Sunday, March 27, 2011

First Flutters, Nausea or Gas...

Well...I am now 4 1/2 months pregnant (a little over 18 weeks) and I have hit another PREGNANCY MILESTONE! No...I am not talking about the new leg cramping I am now experiencing, uncomfortable lower abdominal pains, or the horrible back aches I feel every single day (even though I have hit those wonderful 2nd trimester milestones as well). The milestone I am talking about is the FIRST FLUTTERS of little Josse ;)

At first I kept feeling gurgling in my tummy! Now that could have been the horrible nausea I still experience, or it could be gas (yah yah TMI...I know) or it could be the weird acid reflexes I get after pretty much anything I eat. So to say the least I have been ignoring the odd feelings and movement in my stomach area.

Well...last night as I was laying in bed I started to feel little movements in my belly again! It was late around 11:00pm and I was laying still for once. Usually I am always going, going, going, even if I have nothing to do and nowhere to go; I always find something to add to my "to-do list". Well, last night I had finally slowed down and I was just laying there in bed completely still (except for my mind which always goes 100 miles an hour). As I was laying there I started to feel little muscle twitches in my tummy. At first I ignored them because I figured it was just gurgling or gas but then the twitches kept coming. I put my hand on my stomach and occasionally I would feel what sort of felt like a little pulse. I grabbed Johns hand (even though he was half asleep) and I put it on my stomach. Just moments later there was another little twitch/pulse movement and John and I both felt it and we looked right at each other! We both knew right then and there that we 100% felt little Josselynn for the first time :) It was really amazing and it definitely made this whole pregnancy thing seem a little more real.

I would be lying if I said these little flutters made up for all the horrible pregnancy milestones but they definitely HELPED MAKE UP for the (nausea, back aches, abdominal pain, constipation, dizziness, leg cramps, tiredness, fatigue, acne break outs, bloating, nasal congestion, sensitive gums, heart burn, acid reflex, weight gain, growing belly bump & crazy HORMONES) lol

Anyways, now that I know what these little flutters feel like I am going to always be paying attention for them :) I can't wait until I start feeling full on kicks! (even though I am sure I will be tired of those kicks by 9 months!)

Well...I will keep yall posted on any other exciting things that happen!

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  1. Yay!!! I miss feeling Sebastian in my tummy! It is the most amazing bonding time between you two! Just wait until you talk to her and she moves or kicks! I miss that! Have fun!