Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Maternity Pictures!

'Tis the season for pregnancy pictures...


Now when I first found out I was pregnant I will admit that I got really EXCITED about pregnancy pictures! I have had so many girlfriends take baby bump pics and looks sooo cute in them! I did some photography research and called around and I found out from most photographers that the best time to take maternity pictures was around 6 months because you are not yet swollen and huge but you have a cute bump to show off in the pics. Well basically my entire pregnancy has flown by and month 6 came and left and then month 7 came and left and I realized that I had not taken pregnancy pictures :( Now by my 8th month of pregnancy I started hating everything about my growing body. Believe me when I say it is not just your stomach that grows when you are prego! Yes my stomach has GROWN tremendously but so have my arms, thighs, hips, butt, face, nose, and "Lavern & Shirley" have definitely grown a cup size or two! So who wants to take pictures when you are swollen and 20lbs heavier?!?! Not me...So I decided to X the whole maternity picture idea since I missed my window of time.  I was just going to make sure to get cute newborn pictures once Josselyn came along.

Well...luckily my sweet friend from church Ann Clark texted me and said that she really wanted to take some maternity pictures of John and I as a gift. She is extremely talented and she is beginning to build her photography business. I told her that I was to big to take pictures now, but she insisted that it would be fun and she told me that I was pregnant and was supposed to have a big belly lol So I agreed and we set a date even though I was now going to be 8 1/2 months pregnant by the time we took the pictures! I was still extremely hesitant and I will admit that I almost called and CANCELED the picture appointment the day before because I was in tears about having nothing to wear (unfortunately I have out grown my entire closet) which is quite devastating especially for some one who is a stylist! But I have been told that 99% of pregnant women have the same problem so I can't complain to much. Well luckily I did find a dress and my sweet friends Kim Sisco stayed the night the night before so that she could do my makeup and hair in the morning for the pictures :) So all in all everything turned out well!

Last night I stopped by Ann's house to see the pictures and I actually liked them! (well some of them) I am still a hormonal pregnant women so of course I hated how I looked in at least half of them...but Ann is such a talented, gifted photographer that she captured so many beautiful shots and even I was able to look past my swollen nose and arms.

So here is a little preview of a few of the pictures from our maternity photo shoot...
(There are more on my Facebook page!)



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  1. those are some great photos. i'm happy for you both.