Sunday, January 23, 2011

Going Mad VS Pregnancy Hormones

January 23, 2011

I am going on Week 10 and I have come to the conclusion that I am either going insanely mad or my pregnancy hormones are out the roof! Let me recap a few of my abnormal incidents' this past week.

First of all, it was a normal Wednesday night and I decided to make a grilled cheese sandwich (if you remember from my previous blog I have never liked cheese but for some reason it has sounded appealing these past 9 weeks). Well I was perfectly happy cooking my sandwich on the stove top when all of a sudden I got distracted with the laundry. My husband came to the rescue (or so he thought) and he decided to flip my sandwich so it would not burn. I thought that initial "flip" meant he was now in charge of the sandwich so I went into the living room and waited for my delicious grilled cheese sandwich. Well, after a while I went back into the kitchen and my sandwich looked wayyyyy to well-done for my liking (John claims that it was just golden brown). Well, out of no where the switch flipped and I picked up the BURNT sandwich and threw it  across the room (dramatic...I know). John just stared at me speechless as I proceeded to huff and puff up the stairs into my room...Do you think I'm nuts? Probably! I seriously had a two year old temper tantrum and I have no clue why!!!! Afterwords John and I laughed our heads off but it definitely took an hours or two.

Well if you think that's bad I am just getting started!!! What about the night I was complaining to my husband about who knows what and I started to get a bit loud. Now, my little Yorki Candy does not like anyone to raise their voice, so as I was venting to John, Candy decided to bark and bark and bark repeatedly...NONSTOP! Now I was already irritated to begin with so the annoying barking just took me over the edge. Before I tell you what happened let me defend myself a little (I know this only makes me sound more guilty lol) But I am a proud dog owner who LOVES my Yorki and Malti-Shu. I clothe them in the cutest, trendiest K9 attire and they are pretty much treated like children. If John raises his voice at either of them I am the one to tell him to STOP being mean to my girls. My pooches take naps with me, get their hair done daily and they even get to sit in my lap while I drive. So have a little mercy on me when I finish my story. So where was I...oh yah! Candy kept barking and barking and barking; something inside of me sorta snapped and I took my hat off my head and in the words of John (shalaked Candy across the face back and forth 4 times with my hat!). Now I promise you that she was  NOT hurt in anyway but she was incredibly surprised that her dear mother would abuse her in this way. The moment I realized what I did I bursted into tears and ran up the stairs! John was laughing but I most certainly was not. If I could do this to my poor innocent Yorki then imagine what I could do to a child! (I am definitely not ready for parenthood yet).

I now need to prove to you all that I am not a sandwich throwing dog beating person, so let me tell you about the other emotions that have come out of nowhere! If you know me then you know that I am not really a crier. Very few people besides my husband and mom have seen me cry. Movies most definitely do not make me cry. Yes I have seen: PS I Love You, My Sisters Keeper, The Notebook & all those other sad movies and NO NOT 1 TEAR was ever shed while watching those movies. The only things that really bring tears to my eye are #1 Starving Children in 3rd World Countries and #2 Animal cruelty. I know that sounds crazy for a heartless, unemotional person like me to care about animal cruelty, but there is just something about Sarah McLachlan singing "Angel" and poor starving/beaten animals on a commercial that makes me tear up. So to say the least, it takes a lot to make me cry. How come I was watching American Idol last week and out of no where I start crying as they are sharing a back ground story about an east coast teenager who lived in a shelter. That's not all, then they feature this mom with a special needs child and I start crying again! TWICE in one night while watching AMERICAN IDOL??? Not even Extreme Makeover just ordinary American Idol! This is soooo not me!!!

Well there are countless other incidents I could write about that involve (crying for no reason, getting me feelings hurt for the millionth time & going from happy to sad in the blink of an eye)  but I can't air out all my dirty laundry! So back to my theories. I think that either A) I am going mad, crazy, bipolar, whatever you want to call it or B) My pregnancy hormones have gone to a whole new level!

I am going to hope for B) and just tell myself that this is not me it is simply the HORMONES and just like: nausea, tiredness, fatigue, exhaustion & weight gain it is only TEMPORARY :)

I am not Crazy...just a little Hormonal
(please explain this to my Husband!)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Eating For Two…

January 19, 2011

Well…I am unfortunately experiencing my second least favorite thing that comes along with pregnancy.  Morning sickness still holds the 1st place prize in my opinion when it comes to SheriLynn Alcala’s pregnancy dislikes’ but close in 2nd place is #2 WEIGHT GAIN! Yes, I said it…I am just entering my 9th week of pregnancy and I have gained 5 wonderful pounds. By the way, I am going to ignore the fact that two of my pregnant best friends have LOST weight in their first trimester and me being the short 5 ‘2 one has done the very opposite. Anyone who is around the 5 foot (pint size) range knows that there is nowhere to hide the extra pounds on our midget size body frames. All I am left to do is try and come up with some reasons to why I am already gaining weight. Now I know that my baby, which is the size of a green martini olive (at least that’s what the books say) could not possibly weigh 5 lbs. 

So my hypothesis are #1) I am experiencing some major WATER RETENTION. I do feel extremely bloated so maybe this extra weight is simply water weight (even though that seems quite far fetched since I pee every 30 seconds it seems like!).

Or it could be #2) My SWEET TOOTH has gotten slightly out of control. Yes, I am nauseous 90% of the time but that other 10% is another story. For some reason cookies, ice cream and fruit snacks all sound a little more appetizing these last few weeks. So in those rare moments that I am not sick I am indulging in some not so low-calories treats. (Oooops)

The more I think about it, it could be #3) my off the wall CRAVINGS! I have experienced some completely abnormal cravings these past few weeks; for instance, McDonald’s!!! Anyone who knows me knows that I am pretty much a health nut and I DO NOT eat fast food. So I am having a hard time explaining to myself why one night I had my husband go out and get me a fish filet sandwich and a super-sized french-fry from McDonald's (I have not ordered anything from McDonald's since I was like 13 years old!!!!). Or what about the night I ate 2 grilled cheese sandwiches?!? (I am not even a fan of cheese…well I am not a fan of the calories that comes with cheese). Hhhmmm there is a slight possibility that my unusually cravings could have attributed to this extra 5 lbs. 

Lastly it could be #4) the simple fact that I am EATING FOR TWO. Now I know that the little 1 inch baby inside of me is still getting it’s nutrients from the yolk sack but come on, the yolk sack (whatever that is) has to get its nutrients from somewhere…right? Don’t worry I know that it is not until the 2nd and 3rd trimester that I need to increase my calories slightly and startconsuming more calcium but I still think there could be a slight possibility that the larger number on the scale has to do with the wonderful saying that “I am eating for two!”

Well…whatever the cause I guess I cannot get too torqued out of shape because as history tells me pregnancy = an unfortunate 25-40 pound increase on the scale (I am going to claim just 25 lbs).  After a lot of rambling and thinking, I think I am going to conclude that my extra 5 lbs are a result of me simply EATING FOR TWO! This conclusion sounds cuter then the others and for some reason it makes me feel a little better about everything ;) So when I get dressed and my pants are a little tighter (which they are!) and when I put on a tight shirt and a see a small pooch under my belly button (which I do!) I am just going to remember that even though it seems to me like my little green olive could not possible be doing all of this to me and even though most books say you do not start showing until your 2nd trimester I have a very important job of eating for two! LOL Yes…that’s my conclusion ;)

Saturday, January 15, 2011


January 15, 2011 

 I am going on my 9th week of pregnancy and all I have to say is "Pregnancy how sweet it is..." I am in the unfortunate morning sickness category which 75% of pregnant women experience. I always heard of women and friends experiencing morning sickness but for some reason I assumed I would  be in the lucky non-nauseous/non-vomiting 25% category...boy was I wrong! So far I  have not experienced the pregnancy glow I have experienced the unflattering nauseating pregnancy shade of green. I now hate saltine crackers, dry cereal & ginger ale. In my mind those food items are now associated with sickness and vomiting. To top it all off my love for Starbucks coffee has left me and I no longer crave a grande 5 pump, non-fat, no water, extra hot Chi Latte! Who would have thought?!?! My plan was actually to wean off caffeine but still enjoy 1 cup of decaf coffee in the morning or 1 Chi Latte in the afternoon (my Dr. approved of that!!!) Somehow this little raspberry inside of me caused me to give up caffeine cold turkey! I keep asking myself how can this tiny little fetus the size of a raspberry cause me to feel so sick! And what about the tiredness. I am the type of person who likes to go go go. I never take naps and I never stay in sweats all day...well until this little raspberry took over my life! For the last 2 weeks I have been so tired and exhausted. All I want to do is sleep and stay home (that is sooooo not me). I have to make myself shower (gross...I know!)

So what do they mean by pregnancy bliss and a mothers glow???

I have somehow figured out the answer to that in the midst of my morning sickness, tiredness & utter exhaustion. Even though I feel horrible, I have never been so excited, anxious & happy. I have this little thing growing inside of me that actually has fingers and toes! Even though it is an inch in size it has eye lids, kidneys & a heart, that beats 155 beats per minute! It flutters and moves around all day long. There is something about being pregnant and grasping the fact that a child, my child is growing within me that truly makes me stand back in awe and wonder of my majestic Lord. This is not an accident and this is not a coincidence. This is God's predestined, ordained plan coming to pass in my life. I can't help but think of Jeremiah 1:5 "I knew you before I formed you in your mothers womb. Before you were born I set you apart..." Lord I pray for this baby that is already beginning to grow. It is not just an embryo or fetus it is a child of God that has a calling and plan on its life. I give him/her over to you because I know that this is your child first and foremost. Thank you for this blessing that I do not deserve.

When I change my perspective I stop feeling bad for myself, whats a few months of sickness and fatigue in the light of eternity. I should feel over joyed, favored and honored that the Lord has entrusted me with one of his gems. James 1:17 "Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the father of heavenly lights..." truly sweet it is

Friday, January 14, 2011

Bun in the oven

January 14, 2011

What an exciting last few weeks! Last month I found out I was pregnant!!! It was exciting, shocking, scary and all the other emotions that come along with finding out your simple life of 2 is about to be expanded to 3. The first thing I had to do when I found out was surprise John with the good news (Yes I did keep the secret for a few days so I could plan a fun surprise). I decided I wanted to get a balloon bouquet full of pink, blue, yellow, green & purple balloons along with 2 big balloons that said "It's a boy" and "It's a girl". I then found the most precious Willow Tree figurine called "New Dad". It was a dad looking down holding a baby. for some reason it totally reminded me of John! I then found the sweetest card that said Congratulations Dad and it had the most adorable little baby feet on the front (I stuck the positive pregnancy test in the card too lol). John and I had to leave the house to go check on my mom (who BROKE HER FOOT) and while we were gone our dear friends the Summers, came and snuck into our house and left the balloon bouquet and wrapped present and card by the Christmas tree. When we got home John immediately saw the balloons and ran to the tree to open the gift...NOT!!!! We came home and John just went about his business and he did not even notice the HUGE balloon bouquet and gift in front of the tree! I have no idea how he missed it but he did. finally, I had to say "John what in the world is that by the tree?" He then looked at me and asked if I did that. I denied it of course and then my strong, courageous husband thought that someone was playing a sick joke on us and he refused to open the box (he though that it could be a bomb) hahaha. Eventually he crept up to the tree looked at the balloons and started to unwrap the present rapped in metallic gold Christmas paper. The moment he realized it was a Willow Tree (I collect those) he knew something was going on. He then proceeded to unwrap the gift and saw that it said "New Dad" on the brown box and he looked at me and said "Are you pregnant?" I smiled and my adorable teary eyed hubby tackled me with a bear hug. He was beyond shocked and so very excited!

We then had the wonderful pleasure of surprising our families with the good news just a few days before Christmas! We bought 2 ornaments one for my mom and one for Johns parents. The ornament for my mom said Grandma and we had the words "YaYa" written under it (that means Grandma in Greek) and then for Johns parents we had an ornament that said "Grandparents" and there were 3 hearts below. In the first heart it said Isa, in the second heart it had three question marks (???) in it, and in the third heart it said Andy. Needless to say the grandparents were shocked and over joyed when they opened their gifts.

Finally at our first Invictus Service in January we surprised the college students with the good news! For the whole month of January John is speaking on "The NEW" so after his first message in January John told the students, "what better way to start off the New year then with an addition." Then on the big projector screen it said in HUGE letters "Please Welcome The Newest Addition to Invictus USA".... then the next slide came up and it said "Coming in 2011 Baby Alcala". Everyone was once again surprised and excited!

What a fun way to kick off Christmas & the New Year....