Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Getting Ready!!! (Nursery Progress)

August is getting closer...

Phase 1 of the nursery
I am 26 weeks pregnant (6 1/2 months) which means I have around 14 weeks left until baby Josselyn arrives! Since everything is becoming reality, I have finally decided to pick up the speed and began working on our little princesses NURSERY! There is a ton of work that goes into getting a babies nursery ready! I always just assumed I could go into a furniture store or baby boutique and order furniture, bedding, a rocking chair, etc and it would be available in a week or so. Unfortunately that is NOT the case!!!  So far everything I have purchased is still weeks away from being delivered or it took weeks to get here! Here are the items that I have at least ordered and can check off of my list :)

1) CRIB (Bratt Decor Venetian Crib): We ordered it 8 weeks ago & it will still take 3-5 more weeks to come in :(

2) NURSERY FURNITURE (Enchantment dresser, changer topper & wardrobe mirror): We ordered it 4 weeeks ago and I would still be waiting for it but I decided to cancel my order on Monday and we just bought the floor model! lol So the furniture is in the nursery!!!

3) GLIDER/ROCKING CHAIR & OTTOMAN (Jory Swivel Glider in cream paisley fabric): I just ordered the chair & ottoman yesterday so I will take 6-8 weeks for it to be delivered :(

This is not the fabric I ordered

4) PAINT: (Behr: Musical Mist & Hawaiian Shell): It took about a week for me to decided on the paint color. I made 5 trips to Home Depot & back. I bought at least 6 tester cans of paint (I ended up hating most of the shades of pink I tried). I almost lost my salvation by cussing out the MEAN Home Depot paint lady. But after making a call to the corporate office to file a formal complaint on the rude rude rude paint lady, I did end up getting all my paint 1/2 off (which made me feel a little better). Anyways, after all of that John painted the baby's nursery over the weekend and I LOVE IT!!!! So I guess it all turned out good in the end ;)

"Musical Mist"

5) CRIB BEDDING: This was a very difficult decision! I spent MONTHS looking at bedding online and in baby boutiques all over TEXAS. I gathered samples of fabric & got quotes on having the bedding custom made. Eventually I decided to go with this beautiful bedding called "Ava".  La Bebe Boutique in Midland, TX carries it and so does Lone Star Baby & Kids in Frisco, TX. We still have to add a few touches to the bedding, like bigger bumper bows and a few flower accents, but I know it will be just perfect in the end! The bedding was not back ordered so I already have it in the nursery (we just need the crib so we can put it in there!)

Baby Bedding

6) ACCENT PILLOWS: Believe it or not even the accents pillows I order to go with the crib bedding will take 6-8 weeks! Ugh.....I have about 4-6 more weeks to go until they arrive.

6) WINDOW DRAPES: I found the perfect drapes that match the bedding at Lone Star Baby & Kids! I ordered them about 2 weeks ago. Unfortunately they will still take another 4-6 weeks to be delivered :( Boo...

7) AREA RUG (Antoinette Rug): I have been looking for a rug for the nursery for the last month! I searched in all the baby boutiques, department stores & online. I did find one that I LOVED but my hubby but his foot down when he saw the price lol He did not like the idea that it cost almost as much as some of our baby furniture...So I kept searching. On Monday I was in Buy Buy Baby & my mom found the most precious pink & creme floral rug! It was perfect and half the price of the other rug plus I had a 20% coupon for Buy Buy Baby (which my mother-in-law would be very proud of). So I quickly bought that rug & it is laying perfectly in the nursery!

8) CHANDELIER: (Pink Swarovski Crystal Chandelier) I was determined to have a princess chandelier in Josselyn's nursery and after weeks of searching and pricing various chandeliers I found a gorgeous one on ebay! (Plus the price was really good). That chandelier took about 2 weeks to be delivered. Lucky for me, my husband has some pretty handy friends that are more than willing to help out ;) John & Edwin assembled the chandelier (which was not an easy task!) and then John & Edgar hung it (good thing Edgar is an electrician)!

 Well that is what I have done so far! It may not seem like much but it has taken FOREVER & has been quite time consuming lol And believe it or not I still have quite a bit more to do!!! On my "To Do List" now is to find some cute pictures for the walls, possibly get letters to put her name on one of the walls & I really want to get a big crown to go above her crib or changing table. After I get things on the walls I need to see if there is room to have a little mural or something painted some where. Well I guess for now all I can do it WAIT WAIT WAIT....I am definitely developing patience in this nursery decorating process ;) I will be sure to post pictures as everything starts to come together!

I really want to get this picture!

P.S I have had a few people ask if I ever got the Leopard Diaper Bag I wanted for my birthday and the answer is YES! lol It actually came in the mail this week along with Josse's stroller (Thanks Aunti LaLa for hooking us up with your discount!) I am so excited about both the diaper bag and stroller haha WOW....I never thought I would be excited about either of those items ;)

What can I say except for WELCOME MOTHERHOOD.....

Below are a few more pictures from Josselyn's nursery...Phase 1 :)

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