Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The $90 Poop!

Valentines Day Pictures...

This February has been a blast. As I have mentioned in my previous Blogs I have so much fun dressing up my little princess for all the Holidays whether it be Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas or Valentines Day. I am a sucker for ruffles, bows, & tutu's. Well, since this was Josselyn's very 1st Valentines Day I had to make sure to get some Valentines pictures. Josse hadn't had her pictures professionally taken since December and in just 2 months she looks like a completely different baby. Well I made a picture appointment for Josselyn last week and I was really excited to put her in her new heart onesie I made! Yes believe it or not I can be a little crafty and I have become quite the pro at bedazzling onesies. OK, OK that is sorta a lie...actually I am a pro at buying cute sequin iron on decals and my husband John has become quite the pro at ironing the decals onto the onesies lol. For some reason John has forbid me to use our iron, Maybe it is because I accidentally melted our big kitchen rug once, or the time I melted our nice bed sheets into our second kitchen rug (I didn't realize you had to use ironing boards) or maybe it is the time I left the iron on his nice white dress shirt too long and it burnt it! (oops John didn't know about that) Anyways, I am not the one who does the ironing in our household. But between John and I we can make one fabulous holiday onesies!

The heart onesie John & I made :)

I decided to put Josselyn in her cute heart onesie for pictures and I was going to be economical and reuse one of her Christmas tutu's that is red and white & I was going to reuse her Christmas candy cane leggings for the picture too! I can be very budget friendly at times :) Anyways, I got Josselyn all dressed and she looked absolutely adorable. I even put a bib on her in case she spit up (I did not want her onesie all wet before the pictures). My mom came along for the ride so we loaded up in the car and we were on our way to the picture studio. We decided to make a quick Starbucks run since it was right on the way. As we were pulling out of Starbucks I took a sip of my delicious venti, decaf, non-fat, hazelnut latte and I smelt something a little funky. I thought it was my drink so I took a big sniff and then I realized it was not my latte. You see if you are a mom you know what I am talking about when I say it smelt sorta tangy & sour....Yup breast milk poop!!! Sorry if this is TMI but breast milk poop is the runniest, nastiest, greenish/yellow slime in the world. The problem with breast milk poop is that it DOES NOT stay in the diaper!!! It either comes up the top or out the bottom. By the way I am wayyyy to familiar with that smell. You see my daughter has a volcanic poop explosions every other day! I am talking ruined outfits weekly. I use to pack a not so cute outfit for her "spare" change of clothes in her diaper bag (like most moms do) but I had to start packing a cute change of clothes because my daughter ends up in her spare change of clothes literally every other day!!! I went up a size in diapers and that didn't help, the poop just seemed to fall out of the diaper instead of going up her back. I tried tightening the diaper and that doesn't help either. I have no clue how to fix this problem. Basically Josselyn decides to have an explosion the moment I put her in the car and we start driving to our destination...whether it be Hobby Lobby, Gymboree, the mall, church, a restaurant, etc. Anyways, enough about that let me get back to my real story: As I took of wiff of the poop smell I new I had to stop and change Josselyn's diaper. I was praying that by some small chance it would still be in her diaper or maybe that it would have just gotten on her onsie and her tutu would cover the nasty mustard color for at least 1 picture in her Valentines outfit.

It just so happened that by some small miracle curse we were passing Dimples & Dandelions my absolute FAVORITE baby boutique in the world. My mom said "SheriLynn pull into Dimples & Dandelions and we can use their changing table and if we have to buy something for Josse to wear we can get it there." Well that seemed liked the perfect idea at the time, so I pulled into good ol Dimples & Dandelions. As I took Josselyn out of her car seat I quickly realized that she had disgusting, slimy, mustard yellow poop down her leg, up her back & even up her front (don't ask me how). Her leggings and onsies were both completely unwearable :( Luckily her tutu was saved. Well, we went into the baby boutique I changed Josselyn & she was in nothing but a diaper. My mom found a CUTE "Little Miss February onesie" ($35) and the most ADORABLE red & white heart leg warmers ($25). Then we found a GORGEOUS Valentine bow that was 10X cuter than the one she was wearing, so Yaya had to buy Josselyn that bow ($27). Basically her $6 Valentine picture outfit turned into a $90 Valentine picture outfit!!!  I am still trying to figure out how Josselyn's new outfit cost more than the Valentines pictures we ended up ordering?!?!? And I am not going to mention the fact that her dumb $27 dollar leg warmers didn't even show up in any of the pictures we chose to order haha.

The heart leg warmers that are not showing in the Valentines pics

Oh well, I have learned my lesson, I will never have Josselyn wearing the outfit I want to have her pictures taken in before we get to the picture studio & I now know that my daughter poops gold lol. The good news is we did get some precious priceless pictures of Josselyn that I love!

PS I currently use Pampers Swaddlers diapers if anyone has any other recommendations let me know!


  1. Hi SheriLynn,

    I know you dont know me... I went to school with John and found your blog through his facebook. I'm not sure where yall are living or if you have a costco close BUT... I ADORE costco's brand of diapers. They are the Kirkland brands. I have 2 little girls, a 2 year old and a 6 month old and they really seem to hold those icky runny poopies. Hope that helps. Good news ... you're almost done with those yucky poops!

  2. Jeanne,

    I will definitely give those a try! Thanks :)

  3. I also heard Kirkland's brand were the best. We use Huggies Little Snugglers (Little Movers in the older stages) and have never had a problem.

    Worth buying a small pack and trying! :o)