Friday, December 2, 2011

Thanksgiving in New York City 2011

New York City 2011

 As you can see from the photo album below, we had a BLAST in New York City! Our sweet friends the Arringtons invited us to join them for a few days over the Thanksgiving Holiday. We did so much in just 4 days. 

First of all, we watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade from our Hotel window while enjoying a delicious brunch!!! What a dream come true. Then after the parade we enjoyed an amazing Thanksgiving lunch at the Renaissance Hotel.

On Thanksgiving evening we saw the Radio City Rocketts perform live at Radio City Music Hall. Josselyn joined us for the production and she slept the whole time! The Rocketts were absolutely amazing and I loved every minute of it.

We ate at Serendipity one of my favorite restaurants in NYC and we had the famous, amazing, delicious, FROZEN HOT CHOCOLATE! Of course we stopped by Dylans Candy Bar which is right next door and Shelley and the girls bought Josselyn the most adorable candy PJ's :)

We also spent a day shopping on Canal Street (I bought some great stuff). Even Josselyn came along for our day of shopping:)

We also spent a day walking around gorgeous Central Park. That was definitely one of the highlights of the trip. We took some beautiful pictures there. I can't forget to mention ice skating in Central no no we did not ice skate with Josse but we did have some hot chocolate and watch some of our friends ice skate!

I loved seeing the Broadway production "Anything Goes"! Kids were not allowed at that musical so my sweet friend Stella who lives in New York babysat Josselyn. 

One of the evenings we enjoyed a fabulous dinner at China Grill! I have a new favorite restaurant in NYC and the desserts were ddeeellliiccciioouusss :)

Luckily, Josselyn was a wonderful little traveler! She did awesome on the airplane and she did great being strolled, toted & carried all throughout the city! She still wont take a bottle :( so it was a little tricky finding places to feed her every 3 hours. We may have had to break a few laws and feed her during multiple Taxi drives Shhhh lol But all in all she was a trooper!

That pretty much sums up our NYC trip. I can not wait to go back again one day.
*CLICK on the photo book below to see tons of pictures from our NYC trip!

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