Friday, August 5, 2011

Let the "NESTING" begin


And this past week I most definitely started "NESTING".  I had heard tons of women talk about nesting, and how they went on cleaning spurs and different things like that but I didn't really think that I would go through a nesting phase...but boy was I wrong!

Starting last Friday I began making "TO DO LISTS" of everything that I needed to get done before baby Josse arrives. That list included some very important things like purchasing a car seat, baby bassinet & extra crib sheets. It also had things like packing my hospital bagfinding a pediatrician & finish sending out baby shower thank you cards. Well my list also had some other items that seemed VERY IMPORTANT to me but John thought they were umm...not so important. For example: making 3 Shutterfly photo albums (one from our Midland shower, one from our Dallas shower and one of our maternity pictures), organizing Josselyns closet (for the 3rd time), putting all of Josselyns clothes on hot pink hangers, making sure every shirt/dress faced the same way, switching out the bumper ties on Josses bedding for bigger, satin bumper ties, bejeweling some little onseies & finding a black robe to match my black & white PJ's that I am taking to the hospital. Sure those last few items may not seem important to you but they have been stressing me out and I was determined to check all those things off of my list this week! Unfortunately when you have a type A personality and are border line OCD...nesting is a little more complex then just vacuuming & moping! Don't get me wrong I also vacuumed, cleaned the toilets, windexed, dusted & did laundry two different days this week but instead of stressing my self out because the cleaning still does NOT meet my expectations I decided to hire my moms cleaning crew to come DEEP CLEAN my house & shampoo my carpets next week! Unfortunately I am just way to BIG to be on my hands and knees cleaning baseboards!!!! So I will just focus on adding rhinestones, sequins & lace to the onsies I bought for Josse lol

So to sum up this past week I probably spent 20 hours making silly shutterfly photo albums...I wont even go into to detail on how I was determined to find COUPON CODES for all 3 albums (however after making a few trips to Best Buy and bartering on ebay I did find 3 coupon codes lol). I finally finished Josselyn closet! (I have everything organized by months and all the clothes that are 6 months + are neatly in storage bins under my bed). I bought satin material from Joanns fabric and then took it to the tailor so the new bumper ribbons could be put on the bumper (don't ask me why I was bound and determined to have bigger bows on the bumper but I was and It will be ready this Tuesday!). And I finally almost have my overnight hospital bag packed (It has taken longer then expected becasue I have been to 6 stores trying to find a black robe to match my black & white nursing PJ's...that is not an easy item to find in August). But all in all things are getting prepared for Josselyn's arrival!

Sure I keep adding things to my "TO DO LIST" as quickly as I am checking things off but I guess that is all part of this weird thing called NESTING! Lets just pray that I do not completely stress my husband out in the process ;)

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