?) Anyways, when I graduated high school and was getting ready to move to Phoenix for school my parents quickly traded in Princess for a much larger vehicle...

My 1st car "Princess"

Then came my 2nd vehicle "Ruby". Now, Ruby was the car I drove when I went to Masters Commission in Phoenix for 2 years & college in Texas for 4 years. She was a huge, red, Jeep Wrangler.  She was decked out with red Hawaiian seat covers, searing wheel cover & CD holder. She had a red lay & puka shells that hung from the mirror and on the dash board, she had a hula girl & boy who did the hula as she went over over bumps haha. Ruby also had a 3 1/2 inch lift, huge 33 inch tires & awesome rims. There was no way on earth Ruby was going to end up in the body-shop...she was a tank! You may be thinking that I probably flipped Ruby since she was a top heavy Jeep Wrangler...but some how I managed to keep her up on all 4's! However, once I did get stuck in the mud & grass on Capital Christian Church's property. I was off-roading to the fire work booth that was set up (The worst part was that I was with the senior pastor & youth pastor's sons, who were my good friends!)  Now, I would be lying if I said that I never got into a finder binder in Ruby. I did hit one car when I was making a right turn from the middle lane (since then I have learned that you can NOT make left or right turns when you are in the middle lane) and I did back into someone in my old apartment parking lot, but that was it! I did have fun driving over curbs to get the best parking spots & I may have even driven over a few dividers when I realized I was headed in the wrong direction down the road; but I never once had to take Ruby to the body-shop! She was a beast and nothing could put a dent in her. However, there was one slight problem with Ruby...You see, in good ol' WINDY West Texas Ruby only got about 12 miles to the gallon in town and when I had to drive from Midland to Odessa for college she only got 9 miles per gallon on the interstate. I know, I know, that may seem backwards but top heavy jeeps with big tires and a huge lift do not do good on freeways with the wind blowing against them the whole time you are driving 60 mph. So the moment I married John he began trying to figure out how to convince me to get rid of Ruby :( The good news was, the only way I was going to part with Ruby was if I got to get my dream car "BB"

My 2nd car "Ruby"

 All of that brings me to today! I love my car BB but she is not very practical with a baby. It is nearly impossible to get my stroller in the trunk (you should see the fights my trunk and I have on a regular basis as I try to stuff Josselyn's stroller in there). Also, I have to move the passenger seat as far forward as it can go, in order to fit Josselyn's car seat in the back seat. Now, that is not such a big deal until I have a passenger with me. When a passenger comes along they are so far forward that they can basically put their elbows up on the dash board. The funniest sight ever was when My girlfriend Krista and I had to fit both of our daughters, plus our strollers into my car! It took us about 30 minutes, but eventually we put one stroller in the trunk and the other in the back seat practically smothering our poor girls in their car seats! Krista then had both diaper bags & who knows what else on her lap. Basically, BB is not the most baby friendly car...

It is a little sad parting ways with BB but I am excited for a larger vehicle! As of this week, BB is officially FOR SALE & we are car shopping for a SUV! I have an idea of what kind of "mommy car" I would like, so John is on the look out for a good deal ;) And NO NO NO I am not getting a minivan!!! I grew up in minivans (Astro, Toyota, etc) and have absolutely nothing against them, but I am only on my 1st kid so I am not ready to take the minivan route YET lol. Anyways, Johns goal is to have BB sold and purchase a larger vehicle by next week (FINGERS CROSSED)

I will keep you all posted on what kind of "MOMMY CAR" I end up with!

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