Saturday, May 28, 2011

Good Bye 2nd Trimester

WOW...I am approaching "WEEK 28" of my pregnancy!

That means that I am about to enter into my 3rd and FINAL trimester. In a way this pregnancy has flown by, but then again it seems like forever ago that I took not one, not two but three EPT pregnancy tests because I was in absolute shock & denial that I was pregnant lol. It has been a definite journey & nothing like I ever imagined (in both good and bad ways).

First of all, I never in my wildest dreams thought I would be one of those girls to have horrible MORNING SICKNESS for 20 full weeks!!!! I was on 2 medicines and still I felt nauseous 90% of the time! Not to mention the fact the the side effects to my anti-nausea medicine were constipation & drowsiness. So I had to decide if I wanted to be: A) sick to my stomach B) horribly constipated or C) be incredibly tired. I am not sure why I chose "B" but I did and that was not fun at all lol. Good thing that is all in the past ;)

On the other hand, the morning sickness did not seem so bad when we got to see our first "real" sonogram. At my 13 week sonogram Josselyn no longer looked like a little blob she looked like a BABY! It was absolutely amazing to see her adorable side profile and her teeny tiny feet & hands. It was the most incredible thing to see our little baby moving and flipping around. That experience was the first time this whole pregnancy thing actually felt REAL.

It was also pretty amazing that I was able to feel little Josse KICK & move extremely early in this pregnancy. At about 18 weeks both John and I could feel her sweet kicks. Now, by 20 weeks Josse's movements went to a whole new level! We could watch my stomach move up and down as she flipped and turned all over the place :) Unfortunately, as this 2nd trimester comes to an end I am now experiencing the "rib cage kicks" that I heard oh so much about! They are quite painful and ummmm not so cute...but at least I know Josse is healthy & active.

I can not forget how AMAZING it was to finally find out Baby Alcala's GENDER!!! It was soo exciting to finally be able to shop for baby stuff! Ok I am not going to lie...I had already been shopping for baby stuff since I was about 9 weeks pregnant but I was buying blue stuff...ooops! Well, Once I found out we were having a princess I took the shopping to a whole new level and I started to stalk up on pink tutu's & ruffled baby gowns ;)

Now I can not reminisce on my 2nd trimester and not talk about the BIGGEST CHANGE...My STOMACH!!! :( Yes I have had to watch my tummy grow bigger and bigger every day and I have also had the unfortunate experience of watching the scale go up and up weekly! Yes, I know I am pregnant but still WEIGHT GAIN it is not an easy thing to accept! I feel like we spend our whole lives dieting, exercising & trying to be healthy so we don't gain weight...Then all of a sudden I am pregnant and I am supposed to be OK with the fact that I am outgrowing literally ALL of my clothes and I am now carrying around 15 EXTRA POUNDS!!!! (Yes I have officially gained 15 lbs this pregnancy...ugh!) Well anyways I will stop complaining but I am still not ok with the "gaining weight" part of pregnancy! Oh but I will praise the Lord that I have not gotten any stretch marks yet. Hopefully I did not just jinks

All of this to say my 2nd trimester has had its ups & downs but I wouldn't trade it for anything (well I would trade the morning sickness...) Anyways, I am not sure what my 3rd trimester will have in store (besides getting even bigger) but I am anxious to find out! I am going to try and enjoy these last 12 weeks because before I know it we will have our new little addition & our lives will be forever changed! But until then I still have so much to do like: take a Lamaze class, take a parenting class, read a few books, finish the nursery, make our baby registry & the list goes on...So I am sure I will be busy as can be these last 3 months :)

I will keep you all posted on the mile stones/road bumps I experience this 3rd & final trimester...


  1. Doesnt it go by so fast! u look beautiful mama!

  2. Awww thanks friend! Praying for you daily XOXOX