Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Well.... we still do NOT know if we are having a BABY BOY or a BABY GIRL!

I was scheduled for my anticipated "gender" sonogram this past Monday. The whole family showed up for this long awaited appointment! John got off work early so he could be there, my mom and little sister rode with me and my brother and sister in law Joey & Stacey came with my two precious nieces Isa and Andy. The appointment started off rocky when the sonogram tech seemed a little ummmm...grouchy (I am going to keep my blog PG rated lol) she was in the worst possible mood! She told me that this was going to be a very QUICK gender sonogram (I guess she was in a rush to go home). My mom tried breaking the ice by saying "this is going to be a big family affair" since there were going to be 8 of us crammed into this tiny room and the sonogram tech replied, "It will be a QUICK affair" WHAT THE HECK LADY!!! Then things only got worse :( The sono tech began the sonogram right away (even though Joey, Stacey & the girls were still trying to park the car) and immediately "Debbie Downer" (that will be the sono techs nick name for this blog) made a few loud sighs and then she explained that Baby Alcala was crammed at the bottom of my cervix and that is the worst position for a baby to be in if she is trying to determine the gender. Apparently baby Alcala was in a kneeling position, crunched over in my cervix and that was that. John thinks that our little baby is either too CLASSY or too STUBBORN to show us its goods yet! this my child or what?!?! Anyways, I told Debbie Downer that I had even drank a tall caramel frappucino in hope that the baby would give us a show and she quickly informed me that drinking a coffee drink does nothing to effect the baby moving around (which I do NOT believe...but whatever). You would think that she would have had me go from side to side or take a quick walk up the hall to try and see if the baby would change positions but NO she did NONE of the above. She then put up her equipment and told us all that we would have to try again next time! She spent maybe 5 minutes looking at the baby and that was it!!! I was speechless....She did not even explain the baby to my two precious nieces who are only 5yrs old and 3 yrs old. It must have been the LORD that kept me and my mom from totally clicking on this women! We both almost went off on her multiple times but my Doctor's office is small and I would not want to have any bad beef with this lady, if she was going to be the one doing my sonograms the next 5 months. So my mother and I restrained ourselves. Debbie Downer did make a "GUESS" on the babies gender but she told me not to go out and buy anything yet (ooopppsss! lol). So needless to say we are still not certain about the flavor of our little bun :) I am supposed to go for another sonogram in a few days so I will be sure to keep you all posted! 

Until then I will just have to keep shopping for cute boy and girl stuff! 

P.S How come even after my last blog I have had some friends/family say those horrible OFF LIMIT WORDS! First of all my adopted little brother Edwin saw me at church and said "WOW Sheri your stomach has EXPLODED" Ummmm not cool Edwinito!!!! ;) Then to make things worse after my horrible sonogram appointment my little niece Isabella came over to me, looked up at my stomach, squeezed it, and said "BIG, FAT, BABY!" lol Geeeezzzzz I have a feeling this is not going to stop!


  1. awe!!!! thats sad the lady was being like that, but i agree with John, i think the baby is to classy to show the goods yet =]
    Cant wait till we find out what the baby will be!