Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Getting Ready!!! (Nursery Progress Continued...)

Well...I am 8 months pregnant

It is exciting how quickly the weeks are beginning to pass by! Our little princess will be here before we know it! Today you are going to get a little "baby nursery update" 

I am still working on baby Josselyn's NURSERY & it is slowly coming together ;) I am excited to announce that the crib is put together! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Josse's CRIB however I am a little indecisive on whether or not I just want the 4 high posts on the crib or if I want to add the canopy poles to the crib as well...Hmmm You can let me know what you think! :) If I add the canopy poles I am thinking of swagging some material around them.... I am still not sure :(
The 4 high posts without the canopy poles
The 4 high posts with the canopy poles

 I am also extremely excited because Josselyn's CRIB BEDDING is all set up in her princess crib. I am really happy with the bedding we chose. I may doctor it up a little...but we will see ;) The colors in the bedding are beautiful and I love how soft and sweet it looks in her room. It is the absolute PERFECT bedding. 

I luv the bedding...I may add bigger bows to the bumper

The ACCENT PILLOWS I ordered also came in! They are adorable and go perfect with the bedding. I really want to order 1 or 2 more pillows but we will see....John does not particularly like to spend money on throw pillows :( So I am not going to hold my breath...Boo!

Love the pillow...but a few more wouldn't hurt :)

Last week Josselyn's GLIDER CHAIR & OTTOMAN finally came in! These were the final pieces of furniture that I had been waiting on!!! I had picked the style of chair and then I picked the fabric from the swatches but I had never seen this chair with the fabric together. John opened the box and assembled the chair and I am in total LOVE with it! The fabric looks perfect on the chair :) Woohoo

Now I am still NOT FINISHED with the nursery...My next step is deciding what pictures/decorations to put on the walls. I am trying to decide if one of my girlfriends should paint a tree with flowers over the crib, or if I should get letters to put "Josselyn" on one of the walls. One of my girl friends painted me two gorgeous canvases so I am definitely going to put those up and then there is my all time favorite ballerina picture I posted in a previous blog that has to go some where! I have sooo many ideas yet so little wall space lol So I will have to test a few things out.

I will be sure to post the FINAL PICTURES when the nursery is COMPLETELY DONE!

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