Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Days of the PINK Sweats

I must start off by saying two things #1) this Blog is a good two weeks over due so I apologize & #2) I should be fired for what I am about to confess. You see, one of my girl friends and I own a styling company called Tres Chic. We style clients, build outfits, personal shop & organize wardrobes. So what I am about to confess is pretty much a fashion sin (but pregnancy makes you do crazy things).

So here it goes...These past 12 weeks have been a roller coaster. Between the tiredness, fatigue & nausea I can barely make myself shower (I am SERIOUS ask my husband!) Don't worry the longest I went with out a shower was 4 days lol. If the people on Survivor can go 40 days I figured I could go 4 days. Well, since I could barely make myself shower I most definitely was not in the mood to dress cute. As a stylist you would think I would be having a ball setting cute pregnancy trends; the opposite is actually true! All I have been wearing 7 days a week is PINK SWEATS...YES PINK SWEATS.  Most girls have their go to pieces, mine use to be a cute pair of skinny jeans, above the knee black leather boots, a loose top and a black blazer. Ummm but that has sure changed!  Instead my new go to pieces are a pair of baby pink Victoria Secret sweats and a baby pink Victoria Secret zip up sweat shirt. Now I do have 3 pink sweat suits so I am not wearing the exact same one every day. Although I would be lying if I said I changed my clothes daily lol.

So basically everyone who has seen me the past few weeks can definitely vouch for me and say that they have seen the famous PINK SWEATS a good number of times! Let me give you a few examples of how serious the pink sweat problem has gotten. First of all, one night as I was brushing my teeth John looked over and asked me if I wanted him to BUY me another sweat suit! John is as frugal as they come, and the fact that he offered to spend money and expand my sweat suit collection is HUGE! When I asked him why he thought I need more sweats he explained that I wore the same pair every day and they had little fuzz balls all over them (I guess the fuzz balls are a result of over wearing them). Well a few days later my mom and I decided to check out a baby boutique in Plano. It was hard enough to muster the strength to even drive to the boutique, but I went in hopes of finding some cute baby furniture. When I walked into the store I was completely ignored! That never happens to me, I was in shock. The sales ladies didn't even look my way. They didn't say "Hi" or "Can I Help You". They just talked among themselves. I was beyond insulted and I can honestly say I will not spend one penny in that store! Anyways, as I was driving home I decided to call John and tell him what happened. I explained everything that happened and I told him how I could not believe that they didn't even come over and ask me if I needed help! When I finished telling the story I expected John to comfort me and say, "Sorry Babe" or "We will find another baby boutique" or "They must have been young immature workers" but he said nothing like that. Instead my husband said, "Babe were you wearing your pink sweats?" I was so mad! My husband thought that I was not helped in the store because I was probably wearing my embarrassingly ugly pink sweats! First of all I was NOT wearing my pink sweats and second of all, even if I was wearing them, I still deserve some help when I go into a baby boutique!

Needless to say my husbands comment explains how the last few weeks of my life have been spent! At home and in my comfy, stained, worn, pink sweats. Yes folks, pregnancy will do this to you.


  1. Ha!! I am Shane Jobe's sister and love your funny blog :) I guess your $ would be better spent on more pink sweatpants :) heeehee!!