Sunday, June 5, 2011

Growing, Growing, Gowing...

I am a little over due in writing a new Blog..

The main reason is because there is only ONE THING that has been on my mind lately to blog about and I did not want to bore you with it; but since nothing new has come to mind to write about I guess I will share that one dreaded topic...My growing baby bump mountain

I am now in my 3rd and FINAL TRIMESTER!!!! (WOOOHOO) Unfortunately now I will be gaining around 1 POUND a week :( & this 3rd trimester has been off to a rough start! Let me explain....It started with one of our dear friends returning from out of town (I wont mention any names but if you live here in Dallas I am sure you can fill in the blank) lol Well this friend _______ saw me for the first time since he had been gone. I was greeted with a hug and him saying, "Wow SheriLynn you look EXTREMELY PREGNANT today" Hmmmm how do I take that?!?!?! My interpretation of what he was saying is something like this, "Sheri you got really fat while I was away" lol.

Now that was most definitely not the only incident that reassured me that I am growing in the eyes of the world. Last night we had an Invictus leadership meeting at our house and one of the sweet brutally honest college girls came over to me, smiled big & said, "Oh my gosh Sheri you are getting soooo THICK (she then squeezed my upper arm) I love it! You are just glowing." Ok let me just say that the word THICK is another NO NO word to pregnant women! And what does my fat arm have to do with being pregnant?!? Come on people haven't you read any of my previous blogs!!! Geez....

Well that's not at church my adorable little niece who is 5 and says whatever she thinks came over to me and said, "Aunti I love your dress." Which is a wonderful compliment! This child only compliments you if she really means it. Well she then looked right at my belly and said, "Hi baby Josse! (while rubbing my stomach) Your gonna be a BIG 'OL BABY" In other words my niece was saying, "Aunti your stomach is getting HUGE & this is going to be one BIG KID" lol

So needless to say, I have been slightly self-conscious these last few days! It did not help that my shorts would not go up over my hips last week either! Or the fact that all of my under garments are getting tighter (sorry if that was TMI). But the good news is that I only have about 11 weeks left of this pregnancy journey and by the way, I will absolutely NOT miss my baby belly!!!! I have heard tons of women say "you will miss your baby bump when it's gone, so enjoy it now" Ummmm maybe I am heartless or insensitive but I will in no way, shape or form miss this belly at has actually been my LEAST FAVORITE part of being pregnant.

Well to wrap things up let me give you a little Josselyn update :) I had a doctors appointment last week and our little princess is growing, growing, growing! She is in the 91 percentile for size (YIKES!!!) She weighed in at 3.1 lbs (I was told the average baby weighs about 2.5 lbs at 28 weeks) But Josse has been a little on the larger side this whole pregnancy, so I was not to surprised.  At my appointment I was also told that I am most likely 1 week ahead of what they thought but that does no make up for the fact that Josselyn is measuring 2 1/2 weeks- 3 weeks ahead of schedule. So basically in the words of my niece I have a BIG 'OL GIRL inside of me lol. The doctor said that they are going to start monitoring her closely in the weeks ahead and if she keeps growing like she has been then they may have to induce me at 37 or 38 weeks. I was also told by the sonogram technician not to buy too many newborn size clothes (Ooops) :( I think she was hinting that my baby is going to be fat lol

Anyways, I am PRAYING that everything will end up evening out and that Josselyn will slow down growing and come naturally when the time is right! I do know that God is in control of this whole thing & I am trusting in Him and His perfect timing.

So basically both my stomach and Josselyn have been growing like crazy and I am quite sure that neither of them will be slowing down any time soon :) I will keep you all posted though!

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