Monday, May 9, 2011

First Mothers Day (well almost)

Well...I guess you could say that this was my first "ALMOST" Mothers Day

If you ask my sweet 5 year old niece Isabella this was my first Mothers Day. At the end of our church service (on Mothers Day) our pastor went through the congregation, with Isa (my niece) as his helper and they passed out flowers to a few different mom's. Well when they came down the row I was sitting in Isa pointed straight at me and said, "She is a mom...practically...soon" lol So I was handed a flower (even though my pastor did not have much of a choice) haha Needless to say my little niece was determined to hook me up with a flower on my first (almost) Mothers Day!

I will admit that I have been looking forward to Mothers Day for years! Like I have mentioned before I love GIFTS (they are definitely one of my love languages) lol & any holiday that involves gifts makes me smile (sorry John!) But it is nice to throw in another Holiday in between my Birthday in March and our Anniversary in June ;) Especially since I can not get John to exchange Easter baskets on Easter! I have tried hard to get that tradition going and it has not worked so unfortunately Easter is not a holiday that involves gifts (well at least for me) in our family lol. So Mothers Day will be a great addition! Now even though this is not technically my 1st Mothers Day, John definitely did a little something ;) I came home on Saturday and had a sweet bouquet of flowers in a vase and a wonderful card! It definitely melted my heart and kind of made me realize that this will be our LAST childless mothers day. Our lives are about to be dramatically changed forever in less then 4 months! WOW...

From my sweet hubby! The envelope says Mummy (to be)
As scared and nervous as I am to become a mom; I am even more excited. And I promise, I am not just excited that I now get another Holiday on the calendar that involves gifts (that's just a bonus) lol I am truly excited to actually become a MOM. It is a MOTHERS job to nurture her children, encourage them, ignite vision in their life, mold and shape them & most importantly teaches them about the Lord. It is a huge responsibility but it comes with so many rewards. Sure it will not always be easy. I have seen first hand what it looks like for a mom to raise her kids the best she knows how and then watch those kids wonder down the wrong paths and make poor decisions. I have been one of those wondering kids! (sorry mom). And that is the kind of thing that brings me a little anxiety when I think about motherhood. But thankfully I know what the word of God says in Proverbs 22:6 "Train up your child in the ways of the Lord, and when he is old he will not turn from it". So I have that promise to stand on! So even though motherhood does bring about a lot of uncertainty and even worries. I know that as long as we raise up Josselyn to know the TRUTH about Jesus Christ then she will be good to go! I am also PRAYING that Josse will take after her dad and be a great, obedient, tender hearted, good child & teenager. John was practically PERFECT! Now if God ignores my prayers and she takes after me...oh Lord have mercy on us, we will be in BIG TROUBLE!!! I am just keeping my fingers crossed...

 This was a great first "almost" Mothers Day and I know next year will be even better! Unfortunately I may not be blogging next Mother Day due to a tiny 7 month old ;) But regardless, I am excited to open that new chapter in life....MOTHERHOOD

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