Tuesday, August 23, 2011

39 Week Dr Apt Update!

Wow...I am 39 weeks & 3 days pregnant! "Week 40"

I just came back from my doctor’s appointment and I have some mixed emotions. Today was supposed to be my LAST doctor’s appointment (which it very well could be) and we have some difficult decisions to make!  Well my "due date" is this Saturday August 27th which is a very special date because it is my Daddy’s Birthday. My Dad passed away in July 2006 one month after John and I got married so it was really neat when they gave Josselyn my Dad's birthday as her due date. Now obviously I am HOPING & PRAYING that little miss Josselyn will just naturally come on her own! & August 27th would be PERFECT but my doctor wants me to schedule an induction date just in case...

I was given a few options to think about...I could be induced this Friday August 26th (unfortunately my doctor will not schedule an induction on the weekend so the 27th is not an option if I am being induced). Or I could be induced Monday August 29th (John's Birthday). Or the absolute latest my doctor will let me go is 41 weeks, so I could be induced Friday September 2nd. Now Like I already mentioned, ideally I am praying Josselyn will just pop out on her own but there are a few reasons my doctor is having me consider induction...

You see...Little/Big Josse is measuring at 7lbs 14oz right now (so almost 8 lbs). My doctor said that number could be off by 1/2 a pound. So she could be a bit bigger 8.6 lbs or smaller 7.6 lbs. Now If I were to not go into labor naturally and weight until 1 week passed my due date (September 2nd). Josselyn could very easily be over 8.6 lbs and my doctor thinks that could create a potential problem for someone with my build. So he said we need to take that into consideration. But on the flip side, the doctor also informed me that being induced "slightly" increases the chances of a c-section. I really really really do NOT want to increase my chances of a c-section. So I could wait it out until I absolutely have to be induced which is September 2nd but I am taking a chance on Josselyn being too big for me and that could cause a problem. But if I wait until September 2nd and she still has'nt come naturally then I will still have to be induced plus she will be another 1/2 pound bigger. Ahhhhh....what to do?!?!

So this is my dilemma...Now I realize that I could be worrying about ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Josselyn could come on her own anytime! Maybe she will decide to join the party today, tomorrow or Thursday. But I do start worrying a little when I am having to schedule a just in case induction date! It also worries me a bit that my doctor is suggesting that we could face a problem with her size if I were to go to 41 weeks. Well, all I can do is just PRAY that our little princess comes NATURALLY in the Lords perfect timing and she is healthy as can be :) I am not trying to be Debbie Downer, but my appointment today did catch me off guard. 

Well for now I am just going to start doing all of those things that supposedly NATURALLY jump start contractions & labor! I will be WALKING every day (which my husband has MADE me do the last 3 days ) lol What kind of husband takes their 10 month, huge, pregnant wife on a 1 hour, 3 mile walk at 9:00pm??? Mine does!!!!! ;) I will try to incorporate some spicy food! Good thing we eat at Rosa's every Tuesday Night after Invictus. I guess I can start doing squats even though I already have big gymnast thighs and I hate building muscle in my legs (It can kill me for a week). Everyone keeps saying the same thing that got you pregnant will cause you to go into labor...(John wont let me comment on that topic). Anyways... I may have to pass on a few of the out of the box labor inducing tricks like, drinking castor oil! I have heard that all that really does is clean out your bowls and mother nature has Ummm already given me that 3rd trimester side effect this past week so I am not about to take a chance on getting "cleaned out" even more! Someone mentioned that if you start pumping it induces labor (but that is just gross). A few other friends have suggested doing jumping jacks (but I think that might just scare Josse or give her shaken baby syndrome).

So for now I will just stick to walking, squats & spicy food :) I will keep you all posted!

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  1. oooo so fun! congrats!! baby is coming oh-so-soon! hang on in there, you will have one in your arms soon! <3