Monday, September 26, 2011

1 Precious Month

You're gonna miss this…
As I look over at my precious baby girl sleeping, I cannot help but get sad that she is already 1 month old today. It seems like just yesterday I was complaining about how big my belly was and how uncomfortable pregnancy was lol. Actually it seems like just last week that I surprised my husband with a Willow Tree figurine that said “New Dad” & gave him a card with a positive pregnancy test in it. Basically time has just flown by. 
I am not sad because my little baby girl will one day grow up I am sad because babies have a way of making you realize how fast the clock really is ticking. If you're not careful and if you let the “busyness of life” stress you out and keep you constantly going, going, going (which I personally have a tendency to do) then one day you will stop and open your eyes and realize that a year has flown by or two or three! I am glad that the Lord has been teaching me to slow down and truly cherish every day not only with my daughter but with my husband, my family & even my friends. You may not always have your loved ones in your life and it would be a shame to take for granite the time you do have.
I am not trying to write a sad/sappy blog. I guess for the first time ever my little princess has shown me how precious every day is and I now truly understand what it means when people say you can never get that “time” back again. Josselyn will grow older each day (which I have to eventually accept) lol But I know I will LOVE every milestone I have with her. I cannot wait until she laughs for the first time, or says her first word, or takes her first step. It will also be amazing to be there when she asks Jesus into her heart for the first time. One day I will have to take her to her first day of school, be there for her first recital and maybe even her first soccer game ;) Time won't stop there she will have her first boyfriend, first kiss, first car and even one day get married.
I say this all to say that I want to make a promise to enjoy every day, cherish every moment and not let the busyness of life distract me from what really matters. Yes I get a bit emotional that my precious baby girl is getting older by the minute but I know I will absolutely love every chapter of her life! So in a way it is sad yet exciting all at the same time.

My little princess 1 month old

Daddy's little girl

I head a quote once that said,  
"Minutes are worth more than money. Spend them wisely" 

"Your Gonna Miss This"
What a beautiful true song

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