Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sleepless Nights...

I am officially in "WEEK 36" of this pregnancy which means that I am now 9 MONTHS PREGNANT! Now don't get to see little girls are lied to their whole lives. We are told from the time we are little that you are pregnant for 9 months! Well once you get knocked up and you go to your first gyno appointment you quickly realize that 40 weeks does not equal 9 fact it is more like 10 MONTHS!!! So to all my childless friends pregnancy  = 10 MONTHS

Now back to today's Blog...So being 9 months pregnant has both its pros and cons. The last few days I have been thinking about the cons! Luckily I have only 4 weeks (or less) left of being pregnant! And for the record NO I will not miss my baby bump which is not a bump at all it is actually the size of a HUGE watermelon. I did enjoy the first few baby flutters and kicks but right about now my 6+ pound child feels more like an alien squirming around in my tight, hard sore tummy. My ribs are constantly being jabbed and it is impossible to breathe! I feel this horrible pressure down south which apparently is a result of the baby being locked & loaded (head down) ready to come out! Well the result of this full size child in my belly has resulted in some sleepless nights :( For the past two weeks I have had the WORST nights of sleeps ever. First of all I can not figure out how to get comfortable with this watermelon attached to my abdomen. My once faithful, life saver "Noody" the pregnancy body pillow has completely let me down and no longer helps me get comfortable. Noody is now flat and is not able to support my huge gut. I do still have Noody along with 4 other pillows all around me but none of that seems to help. I keep reading that it is important to sleep on my LEFT side now, but that only makes things worse. My right side is actually the more comfortable of my two sides (but that is not saying much) so I have the hardest time trying to sleep on Left side! And for some reason my stomach gets all sore & crampy at feels really tender & achy. I now clearly know what braxton hicks contractions are but the sore, achy, tender stomach is a totally different thing. It is hard to explain but it is not pleasant! Then when you add back aches to the mix it is even worse. You see I actually fractured my L-5 when I was younger so I already have lower back pain so adding pregnancy to the mix equals MAJOR BACK ACHES. For some reason these back aches are worse at night ...maybe it's becasue that is the only time I actually slow down enough to think about them lol I don't know! Well, on top of the back aches there is the horrible "I have to pee" feeling that comes on every 2 hours throughout the night! I seriously have to get up and pee at least 4 times a night!!! That can not be normal. If I finally fall asleep at midnight then I am up at 2:00am, 3:30am, 5:00am, & 6:00am peeing!!! There is no way on earth that I am getting any good REM sleep waking up that often. Now I can't forget to mention the LEG CRAMPS "Charley Horses". I get at least 1 of theses painful suckers every night (sometimes as many as 3!) & please do not tell me to flex my foot...maybe my charley horses are extremely severe or something because when I try to flex my foot up it is impossible because my leg is so cramped up! And yes I have tried drinking more water, eating bananas, adding salt in to my diet, drinking Gatorade, having more calcium, stretching before bed & taking my prenatal is not helping! So try adding together sleeping on your left side with a watermelon attached to your belly, a tender tummy, horrible back aches, a frequent need to pee and periodic charley horses! I wont even mention the anxiety and worry's that go through my mind as my due date gets closer and closer. I am still not able to wrap my mind around the fact that a watermelon is going to come through a hole the size of a pea (sorry that is TMI I know) but it's TRUE!!! So add all of those things to the equation and it equals one very SLEEPLESS NIGHT...

Now for the flip side...Apparently some of the books I have read say that the sleepless nights are mothers natures way of preparing new moms for the sleepless nights that are ahead. It would not be an easy transition to go from a full comfortable 10 hours of sleep to waking every 2-3 hours to feed and change a new born baby. Well I know that there is no mother nature but GOD our incredible creator of the universe may be preparing me for the sleepless nights ahead...who knows :) But either way I know that even though I am having a pity party for myself now, I am just experiencing the very normal last few uncomfortable weeks of this pregnancy journey. Plenty of pregnant women have made it through it so I know I can too! I am pretty confident that as soon as Josselyn Grace Alcala is here I will quickly forget about the not so great moments of my pregnancy & I will be overjoyed with my new little princess! (And if I don't forget the not so great moments I will just NEVER have another biological child)

Either way a friend once told me to remember that "THIS TO SHALL PASS..." and that is completely true! So sleepless to will one day pass! It may just be a few months before you do ;)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cirque Du Bebe!

What a weekend!!! 

This past Saturday some of my BESTEST FRIENDS & FAMILY through me & Josse the most beautiful, fabulous baby shower ever! I am telling you this baby shower was so gorgeous it could be in a magazine! I seriously have the most talented & creative friends and family. I am beyond blessed to have such amazing people in my life! The 3 ring leaders of this baby shower were Amber Hall (one of my very best friends in the whole wide word), Lisette Summers (I absolutely adore her and her sweet family), and my mom (who is beyond incredible & goes over and beyond with everything she does). Now those weren't the only girls involved in planning this elaborate shower...Lauren Stack, Stacey Alcala, Yadis Alcala, Christina Hernandez, Krista Sanseverino, Becky McLennan, Kathie Harden, Emily Moore & Jen Spataro also made this BEAUTIFUL DAY happen!

The Amazing Hostesses (minus Emily who is taking the picture)

I was so blown away when I waked into the doors of Heritage Lake Club House. It was so bright & colorful! I felt like I walked into a "Fancy Nancy CIRCUS" lol There were helium balloon-flowers and lanterns hanging from every where.

There were tons of hot pink, black, orange and yellow feathers & gorgeous flowers on all of the tables! It was amazing how each table was decorated so unique & differently. There was so much detail to see I feel like I missed half of it.

The table linens and chair covers looked so elegant, I absolutely loved all the hot pink touches that were everywhere.

The CAKE was the most beautiful cake I had ever seen. A friend of mine Kylie New makes cakes and she custom designed this cake to match the "Circus Du Bebe" theme of the shower!!! It was so amazing! (I liked it more than my wedding cake) lol It had feathers coming out of the top and it was hot pink, orange & black. I loved how she monogrammed Josselyn's initials on the top tier. It was the perfect cake. The bonus was that it was fun-fetti in the middle (my favorite) and it tasted absolutely delicious!

The CANDY BAR was so gorgeous also! Since the whole shower was a french circus theme, the candy bar was full of goodies you would find at circus! There were boxes of animal crackers, cotton candy, popcorn, candy peanuts & other yummy circus type treats! All of the guests were given adorable animal print boxes to fill up with sweets from the candy bar as their party favor :)

The FOOD was delicious as well! I must brag on one of my girlfriends Becky who made the most amazing homemade hummus :) It was all so yummy and displayed so elegantly.

The REFRESHMENT TABLE was so pretty and the drinks themselves tasted amazing! There was a delicious peach tea and a wonderful sparkling fruit punch that all of the guests loved. I also loved how the adorable colorful lanterns were hanging right above the drink area. Once again so detailed and beautiful.

The GAMES were an absolute blast! We played a fun celebrity baby game, then all the girls had to guess how many tickets would go around my belly (Ummm pretty much everyone OVER estimated) I am slightly insulted lol! Then we played the game with cute pink, orange and black mardi gras beads and no one was allowed to say "baby or "girl. Everyone was also given the most adorable Fancy Nancy Scratcher and the person who had a tiara on their scratcher won! Lastly, the girls played baby bingo as I opened all of the gifts. On the bottom of each gift was a word so before I opened each present I called out the word.

This was such a fun day and it was so special to celebrate with such amazing friends and family! We had both family and friends travel from out of town to be there to celebrate the birth of Josselyn and that means more to me than anything else. It can be very scary and nerve racking trying to prepare for the arrival of a child but knowing that John and I have such love and support from our family and friends makes me feel a whole lot better :)

Like the old African saying goes "It takes a village to raise a child" & what an incredible, supportive village we have been blessed with in our life!"

P.S Below is a very special picture of my Daddy & Me. Even though my dad is now in heaven it was really special to have his memory there with me at the baby shower. I know he would have been the most incredible grandpa ever!

*I want to thank my sweet friend Emily Moore who took these amazing pictures for me of the beautiful shower!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Maternity Pictures!

'Tis the season for pregnancy pictures...


Now when I first found out I was pregnant I will admit that I got really EXCITED about pregnancy pictures! I have had so many girlfriends take baby bump pics and looks sooo cute in them! I did some photography research and called around and I found out from most photographers that the best time to take maternity pictures was around 6 months because you are not yet swollen and huge but you have a cute bump to show off in the pics. Well basically my entire pregnancy has flown by and month 6 came and left and then month 7 came and left and I realized that I had not taken pregnancy pictures :( Now by my 8th month of pregnancy I started hating everything about my growing body. Believe me when I say it is not just your stomach that grows when you are prego! Yes my stomach has GROWN tremendously but so have my arms, thighs, hips, butt, face, nose, and "Lavern & Shirley" have definitely grown a cup size or two! So who wants to take pictures when you are swollen and 20lbs heavier?!?! Not me...So I decided to X the whole maternity picture idea since I missed my window of time.  I was just going to make sure to get cute newborn pictures once Josselyn came along.

Well...luckily my sweet friend from church Ann Clark texted me and said that she really wanted to take some maternity pictures of John and I as a gift. She is extremely talented and she is beginning to build her photography business. I told her that I was to big to take pictures now, but she insisted that it would be fun and she told me that I was pregnant and was supposed to have a big belly lol So I agreed and we set a date even though I was now going to be 8 1/2 months pregnant by the time we took the pictures! I was still extremely hesitant and I will admit that I almost called and CANCELED the picture appointment the day before because I was in tears about having nothing to wear (unfortunately I have out grown my entire closet) which is quite devastating especially for some one who is a stylist! But I have been told that 99% of pregnant women have the same problem so I can't complain to much. Well luckily I did find a dress and my sweet friends Kim Sisco stayed the night the night before so that she could do my makeup and hair in the morning for the pictures :) So all in all everything turned out well!

Last night I stopped by Ann's house to see the pictures and I actually liked them! (well some of them) I am still a hormonal pregnant women so of course I hated how I looked in at least half of them...but Ann is such a talented, gifted photographer that she captured so many beautiful shots and even I was able to look past my swollen nose and arms.

So here is a little preview of a few of the pictures from our maternity photo shoot...
(There are more on my Facebook page!)