Saturday, December 31, 2011

Empty Nest Syndrome baby has left the nest!

Last night my little baby girl slept in her big girl crib for the very first time. You see, the past 4 months Josselyn has slept safe and sound in her sweet baby bassinet, which is just a few feet away from our bed. I LOVE Josse's bassinet becasue it is so close to our bed which makes it easy for me if she wakes up in the middle of the night. Plus it is perfect for our little morning routine. Every morning when Josse wakes up I pick her and lay her in our bed to snuggle up with mama for a couple more hours. Well, I had in mind to keep Joss in her bassinet until she was 6 months old and then we could slowly transition over to her big girl crib but that all changed a few days ago! For some reason this past week, my little perfect angel has NOT been wanting to go to sleep at night. She has been up until almost 1am every night (I think this is a result of her being over stimulated during Christmas week lol). The last few nights we have worked hard patting, bouncing and swaying Josse to sleep (no my daughter does not fall asleep by just laying her down in her bed) only to have her wake up 15 minutes later chattering & cooing! The other night I left her in her bassinet to see how long she was going to talk for and to my surprise she worked on her baby talk for a solid hour! John was not to happy with me for letting our daughter work on her vocabulary until 1am when he has to wake up at 5am for work (oops). Anyways, I knew that I had to do something about my little night owl. 

Josselyn's baby bassinet

So last night we did our same night time routine: mommy fed Josse, daddy patted, bounced & swayed her to sleep and then we put her in her bassinet. Within 15 minutes she started squirming around, then we saw her little legs kicking and then her chattering & cooing began....This time I decided to try and bounce her to sleep one more time. To make a long story short, I will just say that the bouncing did not work :( I had just been to the pediatrician the day before and I kept hearing the doctors words, "Now would be a good time to transition Josselyn to her crib". I do not know what came over me (maybe it was the sleep deprivation) but I decided to lay Josse down in her big girl crib. I wound up her mobile, kissed her, told her "night night" and then left her room. Josselyn did not seem to mind her crib at first, in fact she chit chatted to herself for 20 minutes! But at about 12:45am Josselyn decided she was done with her crib and she started to cry. Now I am not a fan of the whole "cry it out" method...mainly because I am too much of a wussy and I can not handle letting Josse cry. However, my pediatrician did tell me it was ok to let her fuss for 30 minutes as long as I go in the room every 10 minutes and tell her, "It's ok night night" and then rub her back. Well 30 minutes seemed like wayy too long to me so I was going to try it for 20 minutes and then if she kept crying I was going tor rescue her from that big, mean, crib. So I turned on my baby monitor and watched the clock. After 10 minutes of her crying I went in her room, rubbed her back and told her, "night night" and then came back to our room (now I was practically in tears too!) I stared at the clock and I remember saying to myself at 1:05am I am going to go in her room and rescue my crying baby. All of a sudden I opened my eyes because I heard Josse talking in the monitor and I looked at the clock and it was 6:00am! Ummmm I am not quite sure what happened but I am hoping that Josselyn fell asleep around 1:00am and was not up all night!!!! lol  I sorta feel like a careless, negligent mother! When John called me from work in the morning and asked me how long Josse cried, I didn't even know what to tell him! John keeps telling me that Josselyn must have fallen asleep right away because there is no way we would have been able to sleep if she was up crying (I sure hope he is right). So some how Josselyn made it through the whole night in her big girl crib.

For some reason this whole situation is giving me really mixed feelings.  I do not like the idea of my little girl not being right there in my room close to me, but I know eventually I am going to have to make the bassinet to crib transition, so why not now? I guess you could say I am dealing with my first case of "empty nest syndrome" I sure hope it gets easier. I will keep you posted on whether or not Josselyn learns to love her big girl crib!

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