Saturday, December 31, 2011

Empty Nest Syndrome baby has left the nest!

Last night my little baby girl slept in her big girl crib for the very first time. You see, the past 4 months Josselyn has slept safe and sound in her sweet baby bassinet, which is just a few feet away from our bed. I LOVE Josse's bassinet becasue it is so close to our bed which makes it easy for me if she wakes up in the middle of the night. Plus it is perfect for our little morning routine. Every morning when Josse wakes up I pick her and lay her in our bed to snuggle up with mama for a couple more hours. Well, I had in mind to keep Joss in her bassinet until she was 6 months old and then we could slowly transition over to her big girl crib but that all changed a few days ago! For some reason this past week, my little perfect angel has NOT been wanting to go to sleep at night. She has been up until almost 1am every night (I think this is a result of her being over stimulated during Christmas week lol). The last few nights we have worked hard patting, bouncing and swaying Josse to sleep (no my daughter does not fall asleep by just laying her down in her bed) only to have her wake up 15 minutes later chattering & cooing! The other night I left her in her bassinet to see how long she was going to talk for and to my surprise she worked on her baby talk for a solid hour! John was not to happy with me for letting our daughter work on her vocabulary until 1am when he has to wake up at 5am for work (oops). Anyways, I knew that I had to do something about my little night owl. 

Josselyn's baby bassinet

So last night we did our same night time routine: mommy fed Josse, daddy patted, bounced & swayed her to sleep and then we put her in her bassinet. Within 15 minutes she started squirming around, then we saw her little legs kicking and then her chattering & cooing began....This time I decided to try and bounce her to sleep one more time. To make a long story short, I will just say that the bouncing did not work :( I had just been to the pediatrician the day before and I kept hearing the doctors words, "Now would be a good time to transition Josselyn to her crib". I do not know what came over me (maybe it was the sleep deprivation) but I decided to lay Josse down in her big girl crib. I wound up her mobile, kissed her, told her "night night" and then left her room. Josselyn did not seem to mind her crib at first, in fact she chit chatted to herself for 20 minutes! But at about 12:45am Josselyn decided she was done with her crib and she started to cry. Now I am not a fan of the whole "cry it out" method...mainly because I am too much of a wussy and I can not handle letting Josse cry. However, my pediatrician did tell me it was ok to let her fuss for 30 minutes as long as I go in the room every 10 minutes and tell her, "It's ok night night" and then rub her back. Well 30 minutes seemed like wayy too long to me so I was going to try it for 20 minutes and then if she kept crying I was going tor rescue her from that big, mean, crib. So I turned on my baby monitor and watched the clock. After 10 minutes of her crying I went in her room, rubbed her back and told her, "night night" and then came back to our room (now I was practically in tears too!) I stared at the clock and I remember saying to myself at 1:05am I am going to go in her room and rescue my crying baby. All of a sudden I opened my eyes because I heard Josse talking in the monitor and I looked at the clock and it was 6:00am! Ummmm I am not quite sure what happened but I am hoping that Josselyn fell asleep around 1:00am and was not up all night!!!! lol  I sorta feel like a careless, negligent mother! When John called me from work in the morning and asked me how long Josse cried, I didn't even know what to tell him! John keeps telling me that Josselyn must have fallen asleep right away because there is no way we would have been able to sleep if she was up crying (I sure hope he is right). So some how Josselyn made it through the whole night in her big girl crib.

For some reason this whole situation is giving me really mixed feelings.  I do not like the idea of my little girl not being right there in my room close to me, but I know eventually I am going to have to make the bassinet to crib transition, so why not now? I guess you could say I am dealing with my first case of "empty nest syndrome" I sure hope it gets easier. I will keep you posted on whether or not Josselyn learns to love her big girl crib!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Josselyns 1st Christmas Photo Album

Baby's 1st Christmas Photo Album 2011

Christmas Eve 2011

I made Josselyn a Baby's 1st Christmas photo album! I know, I know, I am addicted to Shutterfly photo albums lol. In my opinion there is nothing more special than capturing beautiful shots of my family and friends having fun and enjoying life together. This December I was determined to take tons & tons of pictures so we could always remember Josselyn's 1st Christmas. In my opinion these pictures are priceless! I hope you ENJOY looking at them :)

Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Baby Changes Everything

My absolute favorite day of the year has finally arrived...

On this special day I can't help but thank God for my many blessings. The dear friends that he has given me, the incredible family I was born with and married into, and then of course my precious baby girl. This has been one crazy year full of morning sickness, sleepless nights, excitement, anticipation and pure joy. It has been a year I will never forget and always cherish.

As I reflect over the last 12 months I can't help but smile. I can honestly say that my life feels more complete than ever before. Sure I have always had a "purpose" in my life. My number one purpose is to live my life for the Lord, "To know God and make Him known". But having Josselyn has given me another wonderful purpose and that is motherhood. I now have this little innocent child that I am completely responsible for. It is up to me to protect her, care for her and teach her how to dream and be a world changer. It's hard to believe it, but this little baby has really given my life a new meaning, and I thank God for it. I know that John and I have been a "family" since we got married in 2006 but ever since Josselyn came along we really feel like a family now. I guess having 3 of us makes all the difference :) Basically, I love this new feeling of having our own little family!

So all in all, Josselyn has changed my life for the absolute better! Sure I am now accustom to sleepless nights and I have no choice but to think of baby spit up and drool as an accessory, but I wouldn't trade it for the world! It may have taken me 4 trips to the mall instead of 1 to do all my Christmas shopping (it doesn't help that I have to stop and feed my daughter every 3 hrs because she still won't take a bottle!) but you know what, Josse is worth every ounce of the inconvenience I face. I have learned that the saying "a baby changes everything" is completely true! But I love the beautiful new changes in my life!

Speaking of babies changing everything...there was one baby that came into this world and changed it for eternity. During this special day, I can't help but be reminded of the absolute most precious gift of all...Jesus Christ. Our savior came into this world so gracefully and so humbly. The King of Kings came into this world as the son of a peasant woman and a carpenter. He could have been born in a lavish castle with maids and servants but instead he was born in a stable. He could have been wrapped in the finest silks and robes but instead he was wrapped in swaddling clothes and laid in a manager (a feeding trough). He came solely as an atonement gift for you and me. And for that I am eternally grateful.

So as I reflect over this Christmas Holiday I am reminded in more ways than one that a BABY TRULY CHANGES EVERYTHING

Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Contraversial Ear Piercing

Well, this is a bit of a touchy subject so I decided to wait a few weeks before I blogged about it. But here it goes...

Last week I was doing some Christmas shopping with a couple of my best friends. My girlfriend Amber was in town visiting and my friends Lisette and Krista were with us as well. As you probably know from my previous Blogs, Krista is my friend who has a baby 2 weeks older than Josselyn. Now, Krista and I have always said that we were going to get our girls ears pierced together one day, but we had not quite decided when. Well, as we were walking through the mall, I saw the store ICING; and then I saw a sign that said FREE EAR PIERCING (now let me clarify that misconstruing sign...the ear piercing is free because you have to pay for the 50 dollar for the dumb earrings lol). Anyways, I saw the sign and my compulsive self piped up and said, "Krista, let's pierce the girls ears!" Krista is a bit more rational and she said, "Umm today? Right now?" Well, if you know me then you know I can be a tad bit persuasive which may even seem a little pushy a times. So basically Krista had no choice but to agree with me lol.

So little Josse and Elley were going to get their ears pierced! The next few moments seemed like eternity. Josselyn went first (which if she hadn't gone first I can promise you she would not have pierced ears). Well, things started off great! Josse was happy and all smiles...then her mood quickly began to change. The lady who was piercing their ears had to mark a dot on their ears with an ink pen so she knew exactly where to pierce. The lady assured me that marking the ear was the toughest part but that was a total lie!!!! That may be the toughest part for the girl piercing the ears but that was definitely not the toughest part for Josselyn. The next five minutes seemed like 5 hours. I had to hold Josselyn's arms and forehead so she would not move and that made my little spit fire FURIOUS. Josselyn began to cry as her mean mommy restrained her from moving. Then came the absolute worst part...the cruel piercing gun! The piercing gun was loud and Josselyn hated it, as did I. When I heard the loud click my daughter screamed and then proceeded to hold her breath for the next 20 seconds while they pierced the other ear. I know I should have expected this to be an unpleasant experience but everyone kept telling me the younger you pierce their ears the better. I have tons and tons of friends who all pierced their infants ears and no one made it seem this bad! I even read that little babies do not have complete feeling in their ear lobes yet, so it is not that painful for them...Ummm whoever came to that conclusion needs to watch the video of my daughters eat piercing!

The good news was that within 20 seconds Josselyn was completely fine and all smiles again. However, if I would have known how upset my little girl was going to be when they pierced her ears I would NOT have gone through with it! Plus after Josselyn's traumatic experience, I then had to watch little Eliana get her ears pierced and that was just as sad :(

Now you may be wondering why was Josselyn's ear piercing controversial...Let's jut say I had no idea how strong some people feel against piercing babies ears or how many parents do pierce their babies ears. I made the mistake of posting a picture of Josselyn screaming bloody murder as she was getting her ears pierced on Facebook and within minutes people were either commenting on how cruel and mean ear piercing is or how exited they were to see Josselyn's new bling! My own mother didn't even talk to me for 2 days lol and Josselyn had plenty of mad Aunties! Sooo apparently people have strong opinions either for or against infant ear piercing.


I have come to the conclusion that what's done is done. I will say that Josselyn's ears have not gotten red or sore and Josselyn does not even notice her earrings. She doesn't touch them or pull on them. It is like they are not even there! Plus they really are cute as heck :) I would post the video so you could all see the live footage of the ear piercing, but my husband would kill me (he thinks it would open a whole new can of worms) And if you are against ear piercing and completely appalled that I would have a video of it, then you can be mad at my girlfriend Lisette who voluntarily recorded it lol.  Ear piercing aside, I did learn a valuable lesson from this experience.  When it comes to parenting everyone has different opinions and beliefs on how to raise children.  There will even be times that my friends and family don't agree with decisions that I make.  However, at the end of the day John and I have to do what we believe is best for our child regardless of what anyone else thinks.  I guess this is just all part of learning to be a parent!

My happy baby sporting her new bling

So that's the story of Josselyn's controversial ear piercing. I can't honestly say I could do it again but I do like Josse's new bling ;)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I am loving December!

I absolutely love the Holidays and Christmas is my very very very favorite Holiday. There is something just blissful about the Christmas season. Most importantly Christ is at the center of it all! Like my mom always said "Jesus is the reason for the season" (she use to make my brother Nick and I wear sweat shirts that said that EVERY CHRISTMAS until we were 12yrs old! lol) plus, who doesn't love Christmas lights, Christmas cookies, Christmas parties, Christmas shopping etc. Well, I use to think that December could not get any better, but boy was I wrong!

This December has been the BEST yet! I have said it before, but a baby just makes everything a little brighter :) My little princess Josselyn has brought us more joy than I could have ever imagined! There is nothing more fun that Christmas shopping for a baby. I just LOVE little baby girl Christmas outfits! They are just soooo cute. You may have heard of the 12 days of Christmas but have you heard of Josselyn's 12 outfits of Christmas? lol (and I am not joking) My poor daughter has been in red & green for the entire month of December! But she only has one month to wear all her red & green so we are making the most of every day until December 25th!

Then there is Santa! Who doesn't love Santa Clause??? I have not stood in a line to see Santa in probably 20 years, but this year I got to stand in line so Josselyn could take a picture with the big guy in the red suit. It was sooo much fun! Now I would be lying if I said Josse loved Santa, she actually crinkled her forehead and looked quite unsure when she saw him, but I know she will just grow to love him lol.

Then there are Christmas cards! I have always sent Christmas cards to my relatives but that was about it. For some reason I could not justify spending $1 or more on a card with a picture of just John and I to send out to all of our family and friends. Well, now that we have sweet Josse I could not wait to send out our FIRST FAMILY CHRISTMAS CARDS!!!

Now if you think 1 baby is cute try seeing 4 Christmas babies together! I am so lucky to have 3 other girlfriends with little ones right around Josselyn's age. Our 4 babies are all just weeks apart. It has been so much fun seeing these adorable Christmas babies all dressed up in their festive, holiday get-up each day :) It has been very reassuring to know that I am not the only new mom who has been dressing their kid in head to toe red and green for the lat twenty something days.


Lastly, there are family gatherings. Our family loves getting together during the Holidays and we have quite a few "week before Christmas traditions". It starts with a horse and carriage ride to look at Christmas lights on December 22nd, then we have a family progressive dinner on December 23rd,  then on Christmas Eve morning we have a big pancake breakfast and that evening we have Mexican food at Joey & Stacey's house followed by a Christmas Eve candle light service and finally on Christmas Day everyone comes to our house for Christmas lunch. Well, when you add a baby to all of that it just gets BETTER!!!

The Alcala Family
My Mom, Sister, Josse & I 
 So this December is better than ever and it is not because of any expensive present; actually when John asked me what I wanted for Christmas I said nothing...I honestly feel like I have everything I could ever need or want right now! But don't get me wrong, I'm sure eventually I wouldn't mind a little Louis, Yurman & Tory back in my life lol! But for now  I have the absolute BEST present in the little Christmas Baby "Josselyn Grace Alcala" 


Wow this year has just flown by...

I know I always talk about how fast time flies, but seriously this year has gone by faster than any other year in my life. You see, my life changed forever on this exact week one year ago.

It was the Sunday night before Christmas that I found out I was pregnant. I had been feeling a little off for some strange reason. I didn’t think I could possibly pregnant, but since I was in the grocery store I figured I should buy a home pregnancy test just in case. I rushed home so I could quickly pee on that stick before a million kids from our church youth group showed up at our house for the youth Christmas party that we were hosting. 

The next few minutes were a total blur but basically I peed on a stick expecting nothing to happen but in a few minutes a bright red  " + " appeared! I thought that it must be a mistake, so I took a picture of the plus sign with my phone and sent it to my best friend from Midland, Estee. Now Estee called my phone back immediately and boy was she furious! You see, she was 2 months pregnant herself and she has been wanting me to get pregnant forever and she thought that I was playing a cruel joke on her. I swore to her that I was not playing a joke and no, I did not draw a red plus sign with a sharpie to mess with her emotions like she accused me of doing but I needed to know if that plus sign meant I was really pregnant. Estee started laughing and said YES SHERI THAT PLUS SIGN MEANS YOU ARE MOST DEFINITIVELY PREGNANT! I still did not believe that I was pregnant so I took another test which had another bright red plus sign on it and then the next day I took two more tests just to make sure (and yes they all had red plus signs on them). Now that I think back, I have no earthly idea why I was so SHOCKED that I was pregnant. I mean A + B = C (if you know what I mean...) But I was still in denial so I insisted that the doctor see me for a sonogram the following day lol. Well let me skip to the good stuff...

After finally accepting the fact that I was indeed pregnant I decided to start planning a way to surprise John and tell him the good news (you can read all about that story in my very 1st Blog!) Anyways, yesterday was the 1 year anniversary of me sharing the news with John ;) And then at our annual "Alcala progressive dinner" I shared the news with our family (this Friday will be the one year of that) So basically last year the week before Christmas my life...well our life changed forever!

I thought finding out I was pregnant was the best Christmas gift in the world, but actually having my baby girl here with me is by far the BEST Christmas gift in the world! It seems like yesterday that I was giving John the "New Dad" Willow figurine (which is a sweet figurine of a dad holding a baby in his arms) and now as I look across my living room and I see my husband holding our little baby girl in his arms. It is absolutely priceless!

I guess this is just a really special week for me. Each day has brought back some of the sweetest memories I have! It is so incredible how much has changed in a year and it has all changed for the better. Our little family of two has become a family of three and now there are three stockings hung above our fire place. Last year was such a special Christmas for us and so is this one. I know that we will always remember Josselyn's 1st Christmas so I am trying to enjoy every minute of it.

So last year this week I found out I was having a baby and now I have a beautiful 4 month old little girl...

Friday, December 2, 2011

Thanksgiving in New York City 2011

New York City 2011

 As you can see from the photo album below, we had a BLAST in New York City! Our sweet friends the Arringtons invited us to join them for a few days over the Thanksgiving Holiday. We did so much in just 4 days. 

First of all, we watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade from our Hotel window while enjoying a delicious brunch!!! What a dream come true. Then after the parade we enjoyed an amazing Thanksgiving lunch at the Renaissance Hotel.

On Thanksgiving evening we saw the Radio City Rocketts perform live at Radio City Music Hall. Josselyn joined us for the production and she slept the whole time! The Rocketts were absolutely amazing and I loved every minute of it.

We ate at Serendipity one of my favorite restaurants in NYC and we had the famous, amazing, delicious, FROZEN HOT CHOCOLATE! Of course we stopped by Dylans Candy Bar which is right next door and Shelley and the girls bought Josselyn the most adorable candy PJ's :)

We also spent a day shopping on Canal Street (I bought some great stuff). Even Josselyn came along for our day of shopping:)

We also spent a day walking around gorgeous Central Park. That was definitely one of the highlights of the trip. We took some beautiful pictures there. I can't forget to mention ice skating in Central no no we did not ice skate with Josse but we did have some hot chocolate and watch some of our friends ice skate!

I loved seeing the Broadway production "Anything Goes"! Kids were not allowed at that musical so my sweet friend Stella who lives in New York babysat Josselyn. 

One of the evenings we enjoyed a fabulous dinner at China Grill! I have a new favorite restaurant in NYC and the desserts were ddeeellliiccciioouusss :)

Luckily, Josselyn was a wonderful little traveler! She did awesome on the airplane and she did great being strolled, toted & carried all throughout the city! She still wont take a bottle :( so it was a little tricky finding places to feed her every 3 hours. We may have had to break a few laws and feed her during multiple Taxi drives Shhhh lol But all in all she was a trooper!

That pretty much sums up our NYC trip. I can not wait to go back again one day.
*CLICK on the photo book below to see tons of pictures from our NYC trip!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Flying High

Last week Josselyn went on her first airplane ride at 10 weeks old!

Sleeping on the airplane

Most of you know that I have a small styling company called Tres Chic. My business partner (Lauren) and I take seasonal trips to Midland, TX every few months due to our large clientele base there. Well, this last trip was definitely one of a kind. First of all, I had never traveled anywhere with my little princess yet! Josselyn can be a bit of a handful at times & John was not going to be able to fly to Midland with us because of his work schedule, so that equation (traveling + baby - dad = possible disaster). And unfortunately Josselyn still will not take a bottle! It is absolutely crazy and yes I have tried EVERY BOTTLE known to man. Well, there was no way I could visit 10 clients in 3 1/2 days and make time to go feed Josselyn every 3 hours, so my sweet friend Christina/Josse's favorite babysitter came along to help take care of Josse & bring her to me every 3 hours to eat! All of this to say I did have help but traveling with an infant is still no joke! We had to lug each of our purses, my laptop bag, a diaper bag, stroller & baby through security & onto the plane. In my head I was hoping that some miracle would happen and Josselyn would decide to take a bottle on this trip so I brought along 2 bottles & 20oz of frozen breast milk in a little cooler as well. Apparently frozen breast milk is still considered a liquid (which I should have know) and since I did not take the breast milk out of the diaper bag my entire diaper bag was searched & I had the pleasure of having that dumb wand trace my body (Come on airport security do you really think Josse and I are terrorists?!?!) I guess it is better to be safe then sorry. Anyways, after we got tons of dirty looks because it took forever to get through security we finally made it to our terminal. Now luckily Christina was with me becasue I have no idea how I could have held all the stuff I was carrying plus a baby and then take my stroller in and fold it up MYSELF so they could stow it underneath before boarding the plane (no one helps you do that!). Christina and I could barely manage it all let alone one person and for some reason people stare at mom's with infants instead of offering to help!

Well, once we were finally on the plane I was prepared for the worst. You see, I am not going to lie...My daughter is a sweet, little angel but that does not mean that this little angel does not have periodic melt downs lol. When I am driving from point A to point B, Josselyn may be quite as a mouse or she might sleep like a little angel or she may decided to scream bloody murder, hold her breath & turn various shades of purple (& I am not exaggerating). So, I was prepared for the worst case scenario on this 50 minute flight. To my surprise my daughter was PERFECTLY BEHAVED (I was honestly shocked!) She just sat in my lap smiling at everybody and then half way through the flight she just fell asleep!!!! Ummm....Josse never just falls asleep! Some how she has trained mommy to bounce, sway & pat her all at the same time and then she will close her eyes and doze off. I was amazed at how well behaved Joss was on her first airplane ride! I could not have been a more proud mama :) This must have not been just luck because my daughter was just as perfect on the flight home YIPEE!!! Sure, she may have cried for 30 minutes in her car seat from the airport back to our house but she was a little angel on that plane ;) So yah, it is a little extremely awkward that I had to have someone bring Josselyn to where I was at between clients to feed her in the car! And believe me I was stuck feeding her at some random places like: various neighborhoods, the Hobbly Lobby parking lot, multiple restaurant parking lots, church parking lots, etc. But hey, I have to count my blessings, at least Josselyn is a little angel when she is flying high! We had quite the adventure on our first mommy/daughter trip together & I can't wait to go on more of these adventures (I just hope Josselyn will be drinking a bottle on the next one).

PS We will be going to NYC for Thanksgiving & I am keeping my fingers crossed that little Miss Josselyn will be just as well behaved on that 3 hour flight! The good news is John will be traveling with us so hopefully that will make the security line & loading the plane a little easier!

Josselyn meeting her cousin Lucas for the first time in Midland!

John & some of his Best Friends from Midland with their babies

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Autumn Splendor


My favorite time of the year is October, November & December. I have always been a holiday girl :) I deck my house out in fall decorations on October 1st every year. I sit out pumpkins, scarecrows, autumn colored garland and festive centerpieces. I buy tons of pumpkins for my front porch along with a big bale of hay! I never thought that there could be anything better then the cool breeze, colorful leaves and a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks...that is until Josselyn came into my life. You see this fall has been BETTER than ever. A precious little baby makes everything more wonderful and fun! Sure, I have always loved sitting on my front porch rocking chair with the leaves blowing back and forth, but sitting on that rocking chair holding my little princess is even better! I am obsessed with holiday festivities so October to me means PUMPKIN PATCHES! Ever since I was a little girl my family would go to the pumpkin patch & Apple Hill every year. So as an adult that tradition has not changed (ask John!) Every year we go to the pumpkin patch :) There was something extra special about this years pumpkin patch trip. No, it wasn't the actual pumpkin far Phoenix has the best pumpkin patch I have ever been to and then all of the pumpkin patches around Apple Hill in Sacramento are incredible as well, but this years was better than any of the past years! Why???  Because of my sweet little pumpkin :) Dressing Josselyn up in her cute fall clothes and strolling her around the pumpkin patch is pure bliss to me. I never thought a little baby could bring someone so much joy, but this little girl has stolen my heart & changed my life. John & I can not even imagine our lives with out our little pumpkin. She makes my favorite time of the year even better!!!

So far we have been to the Celina "BIG Orange" Pumpkin Patch with Joey, Stacey, Isabella, Alexandrea, Shawn, Krista & Eliana. We had a blast taking pictures and just walking around. Josselyn was wide away at this pumpkin patch which was great for pictures!


Then we went to the fabulous Dallas Arboretum with my mom "Ya Ya" and sister MaryBeth. I absolutely fell in love with this GORGEOUS Arboretum; it is absolutely amazing. We loved it so much we are now members of the Dallas Arboretum (I am easily suckered into things...oops). I had never seen so many gorgeous Autumn colored flowers or pumpkins in my life! There were adorable houses made out of pumpkins and spectacular sights to see every where you looked. We spent 5 hours there and we did not even see everything.

Since I loved the Arboretum sooo much I decided to plan a "MOMMY/DAUGHTER" trip there!
Josse and I went with Stacey, Isa, Andy and Krista & Elle. We went on a Tuesday afternoon which is "Mommy & Me Day" so Isa & Andy got to have their faces painted, pet the animals in the petting zoo and go to the kids sing along hour. We walked around, took pictures and had lunch. It was so much fun (even though I will admit it is a bit tougher to have these kind of outings without Dad's help lol)

I can not forget about the Invictus annual COSTUME PARTY! This year it was a "MASKerade Bash" We had a great time and Josselyn seemed to enjoy her first Masquerade Party :)

This year Josselyn got to experience her first CHURCH Harvest Festival. Practically all churches do something fun during Halloween week, that way the kids that do not go out "trick or treating" have a safe, fun way to get candy. Our church had a "TRICKED OUT TRUNK" night! And let me just say it is wayyyy cooler then just dressing up in Bible costumes like my church did when I was a kid (It is only fun dressing up as mother Mary once! not every year lol). Anyways, this year everyone decorated the back of their cars and had some type of game or activity in their trunk. John and I had candy in our trunk and a bowling game outside our car. Josse just hung out with me in her sling the whole time. We had a fun time hanging out with friends and passing out candy to kids from the community.

On October 31st we had dinner at our house with a bunch of our friends & family. Afterwords we went "trick or treating" with Josselyn's cousins Isabella and Alexandrea, her friends Gio and Kobe & Aunty Bethy (and no I am not going to make Josselyn say, "Praise the Lord" instead of "trick or treat" when she is old enough to knock on doors like my mom made my brother Nick and I do! lol) Well, the kids had a blast filling up their bags with tons of candy and Josse & Gio went along for the ride :) After the kidos finished trick er treating we went to my mom's (Ya Ya's) house for dessert! What a "HAPPY Halloween HALLELUJAH!" (In the words of my niece Isabella)

We might be having more fun than the kids! :)

Well...we still have one more month of "Autumn" left so I will be sure to update this Blog as we go on more fun, fall adventures :)