Friday, August 12, 2011

Everything became a little more real...

The finish line is getting closer...

It is pretty surreal to think that our little bundle of joy could literally come any day now. My due date is August 27th (my Dad's birthday) but I was told mid-way through my pregnancy that August 20th seemed like a more accurate due date. Either way that is just 1-2 weeks away! Believe it or not, I was staring to finally feel sorta ready for baby Josse's arrival. I have checked 99% of the items off of my "to due list" and Josselyns nursery is completely FINISHED (I will post pictures ASAP). I think I am as mentally prepared as I am ever going to be and I am ready for the the ever growing belly to finally stop growing!

Well...on Wednesday the doctors decided to induce one of my BEST FRIENDS Krista since she has had to deal with high blood pressure (pregnancy hypertension). Well, Krista and I have walked through this pregnancy journey together. Our due dates are literally days apart, we went to all of our lamaze classes and even our breast feeding class together. On Wednesday I was just visiting with her in the hospital becasue she was put on hospital bed rest and within a few hours the doctor made the decision to induce her right then! I helped Krista move from a room for bed rest patients to another room on the labor and delivery side of the hall. And pretty much 24 hours later Krista gave birth (emergency c-section) to a precious baby girl Eliana Kate. Now I know that Kristas delivery was definitely not the average delivery. She had planned to give birth vaginally (she had the medicine to soften her cervix, pitocin, an epidural and even her water had broke!) but when the placenta started tearing away and she began to lose too much blood the doctors quickly performed the emergency c-section. This experience was not only terrifying for Krista & her husband Shawn but for all of us in the waiting room as well. There were probably 15 of us waiting in the waiting room as her dad came out to ask us to pray and tell us what was going on. PRAISE GOD that everything turned out well and Krista & Eliana are healthy, safe & sound :) God's hand was on the entire situation and the doctors and nurses took wonderful care of both momma and baby.

Sweet baby Eliana & proud mama Krista with the girls!

However...I will admit that this traumatic experience did cause me to be Ummm NOT SO ANXIOUS about the whole labor and delivery thing. I may need to re-group and re-prep myself for whats to come. I know not all delivery's are that scary and women all over the world have babies every day (some just squat in the fields, push out the baby and get back to work) but emergency's do happen and things do not always go as planned! I know that I can not be scared and I have to just put my trust in the Lord but I may need a few more weeks to do that lol.

Aunti Sheri, baby Eliana & Josse in my tummy!

Now being there as Krista gave birth to Eliana also caused me to feel another flood of emotions. A few hours after Eliana was born we were able to go back to the room and see mommy, daddy & baby. It was hard to believe that one day before that baby was in Kristas belly and now she was swaddled in a blanket beautiful & alert! This child was so tiny 7lbs 6oz yet she seemed way to big to be crammed in a belly just one day before. It was hard to believe that Josselyn is most likely already that size, yet she fits in my belly! I guess it has not completely set in that any day now we will have a living human being to take care of. I know I am having a baby but it hasn't really felt that real until last night. As I had Eliana I was in disbelief that this whole 9 month I mean 10 month pregnancy journey was really coming to an end. Everyone said it would go by fast but I did not expect it to go by this fast! I guess I just finally came to the realization that this moving, kicking, turning, hiccuping, little/big thing inside of me will be joining us very soon. Our would will be forever changed and we will experience a whole new set of emotions & feelings of love that we have never felt before. I could see this new deep mother & fathers love in both Shawn & Krista's eyes as they gazed at their sweet little princess and I can not even imagine how incredible that feeling is going to feel.

So all in all I guess the arrival of Eliana gave me both excitement/anticipation and a little anxiety/fear. Either way yesterday caused everything to become just a little more real :)  

We had both just found out we were pregnant! December 2010


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