Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Texas State Fair with a BABY

Last weekend we went to the TEXAS STATE FAIR!

Now of course Josselyn came with us (remember how she wouldn't take a bottle? Well she still wont!) So our little princess came along for the adventure :) I honestly think we would have still brought Josse to the fair even if she could drink out of a bottle but the whole fair experience would have been a lot easier not having to find a spot to nurse a 7 week old baby every 3 hours! I was stuck feeding Josse in the car when we first got to the fair...then I had to sit at the top of the bleachers in the exhibit area and feed her again!!!... and then one more time in the car before we headed home. At least there was only 1 awkward/embarrassing place I had to feed her at (sorry if this is TMI). Anyways, the fair trip was a success and we had a blast. Josse hung out in her Baby Bjorn carrier with daddy and she slept 90% of the time. She did get fussy a couple times, but it wasn't anything that a little skipping and bouncing couldn't stop. I must say that it was WONDERFUL to actually see other parents with babies at the fair!!! I saw tons of babies smaller then Josse, so we did not feel like misfit negligent parents this time ;) It was also a great perk getting to use my hot pink stroller to push my way through the huge crowd of people lol. The only negative part of this experience was that Josselyn did not sleep well that night when we got home. I think it may have had something to do with the turkey leg, funnel cake, fried pickles, caramel apple & roasted corn that I ate! I usually eat a bit more bland and I definitely went a little nuts at the fair...Oooops!

Hanging with daddy!
One of the many unhealthy items I ate :)
You can guess what I am having to do

Well, I can not wait to go on more adventures with our little princess...she makes life a whole lot more FUN!

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