Thursday, March 17, 2011

All American Girl :)

Its is official!!! Baby Alcala is a GIRL

Sweet shirt from my mom!

We went for another sonogram today and our little one was flipping and turning and bouncing all around. At first the sonogram tech (who was a DIFFERENT, sweeter, one this time) wasn't sure if she was going to get a good peek at the private area. But, about half way through the sonogram the baby decided to show us "HER" goods and we saw what we needed to see!  SHE is definitely a GIRL :) She even gave us a look at the baby in 3D which was really cool yet also scary (the baby still has a little bit of an alien look) but she is gorgeous in our eyes!!!!

The ummmm not so good part of the sonogram was when the sono tech MEASURED our little princess! Apparently Princess Alcala is ..... well .... HUGE! She is in the 90% percentile already and is about two weeks ahead of schedule in her developing! I was a tiny, little baby when I was born. I was two weeks early and by the time I left the hospital I was under 6lbs! John on the other hand was an ummmm healthy actually FAT baby! He weighed almost 9lbs. Ugh...I think our little princess may be taking after her Daddy already :/ Oh well, at least she is not malnourished lol. I guess it makes sense why my bump is a little AHEAD of schedule ;)

Uncle Edwin brought us balloons & a TuTu from YaYa

Now since we "KNOW" we are having a girl I will make a few confessions. First of all I was convinced Baby Alcala was a boy at first. "Why" you may ask? Well, I think  a small part of myself wanted to prepare myself for a boy, plus EVERYONE would always tell me that that they KNEW it was a boy and then the BIG SIGN came. I was in a Baby boutique in McKinney and I saw this FABULOUSLY, ADORABLY, GORGEOUS, CUSTOM MADE, BOY BEDDING! The kicker is that it was ON SALE 70% OFF!!! I LOVED LOVED LOVED the bedding so being a spiritual, pastors wife I figured that that was a SIGN from GOD that I was having a BOY and it would be a sin if I passed this great deal! Soooo I did what MOST (crazy, compulsive) expecting moms would do... I BOUGHT the whole bedding set lol Yup.... all 5 pieces and I was only 8 weeks pregnant haha. So anyways, then I took it a step further and put a down payment on this adorable blueish teal vintage baby changing table haha. So needless to say I was utterly convinced I was having a little boy (Aiden Michael). Well, it all changed 5 weeks later when I went to the doctor for an emergency sonogram (because my crazy little malti-shu pounced on my stomach!) At that appointment the sono tech got a GOOD PEEK at the babies private and she said that she would GUESS the baby was a GIRL! She said that she could not be 100% sure but she definitely THOUGHT it was a girl. BUT...she told me NOT to go out and paint the nursery pink or buy any clothes because I was to early along to be SURE. Well, after that appointment I did everything the sono tech advised...NOT lol I started buying tutu's, big pink bows and ruffly outfits :) So now I was 13 weeks and I had adorable, cute, boy bedding and I started building a gorgeous little girls wardrobe. I know, I know, you probably think I am a CRAZY, COMPULSIVE, NUTTY, FEMALE (and that is probably true!) But cut me some slack, I am a FIRST time mom :)

(The beginning of her fabulous wardrobe! Thanks Mommy, Daddy, YaYa & lots of Aunties & Uncles)

Anyways...after all of that, we now KNOW that our BABY is a little PRINCESS & I do have a few items to exchange (starting with the BEDDING) haha. I will now begin my search for cute GIRL BEDDING ;) All that is left to say is...

From Aunti Tint...Yes Men she is SINGLE :)

Can you spot the SILVER SEQUIN mini skirt???

Babies first TuTu's from YaYa


This is the first outfit I bought for the baby!


  1. So exciting!!! She is gonna be adorable! Congrats to you and your family!

  2. Sheri your so funny!!! I'm so happy for you guys!!!