Monday, August 15, 2011

Our Hospital Bag Is Finally Packed!

38 weeks pregnant...

This pregnancy thing is really almost OVER!!! WOW... I still can not believe it!
After everything that has gone on the last few days (One of my BFF's had her baby a couple weeks early) I decided that I really needed to buckle down & pack my hospital over night bag :) I have been reading that it is so important to have your bag packed but for some reason I was avoiding packing it (maybe it was some kind of subconscious denial I was in) Hospital Bag = Labor & Delivery! And Labor & Delivery = contractions, pain, pushing, tearing, cutting, bleeding, big needles, etc. At least that is what I think of when I hear the words labor & delivery. Anyways I was avoiding packing my bag but this weekend I decided that I just needed to do I did! My mom & sister came over to help me do it lol. My mom has been bugging me every day to pack it so she just came over & made me do it. I was not quite sure what to pack but I have been getting email's from and they had a check list I followed. It was hard figuring out what to pack because some women spend 1 night in the hospital and others (like my friend Krista) spend a week there! I ended up packing the following items:

SheriLynn's stuff
-Warm socks
-Nursing bra/underwear
-2 pairs or yoga pants
-2 tank tops
-Valour zip-up
-Flip flops
-Tooth brush, tooth paste, floss
-Shampoo, conditioner, body wash
-Hair brush, make-up, deodorant & chap stick
-Madela lanolin cream (eek!)

John's stuff
-Socks, undershirt & underwear
-Warm-up pants & jacket
-Tooth brush, etc

Josselyn's stuff
-Baby gown
-2 Swaddle blankets
-Burp cloth
-Go home outfit
-Car seat (in the car)

If you are a mom and have had to pack your "HOSPITAL BAG" PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE look over my list & let me know if I am missing anything :) I hate not being prepared & I would rather over pack than under pack lol

my mom, sister & pups helping me PACK for the hospital that my bags are packed and I am ready to go...little miss Josselyn can come at ANYTIME ;)

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