Wednesday, January 11, 2012

These last 7 lbs...


What a wonderful 2011 I had! I spent most of the past year being pregnant and then I spent the remaining 4 months learning how to take care of an infant :) It was an incredible year full of ups and downs but nevertheless it was one of the best years of my entire life, and I am so blessed to have been able to experience each and every one of those 365 days.

Well, the month of January marks the beginning of a New Year! I welcome you with open arms 2012. I am believing that the best is yet to come for my family and I in 2012. This year I am believing for healing for my family members. I have loved ones who need to be healed physically from illness and others who need to be healed from addictions. I am also believing for the salvation of some of my close friends and family members. I hope to look back next January and see an abundance of miracles that took place right before my eyes.

Now speaking of New Years,  I can not neglect to talk about the oh so famous "NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS". Sure 90% of the resolutions made in January are forgotten about by February but you know what...who cares! There is something refreshing & exciting about the new. I think we all appreciate a fresh start & a clean slate, and in my opinion January gives us all that new beginning. We can reflect over the past year and evaluate our lives. We are given a chance to see what we want to improve on and change in the upcoming year.

I did not mean to get quite so serious in those last 3 paragraphs because the point of this blog is to share one of my new years resolutions (I have many) and ummm the one I wanted to write about is...well... OK I'll just say it...a SHALLOW RESOLUTION. But before I write about it and you judge me let me mention my top 4 resolutions first:

#1) to spend more time in the word (My Bible)  
#2) to pray more (not just before meals & before bed)  
#3) to live in the "present" (I have tendency to analyze the past & stress over the future) I want to enjoy the DAY I am given, not think about yesterday or tomorrow. Believe it or not one night I started to cry because I was sad that one day Josselyn was going to grow up and leave home to go to college & then get married lol. John thought I was just NUTS & very unsympathetically he said, "Can you not just live in the present?" WOW...that sorta convicted me & caused me to change my thinking.
#4) less social media & more quality time (I love Facebook, Pinterest, Blogger, & texting and there is nothing wrong with that in moderation. If Josselyn is napping sure I can surf the web but if she is awake I want to spend time with her, not be on the computer or my phone. If I am out with friends I want to spend time with them, not be texting on my phone. If my husband is home from work I want to have meaningful conversation with him, not be pinning or repining the latest trend). This is not going to be easy but I can do it ;)

OK now that you can hopefully see that I am not a shallow, self centered, human being I am going to write about my #5) New Years Resolution "LOSE THESE LAST 7 lbs". I realize that I had a baby in August...but it is January and I am ready to wear my old clothes again! You see, right now I weigh what I weighed 2 weeks after I gave birth to Josselyn! I mean, I am definitely thankful that the first 20lbs just shed right off but what the heck is up with these last 7 lbs. it is like they don't want to leave. Now if you are thinking who cares about 7 dumb lbs let me explain why I do indeed care. When you are only 5 foot 2 inches, 7 lbs is an entire dress size! Yes 7 lbs is what is keeping my jeans from zipping up and my shirts from clinging to my now soft tummy. 7 lbs kept me from wearing all of my cute Christmas dresses in December and it will keep me from wearing all of my cute shorts and skirts in the spring. I literally have a closet full of jeans that won't zip :( I am 1 size off from fitting back into all of my per-pregnancy clothes (and I have wayyy too many clothes to have to re-buy if I can't lose this weight). So hopefully now you understand why these 7 lbs are so crucial to me.

I have come up with a few reasons why these 7 lbs have not gone anywhere and a few reasons why these 7 lbs should have gone somewhere!

I was always told that you burn a million calories breast feeding. Actually some friends tell me you burn 800 calories a day others tell me it is 300 a day, so I am not quite sure which is accurate. But either way the breast feeding thing isn't seeming to help and as you all know my little angel hates the bottle (actually I can't even get her to take a gulp from the bottle so I don't know if she really does hate it or if she just hates how it looks lol) Anyways, no bottle = lots of breast feeding! Yet my jeans still won't zip :( It is not fair I mean look at Heidi Klum!!!! She walked the runway for Victoria Secret in a bra and underwear just a few weeks after she had her baby and her stomach looked AMAZING (Ugh...)

Ok I may have a sweet tooth (which you will read about below) but I am a very healthy eater. I do not eat red meat, pork or anything fried. I consume very little dairy unless it is nonfat and at least once a day  have a salad for a meal. I never eat fast food! Well, let me rephrase...I do not order fast food, I may steal one a few of Johns french fries every once in a while, but you will never hear me order any french fries for myself lol.

(There are a lot more of these reasons..)

I will be honest, these annoying 7 lbs could still be on my hips and thighs because of my unfortunate sweet tooth. As I mentioned is my previous Blogs I just love the Holidays, so the moment October came around I just had to drink a delicious pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks at least once a day (sometimes twice!) Then I discovered Sonic's pumpkin pie milk shakes and then there were Dairy Queens delicious pumpkin pie blizzards. I probably had at least 3 of those a week (oops..) I kept telling myself that they were probably somewhat low fat because soft served ice cream is way better for you than regular ice cream ummm NO! My husband decided to look up the fat grams online and we found out that there were over 30 grams of fat in a small pumpkin pie blizzard and in a pumpkin pie shake!!!! I ordered medium or larges!!!!! No wonder I can't seem to shed these last 7lbs! Well once December came around I no longer craved the pumpkin pie shakes or pumpkin spice lattes, instead I moved on to Blue Bell vanilla ice cream with the delicious heath chocolate hard shell that you can squirt on. Yup, that has been my new addiction. Now my husband trys to keep me accountable to my "diet" so he scoops me a small scoop of vanilla ice cream and drizzles just a little bit of the heath chocolate shell. Well, that is basically pointless because I lack self control! So, the moment John is not looking or goes into another room, I sneak to the freezer and add another scoop and a LOT more hard chocolate shell (ooops again).

Reason #2 
Well, I did use to be very active but since little Josselyn came along I am a little more reclusive. Basically, I am not as active as I once was and I am stuck at home a lot! I use to always be on the go, but now things are a little tougher with my ticking time bomb. You see we may get all dressed to walk around the mall and the moment I park the car and begin to stroll into Nordstroms, Josselyn decides to scream at the top of her lung's (I know that is hard to believe lol) So, needless to say we stay home wayyy more than I use to.

Reason #3
I would really like to believe this, but I have no clue if it is true. But I had a friend say that your body will hold onto 5 or 6 lbs (maybe for me it is 7 lbs lol) while you breast feed because your body needs the extra fat supply hmmmm??? Supposedly as soon as I stop breast feeding those 5 or 6 lbs will just melt off (that just sounds too good to be true).

Reason #4
Another thing a friend told me was that your body changes when you have a baby, your hips get wider, etc and since your body goes through a 9 month change to have a baby, it will take 9 months to get your body back (if it ever goes back). I really dislike this horrible reason so I am going to REBUKE IT IN JESUS NAME!!!

Well those are my supposed reasons why these 7lbs are still on my butt, hips and thighs. I honestly think the problem probably has to do with Mrs. Sweet tooth & my lack of activity. But since one of my New Years resolutions is to lose the weight I am going to try to stear clear of ice cream, milk shakes, coockies and all the other yummy sweet treats that may tempt me! Also, as soon as it gets warmer outside Josse and I will be power walking around the neighborhood :) I am determined to zip my jeans up again one day!

So CHEERS to New Years Resolutions & losing these last 7 lbs!


  1. Love it Sis!!!! You crack me up. There's a lot of people that would love to look like you right now.
    I'm praying with you for your miracles God is faithful

  2. LOL SheriLynn!! This was so funny. I completely relate ha ha! I have to say that i am quite envious that you lost all but 7 pounds 2 weeks after labour, thats amazing! I agree with Stacey, I am sure you look great!! It wasn't so easy for me, my midwife told me the same thing, 9 months to put the weight on so it will take 9 months to take it off, I did not like hearing this myself and after having my last baby it has proven to be true for me. He is now a year old and I can fit back into my clothes again but I ended up buying in between jeans until I lost the last pounds. I know, I am not your encourager at this moment, but I am certain that you will be in those jeans sooner then me because you have lost so much already.

    Oh I loved your Resolutions for your family by the way, I am in complete agreement with you!!! Praise the Lord!
    Much love xoxox