Tuesday, July 12, 2011



I can almost see the FINISH line :) This crazy pregnancy journey has been full of ups and downs (a ton of downs) lol but I know it will all be worth it especially in 5 or 6 more weeks when little Josse is here!

Last night was a definite FIRST for both John and I....we went to our FIRST LAMAZE CLASS! And I was definitely not prepared for what was in store for us during that 3 hours class...

We went to class #1 (We have 4 classes in all) and luckily we are endeavoring this experience with 2 of our best friends Shawn & Krista Sanseverino. Krista and I are both 34 weeks prego, we are both having girls, and we both despise our growing baby bumps (however we absolutely love our little munchkins inside) If Josselyn and Eliana are anything like their moms they will be two strong willed, choleric, spit fires who are best of friends lol Anyways taking "lamaze" with another couple definitely lightens the mood! Let me give you a little recap of the evening....

First of all we read that you should bring a blanket/comforter and 2-6 pillows with you to the class. Well, I was bringing the stuff for both Krista and I so I brought 2 rather LARGE blankets and then a total of 6 pillows for Krista and I to share (Ummm we def had the BIGGEST BLANKETS & the MOST PILLOWS) in the entire class Ooooppss ;) lol At least we were prepared! Next week I am just going to bring 2 pillows though!

Then, John and Shawn walked into the class together with the blankets and pillows (Krista and I were lagging behind) and as they walked in EVERYONE looked at them really strangely and the instructor said "Are you two together?" and then when they started to laugh she said, "Well I didn't think you were showing but you never know..." Ummmm AWKWARD to say the least but it did become a joke for the rest of the night.

The next interesting  thing was when my 12 year old husband and his 12 year old friend Shawn decided to start LAUGHING during the birthing video!!!! Every other husband was completely serious and focused on watching the baby being born on the big screen Ummm not the two 12 year olds they were laughing and snickering about the female anatomy (what they refer to as female shanannagins) that was being shown on the screen as they were munching on their peanut M&M's and Reese's Pieces...Yes very mature I know lol I think they even both closed their eyes during the delivery (I am in trouble)

I must also mention the very interesting people in our class...there is the "know it all husband" and his wife. They are first time parents but are in their late 30's so I guess that makes them pros at everything. Then there is the there is the "country bunkin lady" who has a huge Texas accent and she loves to talk and ask tons and tons of questions. Her friend is in the class with her and she likes to talk just as much... so together they are quite annoying. But I guess it would not be a true lamaze class if there wasn't a wide variety of diverse people!

Our first "lamaze class"
Well on a more positive note this was a VERY VERY VERY HELPFUL CLASS!!!! I had no idea that women experienced contractions for so long before the baby actually came. I guess in my mind I pictured my water breaking, then going to the hospital, then all of a sudden being dilated to 10 centimeters and then pushing...Umm from what the instructor told us last night it is a bit of a longer process and it is really good to know different positions and breathing techniques that will help during the contractions that come before it is actually time to push. Now I am not going to say that it wasn't awkward or a bit embarrassing to have to try these interesting "contraction" positions with our husbands in front of the whole class. And if you saw us practicing "pelvic stretches" you would probably laugh so hard you would pee your pants! But all in all I actually think these class are going to help prepare BOTH John and I for the whole labor and delivery process (If I do not strangle my 12 year old husband before the next 3 classes end!!!!) ;)

8.5 months prego!

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