Friday, January 14, 2011

Bun in the oven

January 14, 2011

What an exciting last few weeks! Last month I found out I was pregnant!!! It was exciting, shocking, scary and all the other emotions that come along with finding out your simple life of 2 is about to be expanded to 3. The first thing I had to do when I found out was surprise John with the good news (Yes I did keep the secret for a few days so I could plan a fun surprise). I decided I wanted to get a balloon bouquet full of pink, blue, yellow, green & purple balloons along with 2 big balloons that said "It's a boy" and "It's a girl". I then found the most precious Willow Tree figurine called "New Dad". It was a dad looking down holding a baby. for some reason it totally reminded me of John! I then found the sweetest card that said Congratulations Dad and it had the most adorable little baby feet on the front (I stuck the positive pregnancy test in the card too lol). John and I had to leave the house to go check on my mom (who BROKE HER FOOT) and while we were gone our dear friends the Summers, came and snuck into our house and left the balloon bouquet and wrapped present and card by the Christmas tree. When we got home John immediately saw the balloons and ran to the tree to open the gift...NOT!!!! We came home and John just went about his business and he did not even notice the HUGE balloon bouquet and gift in front of the tree! I have no idea how he missed it but he did. finally, I had to say "John what in the world is that by the tree?" He then looked at me and asked if I did that. I denied it of course and then my strong, courageous husband thought that someone was playing a sick joke on us and he refused to open the box (he though that it could be a bomb) hahaha. Eventually he crept up to the tree looked at the balloons and started to unwrap the present rapped in metallic gold Christmas paper. The moment he realized it was a Willow Tree (I collect those) he knew something was going on. He then proceeded to unwrap the gift and saw that it said "New Dad" on the brown box and he looked at me and said "Are you pregnant?" I smiled and my adorable teary eyed hubby tackled me with a bear hug. He was beyond shocked and so very excited!

We then had the wonderful pleasure of surprising our families with the good news just a few days before Christmas! We bought 2 ornaments one for my mom and one for Johns parents. The ornament for my mom said Grandma and we had the words "YaYa" written under it (that means Grandma in Greek) and then for Johns parents we had an ornament that said "Grandparents" and there were 3 hearts below. In the first heart it said Isa, in the second heart it had three question marks (???) in it, and in the third heart it said Andy. Needless to say the grandparents were shocked and over joyed when they opened their gifts.

Finally at our first Invictus Service in January we surprised the college students with the good news! For the whole month of January John is speaking on "The NEW" so after his first message in January John told the students, "what better way to start off the New year then with an addition." Then on the big projector screen it said in HUGE letters "Please Welcome The Newest Addition to Invictus USA".... then the next slide came up and it said "Coming in 2011 Baby Alcala". Everyone was once again surprised and excited!

What a fun way to kick off Christmas & the New Year....

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