Friday, October 14, 2011

Neglegant Parent VS Rock Star Mom

Last weekend was interesting to say the least!

You see...When I was just a couple months pregnant John and I bought tickets to see Taylor Swift in concert for her Speak Now tour in Dallas, TX. Our niece Isabella (a huge Taylor Swift fan) was going to go to her 1st concert for her 6th Birthday and we wanted to go and be part of that fun experience for her. Now, I knew that by the time the concert came around, Josselyn would be born; but I always assumed that by 6 weeks old she would be able to take a bottle. I had planned on having my mom watch her while John & I went to the concert. Boy was I wrong!

 A few days before the concert I decided to try and "introduce" the bottle to Josselyn (I had no clue what was about to happen). Josselyn took the whole bottle introduction as a threat and attack on her life (at least that is how she acted!) I tried giving her the little Madella bottle the very 1st time. The madella bottles came with my breast pump so I thought that they would work fine since we are only planning on giving Josselyn bottles occasionally when I am not at home, etc. Well, the madella bottles did not work fine! The moment I tried to put the bottle in Josse's mouth she started gagging, screaming, kicking her legs and feet and she was basically acting like I was torturing her! I knew that was not what was supposed to happen so I asked around and came to the conclusion that I was using the wrong bottle and as the "mother" AKA "fresh milk supply" I could not be the one to introduce the bottle to her. We deiced to give the madella bottle one more shot with my mom giving it to her this time but basically the exact same thing happened again. Josselyn turned a beautiful shade of PURPLE as she held her breath in the midst of her screaming fit (I am beginning to wonder if she thinks that the bottle is her arch enemy). I knew then that the Madella bottles were not going to work!

After strike two with Madella we decided to take a Facebook poll on what were the BEST bottles for breast feeding moms to use. I got twenty something recommendations and great tips so I just went out and bought the top 4 bottles from that poll. The number one bottle seemed to be the $16 Breastflow bottle. This bottle seemed to be top notch! It is actually kind of weird to be honest. You see the bottle nipple and area around the nipple fill up with milk as you feed the baby and as the baby sucks the milk the bottle nipple and area around the bottle nipple (which I guess is supposed to represent "mother/a boob") deflate as the baby drinks! That is a pretty high tech bottle if you ask me. Not to mention that it has 3 different pieces that make up the nipple part of the bottle (I had to read the instruction manual just to figure out how to use this bottle). To make a long story short we tried the Breastflow bottle twice and once again Jossely thought that her life was being threatened. John and my mom both tried giving her this bottle and Josselyn would not even take one swallow.

We decided to move on to the 2nd most popular bottle on the Facebook recomendation list which was the Tommee Tippee. I actually think this bottle looks and feels the most natural. But it is probobally the ugliest bottle I have ever seen. It is extremely short maybe 5 inches tall and it is super fat. This bottle would not even fit in a car's cup holder or the bottle compartment in a diaper bag! The positive thing about this bottle is that the nipple is very soft unlike the nipple on the Breastflow bottle that seemed a little hard (sorry if this is TMI about bottles & nipples, my 15 year old sister is officially traumatized from hearing about all of this... lol). Anyway, the Tommee Tippee seemed hopeful, so John decided to give the bottle a shot, so I left the room and he tried to feed Josse with this short, fat bottle. Unfortunately during this feeding attempt Josselyn cried, screamed and flailed her arms & feet. The good news is we think she may have actually swallowed 1/2 oz during this feeding war and that is major progress!

We also tried the Playtex bottle but I guess that bottle nipple did not fool Josselyn either. The moment the bottle nipple brushed across her lip the hysterical screaming started :( So after 6 or 7 attempts with multiple bottles I knew that there was no way on earth I could leave my daughter and go to the Taylor Swift concert. Josse is only 6 weeks old and she eats every 3 hours pretty consistently. The concert is almost an hour from my house and it would probably last for at least 4 hours since there are two openers before Taylor Swift and then it would take who knows how long to get out of the parking lot and then drive another hour home! I would pretty much be leaving Josselyn for 7 hours if I attempted to go and that meant she would miss 2 feedings and possibly 3! There was no way I could do that to a 6 week old baby or my poor mom who was going to be the one watching her and trying to cram a bottle down her throat! I am starting to wonder if this is Josselyns plan! Her little peanut brain may have figured out that if she never takes a bottle mommy can never leave her lol. Anyway, at this point my choices were to give away my ticket or try and sell it. The problem was that we were supposed to be going to this concert with my brother and sister in law Joey & Stacey, my niece Isabella and my sister MaryBeth. I did not want to just sell my ticket to some stranger plus John was not very excited about going without me (since seeing Taylor Swift was my idea) but these tickets were not cheap so we did not want to just give away 2 tickets.

All of a sudden, I thought why don't we just take Jooselyn with us?! She sleeps most of the time anyways and I could feed her in the car when we got there that way she could go 3 hours and then I could feed her in the car before we headed home. That seemed to be the most logical conclusion, so I went out and bought a Baby Bjorn sling so John could just carry her in there that night (the sling I have is brown and pink so John refused to use it). Now I felt good about taking Josse with us but I was a little concerned about how loud it would be, I did not want my daughter to lose her hearing at some country concert. Unfortunately we could not find any baby ear plugs but we figured if she could sleep through our college group's loud music every Tuesday night then she would be fine during Taylor Swift. Well, I made one last stop to get Josselyn a pink plaid shirt and jean jacket so she would have the proper country concert attire and we headed to her very first concert!

Now I will say once we got to the concert I did feel a bit....OUT OF PLACE! John and I were the only ones there with the a baby. Out of 55,000 people I did not see one other baby or even toddler. The next youngest child I saw was probably 5 years old. I knew something was wrong when John and I started to get strange looks from people. Usually when I am out with Josselyn people stop and say how cute she is or how cute her outfit is and they smile at her etc. None of that happened here...instead people pointed and said LOOK THERE'S A BABY! They were completely shocked that we would bring a newborn baby to a concert. Very quickly John and I started to feel like misfit parents. Were we out of our mind to bring our 6 week old to a concert at Cowboy Stadium with 55,000 people?!?!? Pretty much the whole evening we got stares and even some glares I guess this was not a normal thing to do...But on the flip side Josse slept the whole time and was snuggled up to her Daddy (what better place to be?) in the baby snuggly.  She never went more than 3 hours without eating and I do not think she even knew that she wasn't at home lol. We had a great time and It was actually fun having little Josse there with us. I honestly thought John and I were rock star parents because we did not have the heart to leave our little princess somewhere without us yet, so we brought her along! But obviously not everyone agrees with that.

At The Taylor Swift Concert

Well I am not sure if we are negligent/misfit parents or loving/rock star parents but whatever the case; we did what we thought was best for Josselyn. I can tell that this whole parenting thing will be full of trial and error and not everyone will have the same opinions but at the end of the day you have to do what is best for your family.

We had a great time at our first concert as a FAMILY & we will always remember that night :)

P.S Do not worry I am not giving up on the whole bottle thing. We have still been attempting to give Josselyn a bottle every night (I hear that practice makes perfect) so hopefully one day she will gladly take the bottle!

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