Monday, March 21, 2011

The Unveiling of the "NAME"

Well...I have had a TON of people ask me about Baby Alcala's name!!! Everyone is wondering if we are keeping it under wraps or top secret lol. Apparently I did mention our "boy" name choice in my last blog but I neglected to mention our "girl" name choice. Well the answer is.....

YES...we do have  baby Alcalas FIRST NAME picked out! Soooo drum roll please........The name of our little princess will be JOSSELYN!!!! I have LOVED LOVED LOVED the name Jocelyn since I was a little girl (I named tons of my baby dolls Jocelyn) haha. Then when John and I first started dating we talked about our potential childrens names (like all young love birds do) and I told John that I had already picked out my daughters name lol LUCKILY John loved the name Jocelyn! He said it was a perfect mix of our names "John" & "SheriLynn". We planned on spelling it "Jocelyn" until we saw it spelled "Josselyn" and we fell in love with that spelling. So, that is how the sweet name Josselyn came to be.

Now... I had not unveiled the name quite yet because we are still not sure about the middle name! John and I seem to still be weighing our options ;) We have thought of a few middle names we like, for example Grace and Michelle but we have still not decided for sure. We are going to look at a few more name books and websites to see what else is out there. We want to have the PERFECT middle name to go with Josselyn Alcala.

Well, that is our name story! If you have any cute middle name ideas feel free to send them our way! We are definitely open to suggestions :) Hopefully I will be getting back to you soon with Baby Alcala's WHOLE NAME!

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  1. I was actually thinking about that today and I remembered you told me along time ago about how you wanted to name your future daughter Jocelyn and how sweet it was because it a a perfect mix of John and Sherilynn! I love it!!