Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Going from Birthday Louis Vuittons to Birthday Diaper Bags...


       FROM: HANDBAGS                                                                            TO: DIAPER BAGS

It is officially my BIRTHDAY WEEK! Actually that week has almost come to an end and my birthday is tomorrow MARCH 31st

I will be honest NO ONE I know celebrates my birthday week like my Daddy did! My Dad's love language was definitely gifts so from a very early age I learned to associate gifts with love! I know it sounds crazy but it is so true. Even as an adult I buy friends/family gifts when I want to show them that I love and appreciate them. Back to the whole birthday week....growing up my Dad would start celebrating our birthdays a week in advance with some flowers, then came other special little gifts throughout the week :) It was so sweet! My dad also bought me a birthday angel each year that had my age on it (I have them all from the day I was born until the age 21). My Daddy went to be with the Lord when I was 22 so birthday's have never quite been the same without him. I did try teaching John about birthday "week" but I think he thought I was just trying to come up with an excuse to get more presents lol! I will tell you one thing for sure, little Josse will definitely have a FULL ON BIRTHDAY WEEK!

Speaking of our little princess it is amazing how she has already began to ROCK my world and I am only 19 weeks prego! Let me explain....Even though John refuses to participate in Birthday "weeks" he is an EXCELLENT gift giver :) What do I mean? He has spoiled the heck out of me over the last 7 years! Over the past few birthdays my sweet hubby has given me Gucci & Loui Vuitton handbags, David Yurman jewelry, Tiffany's pieces & gorgeous gem stone rings! (I will admit that I don't leave John much room for error). I am usually NOT very subtle when it comes to letting John know what is on my birthday wish list. I will leave the exact website up on our computer, or I will cut out magazine clippings, or I may even just say exactly what I am hoping for lol But the important thing is that he always comes through with the fabulous present!

Well for some reason this Birthday has been a little different! A few weeks ago my sweet hubby said, "Sheri what do you want for your birthday?" A normal SheriLynn response would be "The Loui Demir Neverfull GM" which I have been wanting or "the gorgeous 1973 throwback Gucci top handle with the beautiful gold double G detail" or I would request "Any beautiful piece of Yurman" :) Well this year NONE of those items are on my birthday wish list!!! When John asked me what I wanted for my birthday? I replied, "A cute diaper bag" Yes a DIAPER BAG is on this years wish list! Now even as a future mom I still have nice taste, so I am hoping for the Kate Spade leopard print diaper bag. But, the fact that I am even wanting a baby item for my birthday is CRAZY. Well that wasn't the only sign that motherhood has taken over my life. Every birthday my grandpa still spoils all his grandchildren and he sends us a birthday check. This year that birthday check went into my stroller fund savings! (yes I am already saving for a stroller because of course I want the Cadillac of all strollers and people would think I was nuts if it was on my registry so my goal is to just buy it lol). But I would have never thought that grandpas birthday money would be going towards a STROLLER! More signs of motherhood kept coming...every year my precious sister in law always gets me a gift card to one of my favorite places. The past few years she has given me MAC gift cards, Nordstroms gift cars, Hobby Lobby gift cards, etc. Well last weekend when she asked me where I wanted my birthday gift card from? My reply was, "Lone Star Baby & Kids" lol Yup a children's furniture &  bedding boutique. I have had an extremely difficult time finding cute little girl bedding, but I did manage to find one set I do LOVE from there (although it is once again not quite in my budget) so I figured every gift card would help!

This whole "mom thing" has even changed my shopping habits! Since becoming pregnant I have gotten so FRUGAL when it comes to buying any clothing for me. I have maybe been to the mall 3 times since Christmas. I could not even imagine spending $40 on a top for me but if it is for little Josselyn that is another story. I quickly purchased the most adorable (0-3 month) silver sequin mini skirt for little Josse! Sure the skirt was $40 dollars and it probably consisted of only 6 inches of material but I thought that was a great deal! When it comes to me, I had to force myself to buy a pair of 70% off Jessica Simpon clogs that were only $22.  But for some reason I was more than willing to purchase a cute pair of (3-6 month) silver sequin mary jane shoes for Josse that were $50 (unfortunately my husband was with me at that baby boutique and he quickly took the shoes out of my hand!). I made some extra money with Tres Chic (my styling company) and I thought about purchasing a beautiful over sized rose gold Michael Kors watch, which would be a great accessory for spring! But then I remembered that I needed to save up for the pink chandelier I want to put in Josselyn's nursery. Needless to say priorities have definitely changed, and I don't think that they are ever going to go back to how they once were!

I may be using my same Loui bag for the next 10 years and I better hope that the fashion industry keeps recycling old trends because I may never buy another piece of clothing again!!!! lol

All that is left to say is...


Sunday, March 27, 2011

First Flutters, Nausea or Gas...

Well...I am now 4 1/2 months pregnant (a little over 18 weeks) and I have hit another PREGNANCY MILESTONE! No...I am not talking about the new leg cramping I am now experiencing, uncomfortable lower abdominal pains, or the horrible back aches I feel every single day (even though I have hit those wonderful 2nd trimester milestones as well). The milestone I am talking about is the FIRST FLUTTERS of little Josse ;)

At first I kept feeling gurgling in my tummy! Now that could have been the horrible nausea I still experience, or it could be gas (yah yah TMI...I know) or it could be the weird acid reflexes I get after pretty much anything I eat. So to say the least I have been ignoring the odd feelings and movement in my stomach area.

Well...last night as I was laying in bed I started to feel little movements in my belly again! It was late around 11:00pm and I was laying still for once. Usually I am always going, going, going, even if I have nothing to do and nowhere to go; I always find something to add to my "to-do list". Well, last night I had finally slowed down and I was just laying there in bed completely still (except for my mind which always goes 100 miles an hour). As I was laying there I started to feel little muscle twitches in my tummy. At first I ignored them because I figured it was just gurgling or gas but then the twitches kept coming. I put my hand on my stomach and occasionally I would feel what sort of felt like a little pulse. I grabbed Johns hand (even though he was half asleep) and I put it on my stomach. Just moments later there was another little twitch/pulse movement and John and I both felt it and we looked right at each other! We both knew right then and there that we 100% felt little Josselynn for the first time :) It was really amazing and it definitely made this whole pregnancy thing seem a little more real.

I would be lying if I said these little flutters made up for all the horrible pregnancy milestones but they definitely HELPED MAKE UP for the (nausea, back aches, abdominal pain, constipation, dizziness, leg cramps, tiredness, fatigue, acne break outs, bloating, nasal congestion, sensitive gums, heart burn, acid reflex, weight gain, growing belly bump & crazy HORMONES) lol

Anyways, now that I know what these little flutters feel like I am going to always be paying attention for them :) I can't wait until I start feeling full on kicks! (even though I am sure I will be tired of those kicks by 9 months!)

Well...I will keep yall posted on any other exciting things that happen!

Monday, March 21, 2011

The Unveiling of the "NAME"

Well...I have had a TON of people ask me about Baby Alcala's name!!! Everyone is wondering if we are keeping it under wraps or top secret lol. Apparently I did mention our "boy" name choice in my last blog but I neglected to mention our "girl" name choice. Well the answer is.....

YES...we do have  baby Alcalas FIRST NAME picked out! Soooo drum roll please........The name of our little princess will be JOSSELYN!!!! I have LOVED LOVED LOVED the name Jocelyn since I was a little girl (I named tons of my baby dolls Jocelyn) haha. Then when John and I first started dating we talked about our potential childrens names (like all young love birds do) and I told John that I had already picked out my daughters name lol LUCKILY John loved the name Jocelyn! He said it was a perfect mix of our names "John" & "SheriLynn". We planned on spelling it "Jocelyn" until we saw it spelled "Josselyn" and we fell in love with that spelling. So, that is how the sweet name Josselyn came to be.

Now... I had not unveiled the name quite yet because we are still not sure about the middle name! John and I seem to still be weighing our options ;) We have thought of a few middle names we like, for example Grace and Michelle but we have still not decided for sure. We are going to look at a few more name books and websites to see what else is out there. We want to have the PERFECT middle name to go with Josselyn Alcala.

Well, that is our name story! If you have any cute middle name ideas feel free to send them our way! We are definitely open to suggestions :) Hopefully I will be getting back to you soon with Baby Alcala's WHOLE NAME!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

All American Girl :)

Its is official!!! Baby Alcala is a GIRL

Sweet shirt from my mom!

We went for another sonogram today and our little one was flipping and turning and bouncing all around. At first the sonogram tech (who was a DIFFERENT, sweeter, one this time) wasn't sure if she was going to get a good peek at the private area. But, about half way through the sonogram the baby decided to show us "HER" goods and we saw what we needed to see!  SHE is definitely a GIRL :) She even gave us a look at the baby in 3D which was really cool yet also scary (the baby still has a little bit of an alien look) but she is gorgeous in our eyes!!!!

The ummmm not so good part of the sonogram was when the sono tech MEASURED our little princess! Apparently Princess Alcala is ..... well .... HUGE! She is in the 90% percentile already and is about two weeks ahead of schedule in her developing! I was a tiny, little baby when I was born. I was two weeks early and by the time I left the hospital I was under 6lbs! John on the other hand was an ummmm healthy actually FAT baby! He weighed almost 9lbs. Ugh...I think our little princess may be taking after her Daddy already :/ Oh well, at least she is not malnourished lol. I guess it makes sense why my bump is a little AHEAD of schedule ;)

Uncle Edwin brought us balloons & a TuTu from YaYa

Now since we "KNOW" we are having a girl I will make a few confessions. First of all I was convinced Baby Alcala was a boy at first. "Why" you may ask? Well, I think  a small part of myself wanted to prepare myself for a boy, plus EVERYONE would always tell me that that they KNEW it was a boy and then the BIG SIGN came. I was in a Baby boutique in McKinney and I saw this FABULOUSLY, ADORABLY, GORGEOUS, CUSTOM MADE, BOY BEDDING! The kicker is that it was ON SALE 70% OFF!!! I LOVED LOVED LOVED the bedding so being a spiritual, pastors wife I figured that that was a SIGN from GOD that I was having a BOY and it would be a sin if I passed this great deal! Soooo I did what MOST (crazy, compulsive) expecting moms would do... I BOUGHT the whole bedding set lol Yup.... all 5 pieces and I was only 8 weeks pregnant haha. So anyways, then I took it a step further and put a down payment on this adorable blueish teal vintage baby changing table haha. So needless to say I was utterly convinced I was having a little boy (Aiden Michael). Well, it all changed 5 weeks later when I went to the doctor for an emergency sonogram (because my crazy little malti-shu pounced on my stomach!) At that appointment the sono tech got a GOOD PEEK at the babies private and she said that she would GUESS the baby was a GIRL! She said that she could not be 100% sure but she definitely THOUGHT it was a girl. BUT...she told me NOT to go out and paint the nursery pink or buy any clothes because I was to early along to be SURE. Well, after that appointment I did everything the sono tech advised...NOT lol I started buying tutu's, big pink bows and ruffly outfits :) So now I was 13 weeks and I had adorable, cute, boy bedding and I started building a gorgeous little girls wardrobe. I know, I know, you probably think I am a CRAZY, COMPULSIVE, NUTTY, FEMALE (and that is probably true!) But cut me some slack, I am a FIRST time mom :)

(The beginning of her fabulous wardrobe! Thanks Mommy, Daddy, YaYa & lots of Aunties & Uncles)

Anyways...after all of that, we now KNOW that our BABY is a little PRINCESS & I do have a few items to exchange (starting with the BEDDING) haha. I will now begin my search for cute GIRL BEDDING ;) All that is left to say is...

From Aunti Tint...Yes Men she is SINGLE :)

Can you spot the SILVER SEQUIN mini skirt???

Babies first TuTu's from YaYa


This is the first outfit I bought for the baby!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Well.... we still do NOT know if we are having a BABY BOY or a BABY GIRL!

I was scheduled for my anticipated "gender" sonogram this past Monday. The whole family showed up for this long awaited appointment! John got off work early so he could be there, my mom and little sister rode with me and my brother and sister in law Joey & Stacey came with my two precious nieces Isa and Andy. The appointment started off rocky when the sonogram tech seemed a little ummmm...grouchy (I am going to keep my blog PG rated lol) she was in the worst possible mood! She told me that this was going to be a very QUICK gender sonogram (I guess she was in a rush to go home). My mom tried breaking the ice by saying "this is going to be a big family affair" since there were going to be 8 of us crammed into this tiny room and the sonogram tech replied, "It will be a QUICK affair" WHAT THE HECK LADY!!! Then things only got worse :( The sono tech began the sonogram right away (even though Joey, Stacey & the girls were still trying to park the car) and immediately "Debbie Downer" (that will be the sono techs nick name for this blog) made a few loud sighs and then she explained that Baby Alcala was crammed at the bottom of my cervix and that is the worst position for a baby to be in if she is trying to determine the gender. Apparently baby Alcala was in a kneeling position, crunched over in my cervix and that was that. John thinks that our little baby is either too CLASSY or too STUBBORN to show us its goods yet! this my child or what?!?! Anyways, I told Debbie Downer that I had even drank a tall caramel frappucino in hope that the baby would give us a show and she quickly informed me that drinking a coffee drink does nothing to effect the baby moving around (which I do NOT believe...but whatever). You would think that she would have had me go from side to side or take a quick walk up the hall to try and see if the baby would change positions but NO she did NONE of the above. She then put up her equipment and told us all that we would have to try again next time! She spent maybe 5 minutes looking at the baby and that was it!!! I was speechless....She did not even explain the baby to my two precious nieces who are only 5yrs old and 3 yrs old. It must have been the LORD that kept me and my mom from totally clicking on this women! We both almost went off on her multiple times but my Doctor's office is small and I would not want to have any bad beef with this lady, if she was going to be the one doing my sonograms the next 5 months. So my mother and I restrained ourselves. Debbie Downer did make a "GUESS" on the babies gender but she told me not to go out and buy anything yet (ooopppsss! lol). So needless to say we are still not certain about the flavor of our little bun :) I am supposed to go for another sonogram in a few days so I will be sure to keep you all posted! 

Until then I will just have to keep shopping for cute boy and girl stuff! 

P.S How come even after my last blog I have had some friends/family say those horrible OFF LIMIT WORDS! First of all my adopted little brother Edwin saw me at church and said "WOW Sheri your stomach has EXPLODED" Ummmm not cool Edwinito!!!! ;) Then to make things worse after my horrible sonogram appointment my little niece Isabella came over to me, looked up at my stomach, squeezed it, and said "BIG, FAT, BABY!" lol Geeeezzzzz I have a feeling this is not going to stop!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Introducing the BUMP....

Ladies & Gentleman...Boys & Girls:

I am officially introducing the BABY BUMP! Yes it has unfortunately, finally arrived! (actually it has kinda been popping out the last few weeks I was just wayyy too embarrassed to reveal it before I was at least 4 months pregnant lol). So yes, I have been trying my very best to cover the bump (which I have gotten really good at!) but I am not sure how much longer I can keep it concealed so here ya go...

I must say that I have NOT embraced the baby bump as well as some pregnant women do. It could be due to the fact that I am MUCH LARGER than one of my BF's who exactly as far along as I am :( (you know who you are friend!!!) Or it could be the fact that I did not imagine myself showing until I was at least 5 or 6 months along. But unfortunately, I now can not button 4 pairs of jeans (the rest of them button just great! As long as I lay on my bed, suck in and use my husbands pliers to insert the button into the hole lol) not to mention the fact that I only like about 5 shirts in my closet :/ I use to be one of those girls that wore the FIRST thing they tried on in the morning. I did not have to put on a million things before I found the "perfect outfit" I just wore whatever I saw. Ummmm that has totally changed!!! Unless I am wearing my pink sweats ;) I have to try on at least 3 or 4 outfits and I am usually still not satisfied with the end result...but oh well I guess that's pregnancy for ya!

I am blaming my early bump on the the fact that I am only 5' 2" tall and I have quite a short torso, so there is not really any where for my growing grape fruit to go... (or so I tell myself!). I can boast on the fact that I started this pregnancy at a mere 104lbs but I am not going to disclose my new total body weight!!!! hahah Well, since I am only 4 months pregnant and I have another 5 months to go I better suck it up and learn to love this growing bump of mine ;)

But let me leave you with a little bit of advice...If you see me or any other pregnant women for that matter please do not say things like : "Wow you are really SHOWING" or "Oh my gosh you have gotten sooo BIG" or "I can't believe how HUGE your stomach has gotten" And yes, believe it or not I have already heard ALL of those things and I am just 16 weeks along!!! We emotional, hormonal, pregnant women do not like to hear the words: big, huge, large, growing or even showing in any sentence that is pertaining to our new bodies! We prefer statements like: "I can not even tell you are pregnant" or "You are still so tiny" or "you are just beautiful and glowing" Even if you have to lie a little bit, go ahead we don't mind... I PROMISE :)

Well...I better get going, it is about time for another Palmer's Cocoa Butter application on my bump! I don't care if they say stretch marks are genetic I am going to lather this bump with Cocoa Butter 3 times a day for all 9 months!!! At this growing rate I need all the Vitamin E, Collagen & Elastin I can get!

I will be back next week & I will be announcing the gender of BABY ALCALA :)