Saturday, September 17, 2011

Daddies & their Little Girls


This past week was our 1st week without daddy at home :( John had two weeks off of work (thank God!) but unfortunately for us he had to go back to work on Tuesday. Now let me just say that I did not realize how helpful it was to have daddy at home with us! You see like most newborn's our tiny tot likes to eat every 2-3 hours. Now during the day that is not such a big deal (except for the fact that my social life has been put on hold & I am beginning to wonder if it will ever resume lol) but I can handle the day time feedings. Now night time is a totally different story.

3 weeks old

For the first two weeks every time Josselyn woke up at NIGHT John shot out of bed and changed her diaper (which was always wet or dirty) then he brought her to me to feed. All I had to do was feed her for 20-30mins (and surprisingly you can do this half asleep!) and then when she was done daddy would burp her, change her diaper again, swaddle her back up & then put her back in her bassinet. This honestly made my job quite easy (besides the fact that I am still getting use to being somebody's food supply). Anyway, our great system came to a halt when John had to return to work. There is no way on earth that I would even let John get up throughout the night when he already has to be up at 5:00am and in downtown Dallas by 7:00am. Now my husband is so amazing he seriously tried to figure out how he could do one of the night time feedings if I pumped. Just the fact that John thought of that gave him major brownie points but like I said he has to be up way to early to  even think of doing anything besides sleeping during the night. So needless to say this past week has been quite rough throughout the nights. Poor Josse now gets fed while I am still laying down and then I fall asleep so ummm... she doesn't get her post-feeding burp or diaper change and she no longer gets re-swaddled and placed back in her bassinet. Now don't freak out; in less then 3 hours Josselyn wakes up hungry again (mainly becasue I fell asleep during her last feeding so she only ate on one side & if you know my kid that does not hold her over for long!) anyways this time around it is early morning so I am at least half awake so I do change her diaper, properly feed her (on both sides) and afterwords she even gets burped and another diaper change if needed! So I am not a totally negligent mother lol. All of this to say we really miss having Daddy's help!!!

Now this past Tuesday I figured that since Monday night was so rough Tuesday morning would be a breeze (BOY WAS I WRONG). I didn't realize that since Josselyn was now  2.5 weeks old she would start having more "AWAKE" time. Instead of just eating & sleeping my little princess is actually awake for 30-45 minutes between feedings & naps. Now you would think that this is a good thing (which it partially is) but my little angel is still trying to figure out what to do during this "awake time" & last Tuesday she decided to just CRY!!! I tried everything and each attempt held her over for about 10 minutes. The real issue may have been that Josse was missing her daddy just as much as me lol ;) Anyways we had a rough start to the week but once John came home tiny tot decided to turn into a little angel (for some reason she likes to save the fussy time for mommy lol) Anyway, Tuesday made me realize how incredible my hubby is & how much I miss having him at home with me. Now the rest of the week did get better Josse was not fussy every day, she now likes to pick about 45 minutes each day to be fussy...but that's about it. I am convinced that she is still figuring out what to do when she is awake and not eating (becasue eating is her absolute FAVORITE thing). My mom purchased another baby swing, a baby bouncer and a baby rocker lol so surely one of those items will come in handy during this new "awake" time...we will see!

safe & sound in her daddy's arms

Now I do have one last complaint (ok it is not a real complaint exactly...)
But I do want to know why Josselyn ignores all my attempts to calm her down when she is fussy! She doesn't care if I walk around singing, or if I bounce her, or sway her, or rock her in the rocking chair, or make funny faces...everything is useless! Now when daddy comes along & picks her up and holds her out swaying from side to side...I call it the manual MamaRoo (the MamaRoo is the crazy high tech swing Josselyn has). Anyways the moment that John starts swaying Josse side to side she is completely quite & 95% of the time she falls asleep! How come daddy has this magic touch?!? I think that there must be some kind of special touch that only daddies have :)

doing the MaMaRoo

The more I thought about it, the more I really believe that daddies do have a special touch. You see there is something that is calming and comforting about dad's. When you are in their arms you feel safe, protected & completely secure. I know that anytime I was in trouble or needed comfort I could go straight to my dad. He would do anything for me & he had this one of a kind unconditional love for me that I knew was unwavering. When I look at John I see that he has that exact same kind of love for Josselyn. It is absolutely priceless to watch the way he looks at her and then see that way she gazes back at him. He can calm her when she is upset, he has that special touch that can keep her from crying. It is the beautiful father/daughter bond that God created. I will say that watching John & Josselyn does bring up a lot of emotions for me. It does make me miss my daddy and wish that he could be here to meet his granddaughter & see me become a mom. It is hard to enter this new chapter of life & have my dad gone. I really feel like the last big chapter I walked through was getting married and becoming a wife & thankfully my daddy was there for that; so it is hard not having him be here as I walk through this new chapter of become a mother. Even though waves of sadness have come I do find comfort in knowing that Josselyn is going to have just as incredible of a daddy as I had. She is going to have a father who loves her unconditionally, who would do anything for her & who thinks she is the world. I love knowing that my daughter will always be taken care of by her daddy.

My Daddy & Me

John & Josselyn

I guess you could say that this week I was re-reminded of the beautiful relationship between daddies & their little girls. I was blessed to have an amazing man as my father & my daughter is blessed to have just as an amazing man as her father. 

Some things is life are truly priceless

This song captures the love between Daddies & their Girls
My Daddy & I danced to this song at my wedding


  1. Wow I think this was my fav blog out of all of them!! I was adopted and so my dad always did the night feedings and my mom to this day still praises him for it!

  2. So beautiful Sheri Lyn!! It's totally normal to be grieving the loss of your dad again during this life transition.!! We still miss him so much. He was such a great man! I'm so happy that you found such a special man to share your life with too.

  3. Awww...thanks Tammy :) I will never forget that amazing picture that Olivia drew right after my dad passed away with his hat in heaven :) Mom and I were talking about that just the other day. Miss you guys xoxo