Sunday, January 23, 2011

Going Mad VS Pregnancy Hormones

January 23, 2011

I am going on Week 10 and I have come to the conclusion that I am either going insanely mad or my pregnancy hormones are out the roof! Let me recap a few of my abnormal incidents' this past week.

First of all, it was a normal Wednesday night and I decided to make a grilled cheese sandwich (if you remember from my previous blog I have never liked cheese but for some reason it has sounded appealing these past 9 weeks). Well I was perfectly happy cooking my sandwich on the stove top when all of a sudden I got distracted with the laundry. My husband came to the rescue (or so he thought) and he decided to flip my sandwich so it would not burn. I thought that initial "flip" meant he was now in charge of the sandwich so I went into the living room and waited for my delicious grilled cheese sandwich. Well, after a while I went back into the kitchen and my sandwich looked wayyyyy to well-done for my liking (John claims that it was just golden brown). Well, out of no where the switch flipped and I picked up the BURNT sandwich and threw it  across the room (dramatic...I know). John just stared at me speechless as I proceeded to huff and puff up the stairs into my room...Do you think I'm nuts? Probably! I seriously had a two year old temper tantrum and I have no clue why!!!! Afterwords John and I laughed our heads off but it definitely took an hours or two.

Well if you think that's bad I am just getting started!!! What about the night I was complaining to my husband about who knows what and I started to get a bit loud. Now, my little Yorki Candy does not like anyone to raise their voice, so as I was venting to John, Candy decided to bark and bark and bark repeatedly...NONSTOP! Now I was already irritated to begin with so the annoying barking just took me over the edge. Before I tell you what happened let me defend myself a little (I know this only makes me sound more guilty lol) But I am a proud dog owner who LOVES my Yorki and Malti-Shu. I clothe them in the cutest, trendiest K9 attire and they are pretty much treated like children. If John raises his voice at either of them I am the one to tell him to STOP being mean to my girls. My pooches take naps with me, get their hair done daily and they even get to sit in my lap while I drive. So have a little mercy on me when I finish my story. So where was I...oh yah! Candy kept barking and barking and barking; something inside of me sorta snapped and I took my hat off my head and in the words of John (shalaked Candy across the face back and forth 4 times with my hat!). Now I promise you that she was  NOT hurt in anyway but she was incredibly surprised that her dear mother would abuse her in this way. The moment I realized what I did I bursted into tears and ran up the stairs! John was laughing but I most certainly was not. If I could do this to my poor innocent Yorki then imagine what I could do to a child! (I am definitely not ready for parenthood yet).

I now need to prove to you all that I am not a sandwich throwing dog beating person, so let me tell you about the other emotions that have come out of nowhere! If you know me then you know that I am not really a crier. Very few people besides my husband and mom have seen me cry. Movies most definitely do not make me cry. Yes I have seen: PS I Love You, My Sisters Keeper, The Notebook & all those other sad movies and NO NOT 1 TEAR was ever shed while watching those movies. The only things that really bring tears to my eye are #1 Starving Children in 3rd World Countries and #2 Animal cruelty. I know that sounds crazy for a heartless, unemotional person like me to care about animal cruelty, but there is just something about Sarah McLachlan singing "Angel" and poor starving/beaten animals on a commercial that makes me tear up. So to say the least, it takes a lot to make me cry. How come I was watching American Idol last week and out of no where I start crying as they are sharing a back ground story about an east coast teenager who lived in a shelter. That's not all, then they feature this mom with a special needs child and I start crying again! TWICE in one night while watching AMERICAN IDOL??? Not even Extreme Makeover just ordinary American Idol! This is soooo not me!!!

Well there are countless other incidents I could write about that involve (crying for no reason, getting me feelings hurt for the millionth time & going from happy to sad in the blink of an eye)  but I can't air out all my dirty laundry! So back to my theories. I think that either A) I am going mad, crazy, bipolar, whatever you want to call it or B) My pregnancy hormones have gone to a whole new level!

I am going to hope for B) and just tell myself that this is not me it is simply the HORMONES and just like: nausea, tiredness, fatigue, exhaustion & weight gain it is only TEMPORARY :)

I am not Crazy...just a little Hormonal
(please explain this to my Husband!)


  1. I do not cry ever either. At about ten weeks I was like a waterfall.. everything all the time would make me cry. So do not worry your are not alone! Your blog makes me laugh out loud! Keep it up!!

  2. haha Thanks Casey ;) Cant wait to see your little one!

  3. HI SheriLynn, I came across your blog and just had to comment! I am 11 wks pregnant and I found this post hilarious and comforting at the same time because I can SO relate! Your baby girl is gorgeous! It's encouraging to know at the end of this, I will have a sweet baby. :)

  4. @Laura I promise your hormones settle down in your 2nd trimester :) Congrats!!!! Make sure to post lots of pictures