Thursday, April 14, 2011

Baby Nursery, Crib & Dolls, Dolls, Dolls

Hooray...I am finally starting to work on Josselyns nursery :)

We are turning one of our guest bed rooms into her nursery. So far we have sold all of the furniture that use to be in that room! I have completely emptied out the closet that use to be FULL of my clothes & our winter jackets (that was NOT an easy task!!!!) One of the beauties of having no kids was that I got all 3 closets in our house (I am serious) I have our entire walk in closet, plus I use to have both guest bedroom closets! You may be thinking what about John? What about John hes a guy they don't need a closet they have dresser drawers! jk ;) John has the coat closet that is in our room lol which isn't much better than dresser drawers but he said he just wanted one closet that I would not invade so he got his wish! So Anyways Josselyn has an empty room and her OWN closet. We ordered her crib!!!! It will be arriving in a few weeks and I can't wait. It is an adorable Bratt Decor Venetian bronze wrought iron crib! John and his friends assembled and hung her sweet princess chandelier! So now I am just on the hunt for the rest of the baby furniture and her baby bedding.

                                         Josselyn's Crib!                                        Her beautiful Chandelier

Well...working on the nursery has brought up some of my sweet childhood memories ;) I was an avid doll collector growing up! I wish I knew how to explain my passion for dolls as a child lol. I collected Madame Alexander Dolls, Ginny Dolls, Lee Middleton dolls & of course American Girl dolls. The funny thing about me is that I have not changed that much since I was a child. If you know me you know that I am a total CLEAN FREAK and a little OCD.  I believe that everything has its proper spot and nothing should ever be out of place. I am slightly completely up-tight at times and I can be anal, high-stung, bossy, compulsive and all of those other wonderful character traits that come with having a choleric personality! As a little girl things were not all that different. Like I mentioned I LOVED dolls and I took excellent care of them. I pretty much did not even play with them (because I was so anal and I did not want to mess them up). If I changed their clothes I made sure to put them back in their original clothes when I was done. If I wanted to comb their hair I only used a wig brush because I did not want to damage the artificial hair. If the doll came with accessories I kept those little accessories in a plastic bag or in my doll cases (most of my dolls were kept in doll cases so they would not get dusty). I remember getting total ANXIETY when I had friends come over who wanted to "play" with my dolls. In my mind dolls were collectibles and you did not just rough house or play with them! When my other NORMAL 6 year old girl friends would ask me why I was so particular and up-tight abut my dolls I would simply explain that one day I was going to give all of my dolls to my little girl. And I was absolutely serious when I said that! So my entire childhood the motivation behind keeping my dolls in such good condition was that I wanted to one day pass them on to my daughter (I know it sounds crazy) but that was my plan. Well 20+ years later I still have my dolls and they are in excellent condition! My mom moved to Texas this past year and she brought about 12 of my very favorite dolls. As I unpacked them it was a little sad because "time" did cause some of their beautiful dresses to fade and a couple of them have little scratch marks from being moved across the country and their perfect curls are no longer completely perfect because they have been in storage boxes and doll cases but I am sure I am the only one who would notice those little imperfections. My mom and I were laughing becasue my Samantha American Girl doll looks just like the Samantha doll being sold at the American Girl store today! Mine is 20 years old but she looks brand new. My mom said that she wishes she would have told me to just play with my dolls and to not worry so much about keeping them perfect. She said, "Maybe I should have told you not to worry, we will buy your daughter her OWN dolls one day". But I do not think that any of that would have changed how I treated my dolls. I am a perfectionist, especially when it comes to things that I am really passionate about.

My mom kept some of my baby clothes for Josselyn

My Ginni Dolls! These were some of my first dolls

I may have not really enjoyed my dolls as a child lol but the good news is that little Josse has some pretty incredible dolls that she is going to be inheriting and they are full of over 20 years of memories :) It is actually kind of surreal to be passing down my doll collection to my own daughter. From the time I was 6 years old I talked about giving them to my daughter and I even use to imagine what it would be like to be a mom and play with these same dolls with my little girl. Somehow the years have flown by, I have grown up and my role has now changed from a little girl to a mother. I still can not really believe it because sometimes I just close my eyes and I picture myself in Sacramento, California in the little room I grew up in that had blue walls and blue carpet. I can see myself sitting on my pink canopy bed surrounded by all my baby dolls. I remember my mom always peeking in my room and watching me play in my little imaginary world. I am not sure if I am completely ready to become the mother in the story but ready or not here I come...

Here are some of my favorite dolls that Josselyn is going to inherit ;)




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