Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Eating For Two…

January 19, 2011

Well…I am unfortunately experiencing my second least favorite thing that comes along with pregnancy.  Morning sickness still holds the 1st place prize in my opinion when it comes to SheriLynn Alcala’s pregnancy dislikes’ but close in 2nd place is #2 WEIGHT GAIN! Yes, I said it…I am just entering my 9th week of pregnancy and I have gained 5 wonderful pounds. By the way, I am going to ignore the fact that two of my pregnant best friends have LOST weight in their first trimester and me being the short 5 ‘2 one has done the very opposite. Anyone who is around the 5 foot (pint size) range knows that there is nowhere to hide the extra pounds on our midget size body frames. All I am left to do is try and come up with some reasons to why I am already gaining weight. Now I know that my baby, which is the size of a green martini olive (at least that’s what the books say) could not possibly weigh 5 lbs. 

So my hypothesis are #1) I am experiencing some major WATER RETENTION. I do feel extremely bloated so maybe this extra weight is simply water weight (even though that seems quite far fetched since I pee every 30 seconds it seems like!).

Or it could be #2) My SWEET TOOTH has gotten slightly out of control. Yes, I am nauseous 90% of the time but that other 10% is another story. For some reason cookies, ice cream and fruit snacks all sound a little more appetizing these last few weeks. So in those rare moments that I am not sick I am indulging in some not so low-calories treats. (Oooops)

The more I think about it, it could be #3) my off the wall CRAVINGS! I have experienced some completely abnormal cravings these past few weeks; for instance, McDonald’s!!! Anyone who knows me knows that I am pretty much a health nut and I DO NOT eat fast food. So I am having a hard time explaining to myself why one night I had my husband go out and get me a fish filet sandwich and a super-sized french-fry from McDonald's (I have not ordered anything from McDonald's since I was like 13 years old!!!!). Or what about the night I ate 2 grilled cheese sandwiches?!? (I am not even a fan of cheese…well I am not a fan of the calories that comes with cheese). Hhhmmm there is a slight possibility that my unusually cravings could have attributed to this extra 5 lbs. 

Lastly it could be #4) the simple fact that I am EATING FOR TWO. Now I know that the little 1 inch baby inside of me is still getting it’s nutrients from the yolk sack but come on, the yolk sack (whatever that is) has to get its nutrients from somewhere…right? Don’t worry I know that it is not until the 2nd and 3rd trimester that I need to increase my calories slightly and startconsuming more calcium but I still think there could be a slight possibility that the larger number on the scale has to do with the wonderful saying that “I am eating for two!”

Well…whatever the cause I guess I cannot get too torqued out of shape because as history tells me pregnancy = an unfortunate 25-40 pound increase on the scale (I am going to claim just 25 lbs).  After a lot of rambling and thinking, I think I am going to conclude that my extra 5 lbs are a result of me simply EATING FOR TWO! This conclusion sounds cuter then the others and for some reason it makes me feel a little better about everything ;) So when I get dressed and my pants are a little tighter (which they are!) and when I put on a tight shirt and a see a small pooch under my belly button (which I do!) I am just going to remember that even though it seems to me like my little green olive could not possible be doing all of this to me and even though most books say you do not start showing until your 2nd trimester I have a very important job of eating for two! LOL Yes…that’s my conclusion ;)


  1. I understand completely, being 5'2'' myself! I started showing at eight weeks...yes, EIGHT WEEKS!!! Enjoy your growing belly, you will miss it when it's gone and dont worry about the weight, breastfeeding takes it right off! I was back in my pre-preggo jeans within eight weeks post delivery! It's so much fun being pregnant, even though it comes with flaws....its product is soooo worth it!

  2. The Mcdonalds craving is pretty crazy I def can't picture you eating that lol but I think its all gonna go to your belly and when we see you from behind we won't even know your pregnant!