Tuesday, August 16, 2011

38 Week Dr's Appointment Update...

Well I am 38 weeks and 4 days...

So, today was my "38 week" appointment If you have had a baby before you know what this appointment means....Yup! You have to get checked down south. Well let me tell you that I was absolutely dreading this appointment. You see, 2 weeks ago at my 36 week appointment I thought that since I was going to the Dr once a week it meant I was supposed to get the down low check each time. So when they took me back to the room for my appointment I told the not so bright nurse that I needed a gown because I was getting checked today. She looked at her chart and said, "Oh really you are getting checked?" and I said, "Yah I think so!" So she brought me a gown and had me change. Well, when the Dr. walked in he looked at me and said, "Ummm why are you undressed?" I said, "Oh I thought today was my first down low check to see if I am dilated or anything." He explained to me that he doesn't usually do that until 38 weeks. He then asked me if I had been having lots of consistent contractions. I said "Ummm No." Then he asked if I had been experiencing extreme pressure down there. I figured I would say Yes so I didn't look totally dumb & I was experiencing some pressure. So I said, "Yes lots of pressure!" He then pondered for a while and said, "since you are already undressed and you are experiencing extreme pressure I can check to see if you are dilated if you would like." I got wayyy to excited (I had no idea what I was getting myself into) and I said "YAH!" So my Dr. did the good old cervix check. Now I will not go into great detail because my husband proof reads all of my Blogs anyways before I publish them & I already know he would delete my description of the cervix check. But let me just say it was soooo PAINFUL!!! I felt completely VIOLATED!!! And poor John was in the room for it all (I guess that's nothing compared to child birth but still....I am the dummy that WANTED MY CERVIX CHECKED!) Then, the absolute worst part was when he pulled out his hand and said "CERVIX CLOSED" Yup....I thought for sure I would at least be dilated to a 1 or something but nope I was as closed as could be! lol So I went through all of that for NOTHING!

Well anyways today I went back to the Dr and this time I did not get to have a say as to whether or not my cervix was going to get checked again. My doctor said he wanted to check it today since this appointment and next week's appointment would most likely be my last 2 appointments. Well the BAD NEWS is it still HURT like crazy & the doctor had the audacity to tell me that due to the cervix check I am now going to spot for two days (gross!!!) but the good news is, this time I am DILATED to a 2 & my cervix is 50% thinned out. So at least my body is progressing and getting ready for baby Josselyn to come! I am not sure if she will come in the next few days or if she will wait until Aug 27th (or later) but I can definitely tell it is getting CLOSER!

Personally I am hoping Josse will come before my next doctors appointment that way I will not have to be violated again with another dreadful cervix check, but once again I am sure that is NOTHING compared to LABOR lol

Either way Josselyn will be here soon enough! I find myself continually reciting the FRONTLINE lyrics "It's getting closer, believe it's coming, around the corner, your gonna make it!"

Almost 39 weeks pregnant!

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