Thursday, April 7, 2011

Oh geez baby Juanita....

Hello All!

It seems like I have been gone for a while! I thought I had died but I guess I was just SICK AS A DOG!!! My goodness talk about getting wiped off your feet. This past Sunday night I started coughing and not feeling so good. I went into the doctors on Monday and found out I had bronchitis and a fever! They started me on antibiotics but things only got worse. But Wednesday I was back at the doctor with an ear infection, sinus infection and of course allergies!!! So pretty much I have spent the last 3 days in bed whining and complaining! But don't worry this is a "pregnancy blog" so I am not going to bore you with my sob story. Now on to the good stuff...

Today I had my 20 week sonogram appointment and I got to see baby Josselyn on the big screen (well actually the tiny TV and tiny lap top they use at my dr's office!) The important thing is that I got to see little Josse or should I say BIG JOSSE moving around!!! The first thing the sonogram tech told me was "WOW she is active!" Yes I was a hyper kid and I am sure Josse will be just like her mother (Uh Oh). Josse did not sit still...she bounced, flipped, kicked her feet, punched her fists and then she kept opening and closing her mouth repeatedly (I think she is hoping to catch a bite of something to eat). You may be asking why all the "fat jokes" well little Josse isn't so little so far! At my gender sonogram appointment they informed me that Josselyn was in the 90% percentile for size! They assured me that I would probably have a big baby. Well, things did not change much at this appointment. The second thing the sonogram tech told me was, "she is not going to be a small baby".  :( Josselyn is in the 81% percentile for SIZE! This would not be strange if I was a tall, long legged, super model or if my husband was a 6 foot basketball player. But I am a mere 5' 2" (I usually tell people I'm 5' 3" though) and my husband is maybe 5' 9" (with shoes on of course) so most people would imagine that we would have this little, tiny, petite baby....That doesn't seem to be the case!

I have come to the conclusion that what goes around comes around...Let me explain. When one of my BEST FRIENDS was pregnant I would always joke with her that she was going to have a FAT BABY and if the baby was fat, I was going to call her "Little Juanita" You see my friend and I loved watching Desperate Housewives (I know, I know, not the most wholesome show) but anyways we would watch Desperate Housewives every Sunday and we were shocked when itty bitty Gabby (Eva Longoria) ended up having an extremely healthy (large) daughter named Juanita! So I always told my girlfriend that she would know that her baby was a fat when I started calling her Juanita lol.

Well apparently the jokes on me! So do not ever call your friend's baby FAT because you will have an even FATTER one! And people keep telling me not to ever say that someones baby is ugly (or yours will be even uglier) Hopefully it does not count if you just think it! JK JK I know that all babies are precious, beautiful, gifts from God :) I mean it is amazing that babies look as good as they do when they come out, think about it...they are the size of a watermelon coming out of a hole the size of a pea! So I guess the dreadful cone head is to be expected :/

Well...all of this to stay I guess I will be having a little big Juanita ;) In all seriousness I know that it is a good thing to have a healthy baby! I would be worried if my baby was significantly under weight. Every day I am praising God that baby Josse is healthy and active. I may not be praising God when she is 9lbs and kicking me in the ribs as she flips around nonstop (but for now I am very thankful!) lol I was over joyed when they told me that everything looked great in the sonogram they did not see any birth defects and the sonogram detects (98%) of all the problems. It is so amazing how the Lords hand has been on my entire pregnancy and Josse is healthy as can be. So when I really think about it I have nothing to complain about!

It is not all that bad to have a BABY JUANITA of my own...

Not so little Josse :)

Big ole feet!

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