Tuesday, August 23, 2011

39 Week Dr Apt Update!

Wow...I am 39 weeks & 3 days pregnant! "Week 40"

I just came back from my doctor’s appointment and I have some mixed emotions. Today was supposed to be my LAST doctor’s appointment (which it very well could be) and we have some difficult decisions to make!  Well my "due date" is this Saturday August 27th which is a very special date because it is my Daddy’s Birthday. My Dad passed away in July 2006 one month after John and I got married so it was really neat when they gave Josselyn my Dad's birthday as her due date. Now obviously I am HOPING & PRAYING that little miss Josselyn will just naturally come on her own! & August 27th would be PERFECT but my doctor wants me to schedule an induction date just in case...

I was given a few options to think about...I could be induced this Friday August 26th (unfortunately my doctor will not schedule an induction on the weekend so the 27th is not an option if I am being induced). Or I could be induced Monday August 29th (John's Birthday). Or the absolute latest my doctor will let me go is 41 weeks, so I could be induced Friday September 2nd. Now Like I already mentioned, ideally I am praying Josselyn will just pop out on her own but there are a few reasons my doctor is having me consider induction...

You see...Little/Big Josse is measuring at 7lbs 14oz right now (so almost 8 lbs). My doctor said that number could be off by 1/2 a pound. So she could be a bit bigger 8.6 lbs or smaller 7.6 lbs. Now If I were to not go into labor naturally and weight until 1 week passed my due date (September 2nd). Josselyn could very easily be over 8.6 lbs and my doctor thinks that could create a potential problem for someone with my build. So he said we need to take that into consideration. But on the flip side, the doctor also informed me that being induced "slightly" increases the chances of a c-section. I really really really do NOT want to increase my chances of a c-section. So I could wait it out until I absolutely have to be induced which is September 2nd but I am taking a chance on Josselyn being too big for me and that could cause a problem. But if I wait until September 2nd and she still has'nt come naturally then I will still have to be induced plus she will be another 1/2 pound bigger. Ahhhhh....what to do?!?!

So this is my dilemma...Now I realize that I could be worrying about ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Josselyn could come on her own anytime! Maybe she will decide to join the party today, tomorrow or Thursday. But I do start worrying a little when I am having to schedule a just in case induction date! It also worries me a bit that my doctor is suggesting that we could face a problem with her size if I were to go to 41 weeks. Well, all I can do is just PRAY that our little princess comes NATURALLY in the Lords perfect timing and she is healthy as can be :) I am not trying to be Debbie Downer, but my appointment today did catch me off guard. 

Well for now I am just going to start doing all of those things that supposedly NATURALLY jump start contractions & labor! I will be WALKING every day (which my husband has MADE me do the last 3 days ) lol What kind of husband takes their 10 month, huge, pregnant wife on a 1 hour, 3 mile walk at 9:00pm??? Mine does!!!!! ;) I will try to incorporate some spicy food! Good thing we eat at Rosa's every Tuesday Night after Invictus. I guess I can start doing squats even though I already have big gymnast thighs and I hate building muscle in my legs (It can kill me for a week). Everyone keeps saying the same thing that got you pregnant will cause you to go into labor...(John wont let me comment on that topic). Anyways... I may have to pass on a few of the out of the box labor inducing tricks like, drinking castor oil! I have heard that all that really does is clean out your bowls and mother nature has Ummm already given me that 3rd trimester side effect this past week so I am not about to take a chance on getting "cleaned out" even more! Someone mentioned that if you start pumping it induces labor (but that is just gross). A few other friends have suggested doing jumping jacks (but I think that might just scare Josse or give her shaken baby syndrome).

So for now I will just stick to walking, squats & spicy food :) I will keep you all posted!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

38 Week Dr's Appointment Update...

Well I am 38 weeks and 4 days...

So, today was my "38 week" appointment If you have had a baby before you know what this appointment means....Yup! You have to get checked down south. Well let me tell you that I was absolutely dreading this appointment. You see, 2 weeks ago at my 36 week appointment I thought that since I was going to the Dr once a week it meant I was supposed to get the down low check each time. So when they took me back to the room for my appointment I told the not so bright nurse that I needed a gown because I was getting checked today. She looked at her chart and said, "Oh really you are getting checked?" and I said, "Yah I think so!" So she brought me a gown and had me change. Well, when the Dr. walked in he looked at me and said, "Ummm why are you undressed?" I said, "Oh I thought today was my first down low check to see if I am dilated or anything." He explained to me that he doesn't usually do that until 38 weeks. He then asked me if I had been having lots of consistent contractions. I said "Ummm No." Then he asked if I had been experiencing extreme pressure down there. I figured I would say Yes so I didn't look totally dumb & I was experiencing some pressure. So I said, "Yes lots of pressure!" He then pondered for a while and said, "since you are already undressed and you are experiencing extreme pressure I can check to see if you are dilated if you would like." I got wayyy to excited (I had no idea what I was getting myself into) and I said "YAH!" So my Dr. did the good old cervix check. Now I will not go into great detail because my husband proof reads all of my Blogs anyways before I publish them & I already know he would delete my description of the cervix check. But let me just say it was soooo PAINFUL!!! I felt completely VIOLATED!!! And poor John was in the room for it all (I guess that's nothing compared to child birth but still....I am the dummy that WANTED MY CERVIX CHECKED!) Then, the absolute worst part was when he pulled out his hand and said "CERVIX CLOSED" Yup....I thought for sure I would at least be dilated to a 1 or something but nope I was as closed as could be! lol So I went through all of that for NOTHING!

Well anyways today I went back to the Dr and this time I did not get to have a say as to whether or not my cervix was going to get checked again. My doctor said he wanted to check it today since this appointment and next week's appointment would most likely be my last 2 appointments. Well the BAD NEWS is it still HURT like crazy & the doctor had the audacity to tell me that due to the cervix check I am now going to spot for two days (gross!!!) but the good news is, this time I am DILATED to a 2 & my cervix is 50% thinned out. So at least my body is progressing and getting ready for baby Josselyn to come! I am not sure if she will come in the next few days or if she will wait until Aug 27th (or later) but I can definitely tell it is getting CLOSER!

Personally I am hoping Josse will come before my next doctors appointment that way I will not have to be violated again with another dreadful cervix check, but once again I am sure that is NOTHING compared to LABOR lol

Either way Josselyn will be here soon enough! I find myself continually reciting the FRONTLINE lyrics "It's getting closer, believe it's coming, around the corner, your gonna make it!"

Almost 39 weeks pregnant!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Our Hospital Bag Is Finally Packed!

38 weeks pregnant...

This pregnancy thing is really almost OVER!!! WOW... I still can not believe it!
After everything that has gone on the last few days (One of my BFF's had her baby a couple weeks early) I decided that I really needed to buckle down & pack my hospital over night bag :) I have been reading that it is so important to have your bag packed but for some reason I was avoiding packing it (maybe it was some kind of subconscious denial I was in) Hospital Bag = Labor & Delivery! And Labor & Delivery = contractions, pain, pushing, tearing, cutting, bleeding, big needles, etc. At least that is what I think of when I hear the words labor & delivery. Anyways I was avoiding packing my bag but this weekend I decided that I just needed to do I did! My mom & sister came over to help me do it lol. My mom has been bugging me every day to pack it so she just came over & made me do it. I was not quite sure what to pack but I have been getting email's from and they had a check list I followed. It was hard figuring out what to pack because some women spend 1 night in the hospital and others (like my friend Krista) spend a week there! I ended up packing the following items:

SheriLynn's stuff
-Warm socks
-Nursing bra/underwear
-2 pairs or yoga pants
-2 tank tops
-Valour zip-up
-Flip flops
-Tooth brush, tooth paste, floss
-Shampoo, conditioner, body wash
-Hair brush, make-up, deodorant & chap stick
-Madela lanolin cream (eek!)

John's stuff
-Socks, undershirt & underwear
-Warm-up pants & jacket
-Tooth brush, etc

Josselyn's stuff
-Baby gown
-2 Swaddle blankets
-Burp cloth
-Go home outfit
-Car seat (in the car)

If you are a mom and have had to pack your "HOSPITAL BAG" PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE look over my list & let me know if I am missing anything :) I hate not being prepared & I would rather over pack than under pack lol

my mom, sister & pups helping me PACK for the hospital that my bags are packed and I am ready to go...little miss Josselyn can come at ANYTIME ;)

Friday, August 12, 2011

The Finished Nursery!

Josselyn's nursery is finally finished & just in time!

It definitely took longer than I expected to finish baby Josse's nursery but the hard work has paid off and it is FINALLY DONE! I had the hardest time picking out baby bedding and then I just could not decide on the paint colors...I guess I wanted everything to be PERFECT so I was a little anal about it all lol. But it turned out exactly how I imagined it...Pretty & Pink :)

I will never forget the day we finally finished the princess crown I just had to have in Josse's nursery. My girlfriend Lisa use to sell these gorgeous crowns so she gave me one of the extra ones she still had. She sprayed in antique white with glitter and added beautiful rhinestones & a baby pink boa on it. Then Lisa went with me to the fabric store to pick out the pink & creme tool that needed to be sewn onto the crown. Lisa's sewing machine is in storage so I asked my amazing sister in law Stacey to sew on the tool. Now don't worry Stacey didn't have to sew the tool on by herself she had an entire team of us to help!!! John, Lisette, Olivia, Lance, Krista and myself all took part in the sewing of the crown. I will admit it took Ummmmm a little longer than it probably should have ;) But in the end it came out perfect and I absolutely love it!

A few of the last finishing touches included adding big pink bumper bows to the bumper and then I wanted to add big flowers onto the bows (I got the idea from the Dimples & Dandelions website). I think John and even my girlfriends thought I was being a little ridiculous, but EVERYONE (including John) loves the new & improved bumper! Also, my sister MaryBeth decided to refinish my old baby carriage! It is a white wicker carriage I got for Christmas when I was 6 years old. My sister cleaned it, resprayed it white, added new pink ribbon around it and bleached the pillow inside if it. It looks absolutely adorable and I know lil' Josse will LOVE IT!

Now I am just missing one little thing for the nursery...the BABY!!! Luckily she will be arriving in less than 2 weeks :)

Everything became a little more real...

The finish line is getting closer...

It is pretty surreal to think that our little bundle of joy could literally come any day now. My due date is August 27th (my Dad's birthday) but I was told mid-way through my pregnancy that August 20th seemed like a more accurate due date. Either way that is just 1-2 weeks away! Believe it or not, I was staring to finally feel sorta ready for baby Josse's arrival. I have checked 99% of the items off of my "to due list" and Josselyns nursery is completely FINISHED (I will post pictures ASAP). I think I am as mentally prepared as I am ever going to be and I am ready for the the ever growing belly to finally stop growing!

Well...on Wednesday the doctors decided to induce one of my BEST FRIENDS Krista since she has had to deal with high blood pressure (pregnancy hypertension). Well, Krista and I have walked through this pregnancy journey together. Our due dates are literally days apart, we went to all of our lamaze classes and even our breast feeding class together. On Wednesday I was just visiting with her in the hospital becasue she was put on hospital bed rest and within a few hours the doctor made the decision to induce her right then! I helped Krista move from a room for bed rest patients to another room on the labor and delivery side of the hall. And pretty much 24 hours later Krista gave birth (emergency c-section) to a precious baby girl Eliana Kate. Now I know that Kristas delivery was definitely not the average delivery. She had planned to give birth vaginally (she had the medicine to soften her cervix, pitocin, an epidural and even her water had broke!) but when the placenta started tearing away and she began to lose too much blood the doctors quickly performed the emergency c-section. This experience was not only terrifying for Krista & her husband Shawn but for all of us in the waiting room as well. There were probably 15 of us waiting in the waiting room as her dad came out to ask us to pray and tell us what was going on. PRAISE GOD that everything turned out well and Krista & Eliana are healthy, safe & sound :) God's hand was on the entire situation and the doctors and nurses took wonderful care of both momma and baby.

Sweet baby Eliana & proud mama Krista with the girls!

However...I will admit that this traumatic experience did cause me to be Ummm NOT SO ANXIOUS about the whole labor and delivery thing. I may need to re-group and re-prep myself for whats to come. I know not all delivery's are that scary and women all over the world have babies every day (some just squat in the fields, push out the baby and get back to work) but emergency's do happen and things do not always go as planned! I know that I can not be scared and I have to just put my trust in the Lord but I may need a few more weeks to do that lol.

Aunti Sheri, baby Eliana & Josse in my tummy!

Now being there as Krista gave birth to Eliana also caused me to feel another flood of emotions. A few hours after Eliana was born we were able to go back to the room and see mommy, daddy & baby. It was hard to believe that one day before that baby was in Kristas belly and now she was swaddled in a blanket beautiful & alert! This child was so tiny 7lbs 6oz yet she seemed way to big to be crammed in a belly just one day before. It was hard to believe that Josselyn is most likely already that size, yet she fits in my belly! I guess it has not completely set in that any day now we will have a living human being to take care of. I know I am having a baby but it hasn't really felt that real until last night. As I had Eliana I was in disbelief that this whole 9 month I mean 10 month pregnancy journey was really coming to an end. Everyone said it would go by fast but I did not expect it to go by this fast! I guess I just finally came to the realization that this moving, kicking, turning, hiccuping, little/big thing inside of me will be joining us very soon. Our would will be forever changed and we will experience a whole new set of emotions & feelings of love that we have never felt before. I could see this new deep mother & fathers love in both Shawn & Krista's eyes as they gazed at their sweet little princess and I can not even imagine how incredible that feeling is going to feel.

So all in all I guess the arrival of Eliana gave me both excitement/anticipation and a little anxiety/fear. Either way yesterday caused everything to become just a little more real :)  

We had both just found out we were pregnant! December 2010


Friday, August 5, 2011

Let the "NESTING" begin


And this past week I most definitely started "NESTING".  I had heard tons of women talk about nesting, and how they went on cleaning spurs and different things like that but I didn't really think that I would go through a nesting phase...but boy was I wrong!

Starting last Friday I began making "TO DO LISTS" of everything that I needed to get done before baby Josse arrives. That list included some very important things like purchasing a car seat, baby bassinet & extra crib sheets. It also had things like packing my hospital bagfinding a pediatrician & finish sending out baby shower thank you cards. Well my list also had some other items that seemed VERY IMPORTANT to me but John thought they were umm...not so important. For example: making 3 Shutterfly photo albums (one from our Midland shower, one from our Dallas shower and one of our maternity pictures), organizing Josselyns closet (for the 3rd time), putting all of Josselyns clothes on hot pink hangers, making sure every shirt/dress faced the same way, switching out the bumper ties on Josses bedding for bigger, satin bumper ties, bejeweling some little onseies & finding a black robe to match my black & white PJ's that I am taking to the hospital. Sure those last few items may not seem important to you but they have been stressing me out and I was determined to check all those things off of my list this week! Unfortunately when you have a type A personality and are border line OCD...nesting is a little more complex then just vacuuming & moping! Don't get me wrong I also vacuumed, cleaned the toilets, windexed, dusted & did laundry two different days this week but instead of stressing my self out because the cleaning still does NOT meet my expectations I decided to hire my moms cleaning crew to come DEEP CLEAN my house & shampoo my carpets next week! Unfortunately I am just way to BIG to be on my hands and knees cleaning baseboards!!!! So I will just focus on adding rhinestones, sequins & lace to the onsies I bought for Josse lol

So to sum up this past week I probably spent 20 hours making silly shutterfly photo albums...I wont even go into to detail on how I was determined to find COUPON CODES for all 3 albums (however after making a few trips to Best Buy and bartering on ebay I did find 3 coupon codes lol). I finally finished Josselyn closet! (I have everything organized by months and all the clothes that are 6 months + are neatly in storage bins under my bed). I bought satin material from Joanns fabric and then took it to the tailor so the new bumper ribbons could be put on the bumper (don't ask me why I was bound and determined to have bigger bows on the bumper but I was and It will be ready this Tuesday!). And I finally almost have my overnight hospital bag packed (It has taken longer then expected becasue I have been to 6 stores trying to find a black robe to match my black & white nursing PJ's...that is not an easy item to find in August). But all in all things are getting prepared for Josselyn's arrival!

Sure I keep adding things to my "TO DO LIST" as quickly as I am checking things off but I guess that is all part of this weird thing called NESTING! Lets just pray that I do not completely stress my husband out in the process ;)