Thursday, October 27, 2011

Autumn Splendor


My favorite time of the year is October, November & December. I have always been a holiday girl :) I deck my house out in fall decorations on October 1st every year. I sit out pumpkins, scarecrows, autumn colored garland and festive centerpieces. I buy tons of pumpkins for my front porch along with a big bale of hay! I never thought that there could be anything better then the cool breeze, colorful leaves and a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks...that is until Josselyn came into my life. You see this fall has been BETTER than ever. A precious little baby makes everything more wonderful and fun! Sure, I have always loved sitting on my front porch rocking chair with the leaves blowing back and forth, but sitting on that rocking chair holding my little princess is even better! I am obsessed with holiday festivities so October to me means PUMPKIN PATCHES! Ever since I was a little girl my family would go to the pumpkin patch & Apple Hill every year. So as an adult that tradition has not changed (ask John!) Every year we go to the pumpkin patch :) There was something extra special about this years pumpkin patch trip. No, it wasn't the actual pumpkin far Phoenix has the best pumpkin patch I have ever been to and then all of the pumpkin patches around Apple Hill in Sacramento are incredible as well, but this years was better than any of the past years! Why???  Because of my sweet little pumpkin :) Dressing Josselyn up in her cute fall clothes and strolling her around the pumpkin patch is pure bliss to me. I never thought a little baby could bring someone so much joy, but this little girl has stolen my heart & changed my life. John & I can not even imagine our lives with out our little pumpkin. She makes my favorite time of the year even better!!!

So far we have been to the Celina "BIG Orange" Pumpkin Patch with Joey, Stacey, Isabella, Alexandrea, Shawn, Krista & Eliana. We had a blast taking pictures and just walking around. Josselyn was wide away at this pumpkin patch which was great for pictures!


Then we went to the fabulous Dallas Arboretum with my mom "Ya Ya" and sister MaryBeth. I absolutely fell in love with this GORGEOUS Arboretum; it is absolutely amazing. We loved it so much we are now members of the Dallas Arboretum (I am easily suckered into things...oops). I had never seen so many gorgeous Autumn colored flowers or pumpkins in my life! There were adorable houses made out of pumpkins and spectacular sights to see every where you looked. We spent 5 hours there and we did not even see everything.

Since I loved the Arboretum sooo much I decided to plan a "MOMMY/DAUGHTER" trip there!
Josse and I went with Stacey, Isa, Andy and Krista & Elle. We went on a Tuesday afternoon which is "Mommy & Me Day" so Isa & Andy got to have their faces painted, pet the animals in the petting zoo and go to the kids sing along hour. We walked around, took pictures and had lunch. It was so much fun (even though I will admit it is a bit tougher to have these kind of outings without Dad's help lol)

I can not forget about the Invictus annual COSTUME PARTY! This year it was a "MASKerade Bash" We had a great time and Josselyn seemed to enjoy her first Masquerade Party :)

This year Josselyn got to experience her first CHURCH Harvest Festival. Practically all churches do something fun during Halloween week, that way the kids that do not go out "trick or treating" have a safe, fun way to get candy. Our church had a "TRICKED OUT TRUNK" night! And let me just say it is wayyyy cooler then just dressing up in Bible costumes like my church did when I was a kid (It is only fun dressing up as mother Mary once! not every year lol). Anyways, this year everyone decorated the back of their cars and had some type of game or activity in their trunk. John and I had candy in our trunk and a bowling game outside our car. Josse just hung out with me in her sling the whole time. We had a fun time hanging out with friends and passing out candy to kids from the community.

On October 31st we had dinner at our house with a bunch of our friends & family. Afterwords we went "trick or treating" with Josselyn's cousins Isabella and Alexandrea, her friends Gio and Kobe & Aunty Bethy (and no I am not going to make Josselyn say, "Praise the Lord" instead of "trick or treat" when she is old enough to knock on doors like my mom made my brother Nick and I do! lol) Well, the kids had a blast filling up their bags with tons of candy and Josse & Gio went along for the ride :) After the kidos finished trick er treating we went to my mom's (Ya Ya's) house for dessert! What a "HAPPY Halloween HALLELUJAH!" (In the words of my niece Isabella)

We might be having more fun than the kids! :)

Well...we still have one more month of "Autumn" left so I will be sure to update this Blog as we go on more fun, fall adventures :)

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