Thursday, February 24, 2011

Reality Sets In...

February 24, 2011

What an exciting week...I have been more nauseous then ever because I am trying to only take my nauseous medicine only once a day instead of twice! I have been ummmm how do I put it politely "severely backed up" So I have been eating Avtivia yogurt, fiber one, Metamucil, Benefiber & I purchased Mucinex but I'm still a little scared to take that! I have had headaches for the first time this pregnancy...not sure why, maybe the constipation or hormones?!?! And lastly, I have been having BAD ligament stretching on the lower right side of my stomach. Sounds pretty bad huh? Well the funny thing is despite this not so graceful start to my 2nd Trimester I have had the best week of my pregnancy! I am being absolutely serious (believe it or not).

You see on Monday I had my 13 week appointment. I was scheduled for a sonogram and some blood work. I knew this would be an exciting appointment but I had no idea how EXCITINGLY WONDERFLY AMAZING it would really be!!!! John & I entered the sonogram room like every other time, but for the first time this pregnancy I had a "normal" tummy sonogram! I unfortunately have had two of the other sonograms. I wont go into detail in case I have any male readers but let me just say the sonograms I have previously had are achieved by poking around in a southern region that is NOT my tummy! So anyways, this sonogram started off great. I didn't have to strip down from the waste down, I wasn't violated at all, and all the sonogram technician did was apply this warm gel to my stomach and then start pushing around my stomach with this metal thing. Within moments I looked at the screen and both my mouth and Johns mouth about hit the floor. We were almost frozen! I know I am pregnant and I read every day on What To that the baby is growing and is about the size of an orange and has legs, arms, ect but I never in my wildest dreams expected to see what we saw...(Remember the last sonogram I had the baby looked like a blob, or to rephrase that nicely, a Lima Bean!)

As I looked at the screen I saw a perfectly formed miniature baby! I could see everything: the adorable turned up nose, sweet puckered up lips, hands, feet, and the heart beating like crazy in its little chest. Then the baby started moving its arms around!!!! We were shocked. I asked the sonogram technician if those were movements or random twitches....she assured me they were movements lol The baby even did a somersault before our very eyes. This baby may only be the size of an orange but it looks just like any other baby (sure its head is still a little over sized) but it is a REAL BABY. It was so precious how this little thing moved and kicked. It then laid on its back and we just stared at its beautiful little profile :) Wow...this whole pregnancy thing just became REALITY. Not to mention I will find out the gender of the baby in 18 days!

I know I should not be shocked, but WOW!... I have a real life miniature baby growing inside of's mind boggling and a little surreal! I don't really have the words to explain the emotions and excitement I felt but I guess I now know a tiny bit of what it feels like to be a mother. I am sure to some of you this my seem crazy, weird and a little dramatic but "to all the fellow mothers out there" you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about :)

The only words I have to sum this up is: Reality is finally setting in....

Sweet Nose, Puckered-Up Lips & Fist in the air

Our precious baby waving ;) 

Close Up :)


  1. Hi SheriLynn, I was reading your post on facebook and had to check out your blog since I'm pregnant as well. I feel your pain! Just thought I'd recommend Prune Juice for that oh so wonderful constipation we are all going through ;) haha. It's nasty, but it works. ANyways, just thought I'd drop a suggestion. I hope the rest of the pregnancy goes well.
    Lauar Morse/Allen (from way back at Loretto)

  2. Awww Congrats Laura!!! Yes I am need to try the prune juice :) I hope your pregnancy goes amazing xoxo

  3. Hi SheriLynn! So great to read your blog!

    I saw your status on Facebook about a Doula and I thought you may be interested in watching the documentary called "the business of being born". You may have already seen it, but if not I wanted to give you the link. I do warn you that there is a lot of language and its also pretty graphic, so you may want to watch it without John :P

    But it was great in giving a perspective on natural birth. I had our little Winston at home and it was amazing! The best day of my life :)

    Much love sweet friend and so excited about you having a little one!


    P.S. If you have Netflix you can watch it on instant play.