Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Oh my goodness...I have been soooooooo HUNGRY lately!!!

Yes I am 25 weeks pregnant but being hungry ALL of the time is so not like me :(  Now all of my close friends will definitely say that I have a major "sweet tooth" My weakness is chocolate, ice cream & anything sweet, but besides my love for delicious desserts I pretty much eat like a bird or in the words of my husband "a rabbit" lol But WOW have things changed lately...

Last week I was out of town for work and it all started when one night for dinner I inhaled 5 bowls of Chinese chicken salad! Sure salad is good for you, but I do not think that 5 bowls of anything is good for a person. Well, then the next day at lunch we went to a sandwich shop and everyone I was with ordered a sandwich and chips....well as they were all ordering I started to panic because I was STARVING & I knew that a simple sandwich and chips would absolutely NOT fill up this hungry pregnant women! So, I ended up ordering a sandwich and chips combo plus a bowl of soup (and I still left the restaurant hungry!) I ended up making a Starbucks stop so I could grab a lemon bar and a decaf french vanilla latte (non fat of course) lol Then before dinner I had a banana smoothie! Like I mentioned before this is soooo NOT like me! Well that night for dinner one of my best friends asked me where I wanted to eat. Now let me explain my thought process....I immediately started to think of every restaurant that served something "unlimited".  For example: Chili's has unlimited chips & salsa, at Jason's Deli they have an unlimited salad bar I could continually revisit & at Olive Garden they serve unlimited soup, salad & bread sticks! If you ask me it's pretty pathetic that my brain weighed out my options based on what restaurant have UNLIMITED REFILLS but that was my thinking process. After pondering for a while I decided that Olive Garden would be my best bet if I wanted to leave dinner feeling full. At dinner I started things off with a few bread sticks, then I had about 6 bowls of salad & I finished things off with 3 bowls of soup! Yes I ate like a pig and even though I am 6 months pregnant, I am still under 120 lbs (so I have no excuse to eat like this!!!) The sad thing is that I planned on ordering dessert too, but all of a sudden everyone was getting ready to leave so I had to skip dessert :( Well, as my friend amber was taking me home I had her drive me by Baskin Robins so I could get a chocolate ice cream in a chocolate dipped cone (yes I am a heffer!) I do not know why I was still hungry after dinner but I was!!!!

 So pretty much I have been living in a constant state of hunger and I cannot figure out why!?!? Maybe baby Josse is going through a growth spurt or maybe I am just a pig but either way I need to get my appetite under control! A few days ago I had my 6 month Dr apt and I was a little worried about my "weight gain" especially since I have been eating 10X more than usual. Luckily the doctor informed me that my weight gain was completely normal but he did say that I had only gained 5 lbs the first 5 months of my pregnancy and then this past month I gained 7 lbs OH GEEZ!!!! Lets just hope that I don't gain 7 lbs every 4 weeks or I'll be in BIG TROUBLE lol

Well...for now I will just try and munch on apples and carrot sticks instead of chocolate bars & ice cream (but that is easier said then done!) I am just hoping and praying that this hungry phase ends very shortly...

As for now I am going to finish my second bowl of cereal! lol


  1. There is a spare person inside of you. Eating more than normal IS normal. Love you Sherilynn. :)

  2. Just saw your Ummm what if the person is only 2 lbs?!?!?! haha thanks Peter ;) We miss you here in TX!