Friday, June 17, 2011

One of a kind ANNIVERSARY!

Today is our 5 Year Anniversary!!!

As I began to think about today I realized that it is our very LAST anniversary as a childless couple! On our next anniversary Baby Josselyn will be almost 1 year old! WOW... that is mind blowing to me. Once again I am re-reminded that our lives are about to change FOREVER. The funny thing is I am actually getting ready and excited for the change. John and I dated for 2 years, we were engaged for 1 year and we have been married for 5 years. So basically we have had 8 YEARS TOGETHER as a couple. We have had the incredible pleasure of traveling together and really enjoying life with just each other. I would not trade these past years for anything but I am now ready for the next chapter...But before I look ahead to the future I am going to reminisce about the last 5 years :)

Our WEDDING (June 17th 2006) I can honestly say that our wedding was thus far the BEST DAY OF MY LIFE. I married my soul mate and best friend. I truly believe that the Lord created John and I for each other! We balance each other yet compliment each other and I love that about our relationship. John is more than I ever dreamed of or imagined in an husband and I am beyond blessed to have him in my life. John and I got married at Edgewood in South Lake Tahoe on June 17th 2006. We had a small wedding with about 80 of our closest family & freinds in attendance. We had friends from California, Texas & Arizona all come celebrate with us on our special day. What was so special about our wedding was that everyone came for the whole weekend not just 1 day. We had festivities for the entire weekend (brunches, luncheons, dinners, boat rides, etc)! Pretty much everyone made the trip their vacation and I loved that. The whole weekend was absolutely perfect and there is not one thing I would have changed! When I look back at wedding pictures I smile & cry at the same time. I am beyond blessed and thankful that my daddy was there to walk me down the aisle and give me away. My dad loved John so much and he always told me that he knew John was the only person in the world who could take care of me like he did...and my dad truly meant that. My wedding was the last time I saw my daddy because 1 month later he unexpectedly passed away. It is still hard for me today but I am so thankful that our whole family had that incredible week to spend together for one last time. I think our wedding day will always bring me smiles & tears. It was the best day of my life & a dream come true.
Best day of my life

Cherished memories...Daddy & Me
On our honeymoon in St. Thomas

On our 1 year Anniversary (2007) things were a little different....We decided to take our college group INVICTUS on a missions trip to Port-au Price Haiti to work with the amazing organization Mission of Hope ( Now before we could take the team in August, John and I had to go on a 3 day pastors trip to check things out. So on June 17th 2007 John and I were on a plane flying to Haiti :) Yes it was a very unconventional anniversary but you know what...I would not have changed that LIFE CHANGING trip for the world! It was there in Haiti on that trip that the Lord really put it on our hearts to one day adopt a little boy from Haiti & I truly believe that one day we will have a little Haitian son! So in actuality that was one of our best anniversaries ever!

 Now we couldn't NOT celebrate our 1 year Anniversary so once we got back from the pastors trip to Haiti we took a quick trip to Las Vegas! John had never been so I had to take him. We stayed at the Wynn & the Bellagio (long story why we stayed at both) but it was INCREDIBLE :) We got to see the Blue Man Group & Cirque du Soleil's "O".  We had such a blast hanging out together, shopping, laying out at the pool, seeing shows & eating (NO we did not gamble we are way to cheap) lol It was a fun fun fun trip and I definitely want to go back again!

At the Wynn in Las Vegas

On our 2 year Anniversary (2008) we went on a CRUISE to the BAHAMAS!!! I am pretty confident that as long as we live this anniversary will still be one of my favorites. John and I had the pleasure of going on a cruise with some of our closest freinds (Jeremy & Lisette Summers) & (Jason & Amy Alexander). It was all of our anniversaries that summer so we figured why not fly to Miami, Florida, stay a couple nights and then hop an a 5 day cruise :) We had the best time ever. The trip was full of excitement: snorkeling in the Grand Turks, swimming with dolphins in Nassau, me getting sun poisoned in Half Moon Cay & Lisette singing Madonnas "Like a Virgin" on the big stage in a blonde wig in front of the entire cruise ship! lol So many laughs & great memories from this trip.

On the cruise ship to the Bahamas

On our 3 year Anniversary (2009) we decided it was finally time to go to NEW YORK! John had dreamed of going to NYC his entire life so I knew I had to make it happen. John had not been working at his new job for very long so he did not have much vacation time yet so we postponed our anniversary trip until the first week of September but it was so worth the wait! I will definitely say NYC the beginning of September is BEAUTIFUL and we had the time of our lives!!! We stayed at the W right in Time Square and over a 4 day period we went to the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Top of the Rock, Ground Zero, Central Park, Wall Street, we saw Wicked on Broadway, we ate at Tavern on the Green in Central Park & of course Serendipity (I love frozen hot chocolate) ;) It was so much fun experiencing New York City together for the 1st time.

On our way to see the Statue of Liberty

On our 4 Year Anniversary (2010) John decided to make one of my dreams come true....EUROPE! I told him he had to take me to Europe before we could have kids lol. Ever since I was a little girl I had always dreamed of going to Europe. There is something so romantic & magical about Italy, France & Spain! Some of my favorite movies take place in Europe (Letter to Juliet, French Kiss, Forget Paris, When in Rome, etc) so I knew I had to see it for myself! We spent the summer planning the trip so it was a bit of a delayed ANNIVERSARY PRESENT but once again it was worth the wait! The whether was perfect in the fall & it wasn't to terribly crowded. We decided the best way to see Europe was to fly into Barcelona, Spain and take a 7 day cruise out of Barcelona. I am so glad we did exactly that. We got to spend 4 days in Spain and really sight-see plus we saw all of the amazing cities our cruise ship ported at each day! We spent a day in Rome and saw the Coliseum, The Vatican museum & the gorgeous Sistine Chapel. We then went to Capri, Italy which was my absolute favorite stop (Capri salad YUMYYY). Florence, Italy was also gorgeous....the architect & statues were so breath taking. We also saw gorgeous France! I loved walking around beautiful Villefranche...the shopping there was awesome! The French Riviera was amazing also, it was so perfect & picturesque.  I loved spending a day in fabulous Monaco. We got to take pictures in front of the church that Grace Kelly got married in! John loved seeing the grand Monte Carlo and taking a tour of Prince Alberts palace. We saw sooo many beautiful sites on this trip and I know it will remain one of the highlights of both John and mines life :) It was during this anniversary trip that we decided that we were finally ready to EXPAND OUR FAMILY! ;) This was the last Anniversary before Josse came to be!

 Barcelona, Spain

Well...Today is our 5 year Anniversary (2011) And actually this past December we started planing a cruise to Jamaica with our friends Jeremy & Lisette for our 5 year anniversary! Well a few weeks after we started planning the trip we found out about our little bun in the oven...Josselyn :) I asked my doctor about the cruise and he informed me that it was an absolute NO GO lol So needless to say this is the 1st year that we are not going anywhere exciting for our anniversary. I will admit that I was a little bummed that we are not going any where fun and exciting this summer or fall but on the other hand this summer we are going to get the BEST PRESENT EVER (baby Josselyn) I know having her will absolutely make up for the lack of traveling this summer! In a way this is one of the best anniversarys becasue in 2 months we are going to be parents!!!! What greater gift is there than that?!?
5 Year Anniversary "Home Sweet Home"

However I do still LOVE LOVE LOVE to travel & I have informed my hubby that just because we will have a new addition to the "Alcala Family" does not mean that I no longer want to have our yearly anniversary trip! So we are still going to try to travel every summer (LORD WILLING) lol In fact due to my lack of adventures this summer I have already started planning something for next summer haha We will see what happens....

John and I have had some wonderful anniversaries and I can not wait to see what the future holds for us!


  1. Thats so awesome that you guys got to travel to all those places, I hope to take Lance to NY some day and on a cruise actually I'll just take your itinerary lol!!! Happy Anniversary this will definitely be a special year for you guys!!!

  2. Awww...thanks girl! Yes use this itinerary and then hurry up and with ur little Ainsworth clan ;-)

  3. You will still get to travel... I have 2 little ones and I still squeeze in a trip or 2 with just phillip every year. Its eaiser though with kids to take 2 4-5 day trip then 1 10 day trip. Plus you get alone twice ;)!! Happy late anniversary to yall!

  4. @Jenna...Thanks girl! & two trips a year sound good to me lol :)