Sunday, June 12, 2011

The stresses of ReGiStErInG....

Week 30 of this pregnancy journey ;)

In 7 weeks I am considered FULL TERM!!! It is crazy how fast time has gone by and how fast my stomach is growing lol jk (don't worry I am not going to complain about gaining weight or my growing belly in this weeks blog). However I am going to share with you the joys stresses of registering for baby items.

 This past weekend John and I decided to go register for baby stuff since my baby shower is coming up. Well, I expected it to be exactly like it was when we did our wedding registry 5 years ago (It was nothing like that!) Before John and I got married we went to Dillards and Bed, Bath & Beyond in Midland, TX and registered for wonderful household items we had always wanted! Kitchen Aid Mixers, fancy coffee makers, fine china, bedding, decorative pillows & other fun stuff! It was easy to decided which china pattern I wanted I just picked the prettiest one I saw that seemed timeless. Registering for our wedding was an absolute BLAST there was nothing stressful about the situation. John and I knew how to work a mixer, blender & waffle maker so it is easy to pick one out.

Now registering for baby stuff is a whole other story! John and I went to "buybuy Baby" Friday evening to create our baby registry. We were both excited because we had sooo much FUN when we registered four our wedding stuff...lets just say we had no idea what was in store for us at good ol buybuy Baby. We got there and filled out the new parent registry forms and then we were given a CHECK LIST. I know the check list is supposed to be helpful and I guess it did sorta give us a guide line but lets just say it was not very specific. For example it started off recommending baby monitors. So John and I walked over to the baby monitors and there were at least 20 to chose from! There was the bottom of the line $30 monitor and then there was the $300 touch screen video baby monitor. How on earth are we supposed to know which monitor to select?!?! The checklist did not giude us on how to select the best baby monitor. As we read more about the monitors we realized that some come with one speaker others come with two speakers and they all vary on how many feet away they can reach...but we still had NO CLUE what brand or which monitor to pick! So we decided to move on and check out the baby bottles (surely they would be easier). That was the worst mistake of the evening! John and I literally spent 45 minutes staring at shelves of bottles lol. We had no clue where to start! Sure, we have had numerous friends give us their opinions but no one seems to agree on anything. You see some friends love Dr. Browns bottles and they swear that those are the best bottles ever. They reassure us that by using a Dr. Browns bottle our child will not be gassy and spit up all the time. Well, we have other friends say that Dr. Brown bottles have way to many parts, they are expensive and it is near impossible to keep them sanitary. Instead they recommend Playtex drop in bottles. So who do we listen to?!?! After bout 30 minutes of comparing bottles we decided to ask one of the sales associates for her help...but that got us no where either! She basically gave us the pros and cons of each bottle. However, we did learn that not only do we need bottles but we also need special bottle brushes to clean them with, microwave bottle bags for proper sterilization, full on electric bottle sterilizers, dishwasher bottle baskets becasue you can't just put the bottle parts in the dish washer, bottle drying racks and all these other accessories just to clean the bottles with (what happened to dish soap & a sponge)!!! Not to mention all the different types of bottle nipples to chose from (slow flow, medium flow and fast flow) Ummmm...if that's not stressful then I don't know what is! I wont even get into the 30 minutes we spent staring at breast pumps and all the accessories that go with those suckers!!!! Then I almost passed out when I saw Medela nipple shields, nipple soft shells, tender care lotion and disposable bra pads....Ahhhhh OUCH, GROSS & NO WAY! So we quickly left that aisle and moved on over to the baby bath care products. Once again we had no clue which "baby bath" to pick so we randomly chose one and then we had to decide on what baby bath products to use (how in the world are we supposed to know what to chose from between Johnson & Johnson, Aveno or all the organic brands?) Pretty much this whole process felt like a guessing game and I still have no idea if we chose the right stuff :( It was a lot easier to select kitchen pots then it is to chose a the right baby car seat! But we tried our best and I guess that's all any first time parents can do.

I have a feeling that this registry thing is a lot like parenting for the first time. There are no specific instructions that tell you exactly what to do, everyone else has their own different opinion & when it all comes down to it there is a lot of trial and error. You have to learn what works best for you and your family and what doesn't...I definitley do not feel ready or equipped to be a parent but I guess I will learn as I go :)

All we can do is try our best & pray for wisdom!

Registering at "buybuy Baby" 30 weeks prego!

The horrid CHECK LIST that did not help!

Ready or not here it comes...."parenting that is"

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