Saturday, May 28, 2011

Good Bye 2nd Trimester

WOW...I am approaching "WEEK 28" of my pregnancy!

That means that I am about to enter into my 3rd and FINAL trimester. In a way this pregnancy has flown by, but then again it seems like forever ago that I took not one, not two but three EPT pregnancy tests because I was in absolute shock & denial that I was pregnant lol. It has been a definite journey & nothing like I ever imagined (in both good and bad ways).

First of all, I never in my wildest dreams thought I would be one of those girls to have horrible MORNING SICKNESS for 20 full weeks!!!! I was on 2 medicines and still I felt nauseous 90% of the time! Not to mention the fact the the side effects to my anti-nausea medicine were constipation & drowsiness. So I had to decide if I wanted to be: A) sick to my stomach B) horribly constipated or C) be incredibly tired. I am not sure why I chose "B" but I did and that was not fun at all lol. Good thing that is all in the past ;)

On the other hand, the morning sickness did not seem so bad when we got to see our first "real" sonogram. At my 13 week sonogram Josselyn no longer looked like a little blob she looked like a BABY! It was absolutely amazing to see her adorable side profile and her teeny tiny feet & hands. It was the most incredible thing to see our little baby moving and flipping around. That experience was the first time this whole pregnancy thing actually felt REAL.

It was also pretty amazing that I was able to feel little Josse KICK & move extremely early in this pregnancy. At about 18 weeks both John and I could feel her sweet kicks. Now, by 20 weeks Josse's movements went to a whole new level! We could watch my stomach move up and down as she flipped and turned all over the place :) Unfortunately, as this 2nd trimester comes to an end I am now experiencing the "rib cage kicks" that I heard oh so much about! They are quite painful and ummmm not so cute...but at least I know Josse is healthy & active.

I can not forget how AMAZING it was to finally find out Baby Alcala's GENDER!!! It was soo exciting to finally be able to shop for baby stuff! Ok I am not going to lie...I had already been shopping for baby stuff since I was about 9 weeks pregnant but I was buying blue stuff...ooops! Well, Once I found out we were having a princess I took the shopping to a whole new level and I started to stalk up on pink tutu's & ruffled baby gowns ;)

Now I can not reminisce on my 2nd trimester and not talk about the BIGGEST CHANGE...My STOMACH!!! :( Yes I have had to watch my tummy grow bigger and bigger every day and I have also had the unfortunate experience of watching the scale go up and up weekly! Yes, I know I am pregnant but still WEIGHT GAIN it is not an easy thing to accept! I feel like we spend our whole lives dieting, exercising & trying to be healthy so we don't gain weight...Then all of a sudden I am pregnant and I am supposed to be OK with the fact that I am outgrowing literally ALL of my clothes and I am now carrying around 15 EXTRA POUNDS!!!! (Yes I have officially gained 15 lbs this pregnancy...ugh!) Well anyways I will stop complaining but I am still not ok with the "gaining weight" part of pregnancy! Oh but I will praise the Lord that I have not gotten any stretch marks yet. Hopefully I did not just jinks

All of this to say my 2nd trimester has had its ups & downs but I wouldn't trade it for anything (well I would trade the morning sickness...) Anyways, I am not sure what my 3rd trimester will have in store (besides getting even bigger) but I am anxious to find out! I am going to try and enjoy these last 12 weeks because before I know it we will have our new little addition & our lives will be forever changed! But until then I still have so much to do like: take a Lamaze class, take a parenting class, read a few books, finish the nursery, make our baby registry & the list goes on...So I am sure I will be busy as can be these last 3 months :)

I will keep you all posted on the mile stones/road bumps I experience this 3rd & final trimester...

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Getting Ready!!! (Nursery Progress)

August is getting closer...

Phase 1 of the nursery
I am 26 weeks pregnant (6 1/2 months) which means I have around 14 weeks left until baby Josselyn arrives! Since everything is becoming reality, I have finally decided to pick up the speed and began working on our little princesses NURSERY! There is a ton of work that goes into getting a babies nursery ready! I always just assumed I could go into a furniture store or baby boutique and order furniture, bedding, a rocking chair, etc and it would be available in a week or so. Unfortunately that is NOT the case!!!  So far everything I have purchased is still weeks away from being delivered or it took weeks to get here! Here are the items that I have at least ordered and can check off of my list :)

1) CRIB (Bratt Decor Venetian Crib): We ordered it 8 weeks ago & it will still take 3-5 more weeks to come in :(

2) NURSERY FURNITURE (Enchantment dresser, changer topper & wardrobe mirror): We ordered it 4 weeeks ago and I would still be waiting for it but I decided to cancel my order on Monday and we just bought the floor model! lol So the furniture is in the nursery!!!

3) GLIDER/ROCKING CHAIR & OTTOMAN (Jory Swivel Glider in cream paisley fabric): I just ordered the chair & ottoman yesterday so I will take 6-8 weeks for it to be delivered :(

This is not the fabric I ordered

4) PAINT: (Behr: Musical Mist & Hawaiian Shell): It took about a week for me to decided on the paint color. I made 5 trips to Home Depot & back. I bought at least 6 tester cans of paint (I ended up hating most of the shades of pink I tried). I almost lost my salvation by cussing out the MEAN Home Depot paint lady. But after making a call to the corporate office to file a formal complaint on the rude rude rude paint lady, I did end up getting all my paint 1/2 off (which made me feel a little better). Anyways, after all of that John painted the baby's nursery over the weekend and I LOVE IT!!!! So I guess it all turned out good in the end ;)

"Musical Mist"

5) CRIB BEDDING: This was a very difficult decision! I spent MONTHS looking at bedding online and in baby boutiques all over TEXAS. I gathered samples of fabric & got quotes on having the bedding custom made. Eventually I decided to go with this beautiful bedding called "Ava".  La Bebe Boutique in Midland, TX carries it and so does Lone Star Baby & Kids in Frisco, TX. We still have to add a few touches to the bedding, like bigger bumper bows and a few flower accents, but I know it will be just perfect in the end! The bedding was not back ordered so I already have it in the nursery (we just need the crib so we can put it in there!)

Baby Bedding

6) ACCENT PILLOWS: Believe it or not even the accents pillows I order to go with the crib bedding will take 6-8 weeks! Ugh.....I have about 4-6 more weeks to go until they arrive.

6) WINDOW DRAPES: I found the perfect drapes that match the bedding at Lone Star Baby & Kids! I ordered them about 2 weeks ago. Unfortunately they will still take another 4-6 weeks to be delivered :( Boo...

7) AREA RUG (Antoinette Rug): I have been looking for a rug for the nursery for the last month! I searched in all the baby boutiques, department stores & online. I did find one that I LOVED but my hubby but his foot down when he saw the price lol He did not like the idea that it cost almost as much as some of our baby furniture...So I kept searching. On Monday I was in Buy Buy Baby & my mom found the most precious pink & creme floral rug! It was perfect and half the price of the other rug plus I had a 20% coupon for Buy Buy Baby (which my mother-in-law would be very proud of). So I quickly bought that rug & it is laying perfectly in the nursery!

8) CHANDELIER: (Pink Swarovski Crystal Chandelier) I was determined to have a princess chandelier in Josselyn's nursery and after weeks of searching and pricing various chandeliers I found a gorgeous one on ebay! (Plus the price was really good). That chandelier took about 2 weeks to be delivered. Lucky for me, my husband has some pretty handy friends that are more than willing to help out ;) John & Edwin assembled the chandelier (which was not an easy task!) and then John & Edgar hung it (good thing Edgar is an electrician)!

 Well that is what I have done so far! It may not seem like much but it has taken FOREVER & has been quite time consuming lol And believe it or not I still have quite a bit more to do!!! On my "To Do List" now is to find some cute pictures for the walls, possibly get letters to put her name on one of the walls & I really want to get a big crown to go above her crib or changing table. After I get things on the walls I need to see if there is room to have a little mural or something painted some where. Well I guess for now all I can do it WAIT WAIT WAIT....I am definitely developing patience in this nursery decorating process ;) I will be sure to post pictures as everything starts to come together!

I really want to get this picture!

P.S I have had a few people ask if I ever got the Leopard Diaper Bag I wanted for my birthday and the answer is YES! lol It actually came in the mail this week along with Josse's stroller (Thanks Aunti LaLa for hooking us up with your discount!) I am so excited about both the diaper bag and stroller haha WOW....I never thought I would be excited about either of those items ;)

What can I say except for WELCOME MOTHERHOOD.....

Below are a few more pictures from Josselyn's nursery...Phase 1 :)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Oh my goodness...I have been soooooooo HUNGRY lately!!!

Yes I am 25 weeks pregnant but being hungry ALL of the time is so not like me :(  Now all of my close friends will definitely say that I have a major "sweet tooth" My weakness is chocolate, ice cream & anything sweet, but besides my love for delicious desserts I pretty much eat like a bird or in the words of my husband "a rabbit" lol But WOW have things changed lately...

Last week I was out of town for work and it all started when one night for dinner I inhaled 5 bowls of Chinese chicken salad! Sure salad is good for you, but I do not think that 5 bowls of anything is good for a person. Well, then the next day at lunch we went to a sandwich shop and everyone I was with ordered a sandwich and chips....well as they were all ordering I started to panic because I was STARVING & I knew that a simple sandwich and chips would absolutely NOT fill up this hungry pregnant women! So, I ended up ordering a sandwich and chips combo plus a bowl of soup (and I still left the restaurant hungry!) I ended up making a Starbucks stop so I could grab a lemon bar and a decaf french vanilla latte (non fat of course) lol Then before dinner I had a banana smoothie! Like I mentioned before this is soooo NOT like me! Well that night for dinner one of my best friends asked me where I wanted to eat. Now let me explain my thought process....I immediately started to think of every restaurant that served something "unlimited".  For example: Chili's has unlimited chips & salsa, at Jason's Deli they have an unlimited salad bar I could continually revisit & at Olive Garden they serve unlimited soup, salad & bread sticks! If you ask me it's pretty pathetic that my brain weighed out my options based on what restaurant have UNLIMITED REFILLS but that was my thinking process. After pondering for a while I decided that Olive Garden would be my best bet if I wanted to leave dinner feeling full. At dinner I started things off with a few bread sticks, then I had about 6 bowls of salad & I finished things off with 3 bowls of soup! Yes I ate like a pig and even though I am 6 months pregnant, I am still under 120 lbs (so I have no excuse to eat like this!!!) The sad thing is that I planned on ordering dessert too, but all of a sudden everyone was getting ready to leave so I had to skip dessert :( Well, as my friend amber was taking me home I had her drive me by Baskin Robins so I could get a chocolate ice cream in a chocolate dipped cone (yes I am a heffer!) I do not know why I was still hungry after dinner but I was!!!!

 So pretty much I have been living in a constant state of hunger and I cannot figure out why!?!? Maybe baby Josse is going through a growth spurt or maybe I am just a pig but either way I need to get my appetite under control! A few days ago I had my 6 month Dr apt and I was a little worried about my "weight gain" especially since I have been eating 10X more than usual. Luckily the doctor informed me that my weight gain was completely normal but he did say that I had only gained 5 lbs the first 5 months of my pregnancy and then this past month I gained 7 lbs OH GEEZ!!!! Lets just hope that I don't gain 7 lbs every 4 weeks or I'll be in BIG TROUBLE lol

Well...for now I will just try and munch on apples and carrot sticks instead of chocolate bars & ice cream (but that is easier said then done!) I am just hoping and praying that this hungry phase ends very shortly...

As for now I am going to finish my second bowl of cereal! lol

Monday, May 9, 2011

First Mothers Day (well almost)

Well...I guess you could say that this was my first "ALMOST" Mothers Day

If you ask my sweet 5 year old niece Isabella this was my first Mothers Day. At the end of our church service (on Mothers Day) our pastor went through the congregation, with Isa (my niece) as his helper and they passed out flowers to a few different mom's. Well when they came down the row I was sitting in Isa pointed straight at me and said, "She is a mom...practically...soon" lol So I was handed a flower (even though my pastor did not have much of a choice) haha Needless to say my little niece was determined to hook me up with a flower on my first (almost) Mothers Day!

I will admit that I have been looking forward to Mothers Day for years! Like I have mentioned before I love GIFTS (they are definitely one of my love languages) lol & any holiday that involves gifts makes me smile (sorry John!) But it is nice to throw in another Holiday in between my Birthday in March and our Anniversary in June ;) Especially since I can not get John to exchange Easter baskets on Easter! I have tried hard to get that tradition going and it has not worked so unfortunately Easter is not a holiday that involves gifts (well at least for me) in our family lol. So Mothers Day will be a great addition! Now even though this is not technically my 1st Mothers Day, John definitely did a little something ;) I came home on Saturday and had a sweet bouquet of flowers in a vase and a wonderful card! It definitely melted my heart and kind of made me realize that this will be our LAST childless mothers day. Our lives are about to be dramatically changed forever in less then 4 months! WOW...

From my sweet hubby! The envelope says Mummy (to be)
As scared and nervous as I am to become a mom; I am even more excited. And I promise, I am not just excited that I now get another Holiday on the calendar that involves gifts (that's just a bonus) lol I am truly excited to actually become a MOM. It is a MOTHERS job to nurture her children, encourage them, ignite vision in their life, mold and shape them & most importantly teaches them about the Lord. It is a huge responsibility but it comes with so many rewards. Sure it will not always be easy. I have seen first hand what it looks like for a mom to raise her kids the best she knows how and then watch those kids wonder down the wrong paths and make poor decisions. I have been one of those wondering kids! (sorry mom). And that is the kind of thing that brings me a little anxiety when I think about motherhood. But thankfully I know what the word of God says in Proverbs 22:6 "Train up your child in the ways of the Lord, and when he is old he will not turn from it". So I have that promise to stand on! So even though motherhood does bring about a lot of uncertainty and even worries. I know that as long as we raise up Josselyn to know the TRUTH about Jesus Christ then she will be good to go! I am also PRAYING that Josse will take after her dad and be a great, obedient, tender hearted, good child & teenager. John was practically PERFECT! Now if God ignores my prayers and she takes after me...oh Lord have mercy on us, we will be in BIG TROUBLE!!! I am just keeping my fingers crossed...

 This was a great first "almost" Mothers Day and I know next year will be even better! Unfortunately I may not be blogging next Mother Day due to a tiny 7 month old ;) But regardless, I am excited to open that new chapter in life....MOTHERHOOD