Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Going from Birthday Louis Vuittons to Birthday Diaper Bags...


       FROM: HANDBAGS                                                                            TO: DIAPER BAGS

It is officially my BIRTHDAY WEEK! Actually that week has almost come to an end and my birthday is tomorrow MARCH 31st

I will be honest NO ONE I know celebrates my birthday week like my Daddy did! My Dad's love language was definitely gifts so from a very early age I learned to associate gifts with love! I know it sounds crazy but it is so true. Even as an adult I buy friends/family gifts when I want to show them that I love and appreciate them. Back to the whole birthday week....growing up my Dad would start celebrating our birthdays a week in advance with some flowers, then came other special little gifts throughout the week :) It was so sweet! My dad also bought me a birthday angel each year that had my age on it (I have them all from the day I was born until the age 21). My Daddy went to be with the Lord when I was 22 so birthday's have never quite been the same without him. I did try teaching John about birthday "week" but I think he thought I was just trying to come up with an excuse to get more presents lol! I will tell you one thing for sure, little Josse will definitely have a FULL ON BIRTHDAY WEEK!

Speaking of our little princess it is amazing how she has already began to ROCK my world and I am only 19 weeks prego! Let me explain....Even though John refuses to participate in Birthday "weeks" he is an EXCELLENT gift giver :) What do I mean? He has spoiled the heck out of me over the last 7 years! Over the past few birthdays my sweet hubby has given me Gucci & Loui Vuitton handbags, David Yurman jewelry, Tiffany's pieces & gorgeous gem stone rings! (I will admit that I don't leave John much room for error). I am usually NOT very subtle when it comes to letting John know what is on my birthday wish list. I will leave the exact website up on our computer, or I will cut out magazine clippings, or I may even just say exactly what I am hoping for lol But the important thing is that he always comes through with the fabulous present!

Well for some reason this Birthday has been a little different! A few weeks ago my sweet hubby said, "Sheri what do you want for your birthday?" A normal SheriLynn response would be "The Loui Demir Neverfull GM" which I have been wanting or "the gorgeous 1973 throwback Gucci top handle with the beautiful gold double G detail" or I would request "Any beautiful piece of Yurman" :) Well this year NONE of those items are on my birthday wish list!!! When John asked me what I wanted for my birthday? I replied, "A cute diaper bag" Yes a DIAPER BAG is on this years wish list! Now even as a future mom I still have nice taste, so I am hoping for the Kate Spade leopard print diaper bag. But, the fact that I am even wanting a baby item for my birthday is CRAZY. Well that wasn't the only sign that motherhood has taken over my life. Every birthday my grandpa still spoils all his grandchildren and he sends us a birthday check. This year that birthday check went into my stroller fund savings! (yes I am already saving for a stroller because of course I want the Cadillac of all strollers and people would think I was nuts if it was on my registry so my goal is to just buy it lol). But I would have never thought that grandpas birthday money would be going towards a STROLLER! More signs of motherhood kept coming...every year my precious sister in law always gets me a gift card to one of my favorite places. The past few years she has given me MAC gift cards, Nordstroms gift cars, Hobby Lobby gift cards, etc. Well last weekend when she asked me where I wanted my birthday gift card from? My reply was, "Lone Star Baby & Kids" lol Yup a children's furniture &  bedding boutique. I have had an extremely difficult time finding cute little girl bedding, but I did manage to find one set I do LOVE from there (although it is once again not quite in my budget) so I figured every gift card would help!

This whole "mom thing" has even changed my shopping habits! Since becoming pregnant I have gotten so FRUGAL when it comes to buying any clothing for me. I have maybe been to the mall 3 times since Christmas. I could not even imagine spending $40 on a top for me but if it is for little Josselyn that is another story. I quickly purchased the most adorable (0-3 month) silver sequin mini skirt for little Josse! Sure the skirt was $40 dollars and it probably consisted of only 6 inches of material but I thought that was a great deal! When it comes to me, I had to force myself to buy a pair of 70% off Jessica Simpon clogs that were only $22.  But for some reason I was more than willing to purchase a cute pair of (3-6 month) silver sequin mary jane shoes for Josse that were $50 (unfortunately my husband was with me at that baby boutique and he quickly took the shoes out of my hand!). I made some extra money with Tres Chic (my styling company) and I thought about purchasing a beautiful over sized rose gold Michael Kors watch, which would be a great accessory for spring! But then I remembered that I needed to save up for the pink chandelier I want to put in Josselyn's nursery. Needless to say priorities have definitely changed, and I don't think that they are ever going to go back to how they once were!

I may be using my same Loui bag for the next 10 years and I better hope that the fashion industry keeps recycling old trends because I may never buy another piece of clothing again!!!! lol

All that is left to say is...



  1. SheriLynn, you are too cute!! It's funny how the wee ones start to change us so soon......and its only the beginning :) this just proves your going to be a GREAT mommy!!

  2. So I decided to scope out exactly how ridiculous this "Cadillac of Strollers" might be... That thing is awesome. I want one.

  3. @Libby...thanks girl! XOXO
    @Beth...hahaha See the stroller sells itself lol