Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sweet Baby Kicks

23 weeks Pregnant (almost 6 months)

The time has honestly flown by even though it has had its ups and downs! Well for the last few weeks baby Josselyn has been KICKING like crazy (and I am not talking about little flutters anymore) I can literally watch my stomach move as she kicks and punches me lol I would be lying if I didn't say that it can be a little hmmmm annoying at times. I mean she seems to like to kick at the most inopportune times like from 11:00pm-4:00am and for some reason at night she seems to aim right for the bladder area! I end up having to pee like 4 times throughout the night instead of just 2 ;) But honestly, I would NOT trade those baby kicks and punches for the WORLD! It is the neatest, most precious thing to feel my little princess moving all around and I am sure I will miss this feeling when she is born.

 Now John is just as excited as me that baby Josse is so active. John has been able to feel Josselyn move for the last few weeks but last Saturday (the day before Easter) was a day to remember. We were driving to our church outreach and we were stopped at a red light. Baby Josse was kicking like usual and I told John to watch my stomach... all of a sudden my stomach moved and then a few seconds later it moved again! John was absolutely amazed :) That was the first time he actually got see my tummy move because of out little girls kicks :) Then late that night I was reading in one of my pregnancy books that if you want to feel the baby move just put a flash light up to your stomach and the light basically irritates the baby so it will start moving around. Well, I am not sure what possessed me to read that out loud to John but I did....Yup, so he ran to his tool box and pulled out an LED flash light! I ALWAYS feel the baby move so why on earth would I want to feel her kicking at almost midnight (especially when she was actually calm & settled down)  But John on the other hand got soooo excited at a chance to feel the baby kick & didn't have the heart to tell him no, so I let him try this flash light experiment. Sure enough after a few minutes of flashing the very bright light on my stomach little Josse started kicking like crazy! John got to feel 4 good/hard kicks in a row. John found this experiment oh so humorous and fascinating....I on the other hand was having to deal with the repercussions of her not so little tae bo kicks & punches. Well, after John got a good dose of Josse moving, he decided to fall fast asleep...lets just say my little princess was wired and I was up the next 2 hours!!! But I am glad that daddy got some enjoyment and got to feel a tiny bit of what I feel all day long. (But prego friends don't try the flash light experiment unless you are ready to have a wired baby for the next couple hours!)


John, Josselyn and I have had a few other memorable moments this past week. One night we were laying in bed and John decided to sing to the baby (John actually has a really good voice) &he was singing a sweet Christian song called "Don't Be Afraid". I am sure baby Josse was loving it but she wasn't moving or kicking. Well, I decided to sing sone of the songs my mom use to sing to me like "Dixie's Land" and "Puff The Magic Dragon" (don't ask my why those were the lullabies my mom sang to me but they were). While I was belting "Dixie's Land" (and my voice is not good like Johns! I am tone deaf like my mom lol) all of a sudden Josselyn started to kick and move. John couldn't believe it. He quickly said, "let me try" so he started singing again in his sweet, soft, voice and nothing...the baby was completely still. So then he told me to start singing because he wanted to feel Josse move some more & I did, and she moved! We were both laughing like crazy. We have come to the conclusion that either Josse was kicking when I was singing becasue she wanted me to SHUT UP or there could be a slight chance that my loud off tone deaf voice is a little more familiar to her and she actually likes it! I am going to guess that she wanted me to shut up though ;)

Well that is a little insight into our life lately! I still can not believe that a real baby is growing inside of me (She is already over a pound! & the size of a baby doll). It is pretty spectacular how human life comes to be and I can't help but amazed and in awe of our majestic God! I still have another 4 months to go so I will keep you all posted ;) I am sure these kicks & punches will only grow harder the next few months. I have heard countless stories about baby feet aiming for the ribs!!! (Eeeek)

So... I guess let the tae bo sweet baby kicks continue ;)


  1. This was really sweet SheriLynn. I think it was my fave post of yours so far. Thanks for sharing! xoxo

  2. Aww your sweet! xoxo Come visit Dallas soon ;)

  3. what she didnt like your singing? YOu sing just like Mariah Carey!! LOL

  4. haha...Im hoping she gets the "Alcala" genes when it comes to singing! If not she will be just like me ;) lol