Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Wow this year has just flown by...

I know I always talk about how fast time flies, but seriously this year has gone by faster than any other year in my life. You see, my life changed forever on this exact week one year ago.

It was the Sunday night before Christmas that I found out I was pregnant. I had been feeling a little off for some strange reason. I didn’t think I could possibly pregnant, but since I was in the grocery store I figured I should buy a home pregnancy test just in case. I rushed home so I could quickly pee on that stick before a million kids from our church youth group showed up at our house for the youth Christmas party that we were hosting. 

The next few minutes were a total blur but basically I peed on a stick expecting nothing to happen but in a few minutes a bright red  " + " appeared! I thought that it must be a mistake, so I took a picture of the plus sign with my phone and sent it to my best friend from Midland, Estee. Now Estee called my phone back immediately and boy was she furious! You see, she was 2 months pregnant herself and she has been wanting me to get pregnant forever and she thought that I was playing a cruel joke on her. I swore to her that I was not playing a joke and no, I did not draw a red plus sign with a sharpie to mess with her emotions like she accused me of doing but I needed to know if that plus sign meant I was really pregnant. Estee started laughing and said YES SHERI THAT PLUS SIGN MEANS YOU ARE MOST DEFINITIVELY PREGNANT! I still did not believe that I was pregnant so I took another test which had another bright red plus sign on it and then the next day I took two more tests just to make sure (and yes they all had red plus signs on them). Now that I think back, I have no earthly idea why I was so SHOCKED that I was pregnant. I mean A + B = C (if you know what I mean...) But I was still in denial so I insisted that the doctor see me for a sonogram the following day lol. Well let me skip to the good stuff...

After finally accepting the fact that I was indeed pregnant I decided to start planning a way to surprise John and tell him the good news (you can read all about that story in my very 1st Blog!) Anyways, yesterday was the 1 year anniversary of me sharing the news with John ;) And then at our annual "Alcala progressive dinner" I shared the news with our family (this Friday will be the one year of that) So basically last year the week before Christmas my life...well our life changed forever!

I thought finding out I was pregnant was the best Christmas gift in the world, but actually having my baby girl here with me is by far the BEST Christmas gift in the world! It seems like yesterday that I was giving John the "New Dad" Willow figurine (which is a sweet figurine of a dad holding a baby in his arms) and now as I look across my living room and I see my husband holding our little baby girl in his arms. It is absolutely priceless!

I guess this is just a really special week for me. Each day has brought back some of the sweetest memories I have! It is so incredible how much has changed in a year and it has all changed for the better. Our little family of two has become a family of three and now there are three stockings hung above our fire place. Last year was such a special Christmas for us and so is this one. I know that we will always remember Josselyn's 1st Christmas so I am trying to enjoy every minute of it.

So last year this week I found out I was having a baby and now I have a beautiful 4 month old little girl...

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